Cyber resilience and the public sector

28 October 2020

The public sector must focus not only on attacks, but on how it responds and recovers from them, Zerto and Cyber Security Scotland told attendees at the recent Local Government ICT Summit

Interview: UK national statistician on how data has helped the PM – and the public – in coronavirus response

20 October 2020

To mark World Statistics Day, Professor Sir Ian Diamond talks to PublicTechnology about how the work of statisticians has been crucial in supporting government’s pandemic response, as well as his thoughts on the media and politicians’ use of numbers, and how the ONS is preparing for the census

How can councils create a digital workplace?

14 October 2020

At the recent Local Government ICT Summit, PublicTechnology talked to Gloucestershire County Council and SAP Concur about how authorities can support new ways of working

What sensitive data did the Home Office lose in Belgrade?

29 September 2020

Department’s annual report shows, for the first time in many years, documents or data lost from a secure government building had to be reported to the ICO. PublicTechnology finds out more.

‘Unless you get the ethics of data right, you'll fail on the effectiveness as well’

17 September 2020

The head of the Royal Statistical Society Stian Westlake talks algorithms, politicians and the current ‘favourable wind’ gathering in government behind his profession

Civil servants' relationship with technology is on uneasy ground

11 November 2020

After some high-profile tech blunders, Whitehall leaders need to ensure civil servants have the requisite digital skills and understanding, believes Daniel Korski of Public

Digital has enormous potential to reduce reoffending

2 November 2020

Controlled access to technology can play a major role in supporting rehabilitation and reducing recidivism, according to Aidan Shilson-Thomas of Reform

Digital government should be central to the UK's role in the post-Brexit world

9 October 2020

The nation's expertise in online services and transformation could help forge connections with other countries, according to Tanya Filer from Cambridge University and Antonio Weiss of The PSC

Policymakers must start asking difficult questions on the ethics of AI in healthcare

9 September 2020

Government needs to begin working with citizens and industry to address the risks created by the use of new technology, according to Jessica Morley and Luciano Floridi of the Oxford Internet Institute

Blended learning: how one college adapted to coronavirus and what happens next

1 September 2020

Bournemouth and Poole College was quick to roll out remote-access tools and is now planning for a future in which technology plays a bigger role, according to technical officer Keith Ball

How Bradford Council has worked to keep tourism alive with virtual visits

31 July 2020

Ahead of Yorkshire Day tomorrow – and as the city re-enters localised restrictions – we hear from the authority’s VisitBradford tourism chief Rachel Oxborough about how it has used online engagement to keep in touch with visitors and residents in recent months