ICO probes King’s Cross facial recognition

16 August 2019

Information commissioner Elizabeth Denham says her office is launching an investigation into use of technology on privately owned development

‘Huge data breach’ in security platform used by police

15 August 2019

Biostar 2 data leak compromises millions of sensitive data records but UK public sector users yet to detect any ill effects 

Can the GDS innovation strategy deliver a lasting legacy for government?

14 August 2019

Government's new Innovation Strategy set out ambitious proposals to update processes, eliminate ageing kit, and embrace emerging technologies. PublicTechnology caught up with GDS innovation head Sue Bateman to find out more

How open data is helping Falkirk halt summer ‘holiday hunger’

6 August 2019

Scotland’s Falkirk Council is using open geospatial data to help families find school lunch clubs and other resources. Gill Hitchcock reports

Interview: Singapore’s digital chief on redesigning government around ‘moments of life’

26 July 2019

After signing a cooperation agreement with GDS, GovTech Singapore’s CEO Kok Ping Soon tells PublicTechnology about how the two agencies can learn from one another 

Making digital dementia-friendly

11 July 2019

Gill Hitchcock reports on how government, councils and tech developers can remove the obstacles to digital inclusivity for people with dementia

Beyond G-Cloud – what next for government tech procurement?

9 July 2019

PublicTechnology talks to CCS technology director Niall Quinn and a selection of suppliers about the future of IT procurement

Policymakers and politicians must fill the AI information vacuum

15 August 2019

UK citizens remain open to new technology, but government must act to ensure negative narratives do not take hold, believes Mark Kleinman of the King’s Policy Institute

Government badly needs a new message on encryption

1 August 2019
The new home secretary is the latest politician to put forward proposals that are disproportionate and disingenuous, believes PublicTechnology editor Sam Trendall

The digital fight needs political might

18 June 2019

The case for transformation could do with more high-profile Westminster backers, according to PublicTechnology editor Sam Trendall

How Nottinghamshire drove broadband uptake – and made £5m

17 May 2019

Ceren Clulow of Nottinghamshire County Council, discusses the benefits for local authorities in optimising the uptake of superfast broadband in their region – including potential major rebates on initial infrastructure investments

Is Matt Hancock forcing online regulation by the back door?

2 May 2019

The unilateral decision to compel social media companies to work with charities on harmful content has not been subjected to the necessary scrutiny, believes tech policy expert Heather Burns

Great NHSXpectations

24 April 2019

Ben Moody of techUK explains why the new NHS tech organisation has been welcomed by suppliers