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Education and skills Features Highlights

Digital Leaders’ Download: National statistician Ian Diamond on how data can provide ‘answers we could only have dreamed about 20 years ago’

In the latest in our series of discussions with government’s foremost leaders, the ONS chief reveals plans to revamp migration and mobility statistics, and explore the limitless potential of AI […]...
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Economics and finance Features Highlights

‘We do not want it to be a hardship to contact us’ – how HMRC hopes to use AI and analytics to transform customer service

PublicTechnology talks to chief digital product officer Sarah McMann, who discusses the burgeoning use of chatbots and automated voice platforms, and plans to increase functionality of HMRC’s highly rated app […]...
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Features Highlights Society and welfare

‘Often companies want to do the right thing – but don’t know what that looks like’ – inside government’s data ethics hub

The Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation was created with a remit to support opportunity in AI and data, while tackling the risks. PublicTechnology talks to executive director Felicity Burch. […]...
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Features Highlights Public order, justice and rights

‘If we don’t use this information, we’re not doing our duty to protect people’ – Met Police science chief on data, bias and precision policing

Lawrence Sherman outlines approach to focus on most harmful criminals and acknowledges risks of bias, but argues that ‘the perfect is the enemy of the good’ in pursuing data-led innovation […]...
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Features Highlights

Government CTO interview: ‘Technologists have a duty to explain tech – and have not always done a great job’

PublicTechnology talks to Whitehall’s recently appointed chief technology officer David Knott about tackling legacy IT, exploring generative AI, diversiyfing the cloud landscape – and his return to government after 35 […]...
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Education and skills Highlights News

Annual Whitehall report shows high turnover – and high salaries – for senior digital, data and technology officials

The new yearly analysis from ministers’ advisory body reveals that – despite pay packets on par with any in government – almost one in five digital leaders departed for the […]...
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