How Leeds is improving care by breaking out of 'NHS-only systems'

8 March 2019

Leeds digital chief Dylan Roberts tells Gill Hitchcock about how the city is joining up records and trying to help 10,000 Loiners get online each year

‘Innovation is problematic when it is behind the scenes’

5 March 2019

Jeni Tennison, CEO of the Open Data Institute, talks to PublicTechnology about the organisation’s work with government and how to balance risk and reward in the use of open data

‘Is it in society’s interest to force people online?’

27 February 2019

Research reveals ‘a significant minority’ of people who are proud not to use the internet. PublicTechnology asks the CEO of government advisory body BSG how industry and policymakers should respond

The Government Transformation Strategy - has it stuck?

25 February 2019

Published in February 2017, the Government Transformation Strategy oulined a bold vision for comprehensive and enduring reform, and set a range of ambitious targets. As we enter the final stretch of its three-year itinerary, we examine the progress made to date, and how far is left to travel

JSaRC – how the Home Office is opening the door to industry to solve government’s security challenges

22 February 2019

PublicTechnology talks to Shaun Hipgrave, head of the Joint Security and Resilience Centre, about the Whitehall unit’s work to solve the security challenges of government, industry – and tennis fans

Why box-ticking won’t help the NHS achieve our 10-year plan for digital

13 March 2019

Sam Shah, director for digital development at NHS England, discusses how single-problem healthtech solutions do not align with the wider health technology vision

Action is needed now on digital identities

27 February 2019

Ruth Milligan of techUK explains why the government must take the lead to ensure the UK implements a system of digital identities

Digital cannot deliver transformation if it is just a platform for bad policy

11 February 2019

Neil McEvoy of Digital Scotland explains why country’s new social security programme is a change for technology and policy to unite to make a difference

The NHS Long Term Plan – five implications for health tech

1 February 2019

Behind the headline focus on digital GP consultations, there were lots of other significant implications for health technology firms in government's recent plan for the future of the health service. Ben Moody of techUK digs into the detail.

How to deliver transformative NHS improvements at speed

17 January 2019

Jonathan Lofthouse of Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust gives his eight-point action plan for implementing technology – and reaping its benefits – as quickly as possible