Can the Government Transformation Strategy be judged a success?

27 March 2020

The Government Transformation Strategy set out an array of ambitions for a three-year timeframe that has now reached its end. A range of expert commentators discuss whether its aims have been achieved.

Will the UK government use phone tracking to fight pandemic?

24 March 2020

Various other countries are using voluntary or mandatory tracking to follow spread of pandemic, as PM says tech will ‘help us see the disease as it is transmitted’

Interview: GDS head Alison Pritchard on ministerial change, the spending review and the benefits of comedy

20 March 2020

The Government Digital Service was created to be a radical agent of reform. Director general Alison Pritchard tells PublicTechnology that, while it now prefers to work more collaboratively, it still has the stomach for a scrap.

Carry on campus – how ONS data science is supporting Brexit negotiations and coronavirus response

18 March 2020

Since its launch in 2017, the ONS Data Science Campus has delivered many innovative projects to support the government’s work in areas ranging from Brexit negotiations to the early stages of the coronavirus response. We talk to managing director Tom Smith to find out more

All-lane smart motorways show boost in average speeds

16 March 2020

Data suggests that the removal of a hard shoulder brings a higher miles per hour rate, but concerns over safety remain

Technology in the time of coronavirus

19 March 2020

PublicTechnology editor Sam Trendall on the immense importance of government digital and data professionals, at a time when a lot of things suddenly seem less important than they did just a few days ago

The Sisyphean task of interoperability should be the NHS’s biggest tech priority

5 March 2020

Standards and clear leadership are needed to make progress in this crucial area, according to Tom Russell of techUK

Why have governments struggled to get it right on digital identity?

25 February 2020

With many government-developed services seeing poor uptake, the answer may lie in allowing citizens to ‘bring your own identity’, according to Arthur Mickoleit of Gartner

Government tech consultants need to be more like Mary Poppins

30 January 2020

Too many public sector entities have become dependent on consultants who have outstayed their welcome, according to Romy Hughes of Brightman

Local government transformation needs leadership support and understanding

22 January 2020

If councils wish to make their digital ambitions a reality, senior managers need to familiarise themselves with digital ways of working and the role they should play, believes Alex Yedigaroff of dxw

Data must be treated as a national asset

10 January 2020

An information monopoly is a danger that must be taken seriously, argues Simon Hansford of UKCloud