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PARTNER | Bridging data silos for personalised services in local government

By breaking down data silos and fostering trust, local government leaders can unlock the potential for more efficient, predictive, and inclusive public services...
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PARTNER | Building trust and inclusion is key to getting communities engaged with local government

Manifesto tech takeaways: Lib Dems pledge ‘firewall’ to keep Home Office from collecting data and trebled tax for tech titans

PARTNER | Embracing innovation: Four game-changing tips for local authorities

Blackpool’s Silicon Sands vision and how AI supports social work in Coventry – six things we learned at Socitm President’s conference


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Health and social care News

Covid Inquiry report calls for urgent ‘public debate’ on mass digital and data surveillance

The initial report from the public inquiry led by Baroness Heather Hallett has identified data issues that hampered pandemic response, with future emergencies likely to require ‘large scale digital platforms’ […]...
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News Society and welfare

Home Office signs £3m assisted digital deal as immigration transformation ‘may exclude customers that are not online’

As campaigners have reignited calls for government to reverse plans to wholly digitise the immigration status system, the Home Office has signed a contract to help offline users make applications […]...
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Communities, housing and planning News

ICO reprimands Hackney for ‘clear and avoidable error’ – but council claims watchdog ‘has misunderstood the facts and misapplied the law’

The UKs data regulator has issued the council with a formal reprimand, but the two parties differ over the extent to which the authority could have taken additional security measures […]...
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