How online triage is transforming access to NHS GPs in east London

3 September 2019

Digital-first appointments are delivering the biggest improvement in access to GPs for 10 years, Stratford medical director Dr Bhupinder Kohli tells Gill Hitchcock

Apps, automation and allotments

28 August 2019

Durham County Council's head of digital Alan Patrickson lifts the lid on the authority’s citizen-focused five-year transformation journey

Concern and confusion grows over settled status scheme

23 August 2019

With free movement now set to end abruptly on 31 October, Home Office remains unable to answer key questions

Can the GDS innovation strategy deliver a lasting legacy for government?

14 August 2019

Government's new Innovation Strategy set out ambitious proposals to update processes, eliminate ageing kit, and embrace emerging technologies. PublicTechnology caught up with GDS innovation head Sue Bateman to find out more

How open data is helping Falkirk halt summer ‘holiday hunger’

6 August 2019

Scotland’s Falkirk Council is using open geospatial data to help families find school lunch clubs and other resources. Gill Hitchcock reports

The public sector must ensure it does not leave the wrong kind of legacy

6 September 2019

Government must eliminate ageing tech to ensure it is not left behind by society at large, believes Sascha Giese of SolarWinds

Tech firms should join a coalition of the willing to support interoperability for police IT

30 August 2019

Jessica Russell of techUK believes increased collaboration between the emergency services and technology partners could deliver improved public-safety outcomes

Start-ups can show the way to public sector transformation

27 August 2019

Hanna Johnson of tech accelerator Public believes that transforming citizen services will require government to adopt new ways of buying and using technology

Policymakers and politicians must fill the AI information vacuum

15 August 2019

UK citizens remain open to new technology, but government must act to ensure negative narratives do not take hold, believes Mark Kleinman of the King’s Policy Institute

Government badly needs a new message on encryption

1 August 2019
The new home secretary is the latest politician to put forward proposals that are disproportionate and disingenuous, believes PublicTechnology editor Sam Trendall

The digital fight needs political might

18 June 2019

The case for transformation could do with more high-profile Westminster backers, according to PublicTechnology editor Sam Trendall