DfE looks to improve use of social media

14 October 2019

Department seeks to reduce calls and emails from the public via more effective use of digital channels

Government consults on microchipping for cats

14 October 2019

Environment secretary seeks evidence on whether use of technology should be compulsory for pet owners

NHS App to allow biometric login

11 October 2019

Newly released code allows developers to embed additional security features

GDS carbon footprint ‘equivalent to 400 homes’

11 October 2019

Digital agency looks to bring emissions caused by its online services down to zero

How digital records are changing NHS care in Wales

9 October 2019

e-Health records are enabling pharmacists to make informed decisions about treating patients and relieve pressure on GPs, writes Gill Hitchcock 

AI fought the law?

4 October 2019

The relationship between artificial intelligence and the law is receiving ever greater focus – while somehow becoming less clear. PublicTechnology looks at the role that regulators and lawmakers will play in the coming years

AI Week: Turing Institute on why government should use data science to ‘make better policy’

3 October 2019

Helen Margetts and Cosmina Dorobantu from the Turing’s public policy programme talk to PublicTechnology about ethics, explainability, and why government has ‘unique expertise’ it can benefit from

AI Week: A bias view

2 October 2019

The potential for technology to embed and amplify systemic biases is seen as one of the biggest inherent risks of deploying AI and automation at scale. PublicTechnology talks to experts about the key issues and how they can be addressed

AI Week: Automation makes work less taxing for HMRC

1 October 2019

In the last few years, the UK tax agency has automated millions of processes and it has ambitions to grow its use of AI into new areas. Tim East, CIO of customer compliance, tells PublicTechnology about the department's plans

AI Week: DWP reaps robotic rewards

1 October 2019

Government’s largest department was an early mover in the automation space and, in the last two years, has seen the benefits of process automation


What can the public sector learn from start-up culture?

10 October 2019

While it might not need the beer fridges and bean bags, the NHS could learn something from the employee-engagement fostered by start-ups, believes Anas Nader of Patchwork Health

AI and public sector – combining to create high performance governments

4 October 2019

Joel Cherkis from UiPath examines why governnments should not be thinking about whether to deploy either robotics or AI – but how the two can work in unison to deliver greater benefits

AI Week: can we forgive a robot and three other important questions

30 September 2019

To introduce AI Week, PublicTechnology editor Sam Trendall runs through four of the biggest questions facing the technology


Local government must embrace accessible-first web design

23 September 2019

In much the same way that mobile-first design has taken hold, public bodies must embed accessibility considerations into their design processes, believes Jack Niland of Jadu Spacecraft

The public sector must ensure it does not leave the wrong kind of legacy

6 September 2019

Government must eliminate ageing tech to ensure it is not left behind by society at large, believes Sascha Giese of SolarWinds

Tech firms should join a coalition of the willing to support interoperability for police IT

30 August 2019

Jessica Russell of techUK believes increased collaboration between the emergency services and technology partners could deliver improved public-safety outcomes