Why cybersecurity would lead a Labour government’s digital transformation agenda

13 February 2019

As the Government Transformation Strategy enters its final year, PublicTechnology asked shadow cabinet office minister Jo Platt for her views on its rollout so far, and how Labour would deliver reform 

‘Transformation is not something that can just be driven from the centre’ – Q&A with GDS chief Cunnington

8 February 2019

As the three-year vision of the Government Transformation Strategy moves into its final 12 months, PublicTechnology asked the GDS leader about ministerial changes, departmental siloes, and what happens after 2020

Is government ready to abandon GSi?

21 January 2019

As the deadline for ditching the 22-year-old platform draws near, some major government departments are still using GSi email addresses – but all contend that they are on track for the March cut-off

Could Norfolk be the next Netflix?

17 January 2019

Hackathons are a way for Norfolk to drive digital innovation in adult social care. Gill Hitchcock reports on the council’s achievements and aspirations.

How the police wants to use AI and analytics to ‘adopt a public-health approach to crime’

15 January 2019

Critics have claimed that an analytics project being led by West Midlands Police is bringing the dystopia of Minority Report to life. But superintendent Iain Donnelly tells PublicTechnology that he is determined to use tech and data ‘as a force for good’

Companies House aims for 100% digital

11 January 2019

The agency's director of digital tells PublicTechnology how the UK company register is using data science, agile methods – and eyeball tracking – in its transformation journey

Digital cannot deliver transformation if it is just a platform for bad policy

11 February 2019

Neil McEvoy of Digital Scotland explains why country’s new social security programme is a change for technology and policy to unite to make a difference

The NHS Long Term Plan – five implications for health tech

1 February 2019

Behind the headline focus on digital GP consultations, there were lots of other significant implications for health technology firms in government's recent plan for the future of the health service. Ben Moody of techUK digs into the detail.

How to deliver transformative NHS improvements at speed

17 January 2019

Jonathan Lofthouse of Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust gives his eight-point action plan for implementing technology – and reaping its benefits – as quickly as possible

The three public sector technology trends that will define 2019

27 December 2018

PublicTechnology editor Sam Trendall picks out the topics and trends that will dominate the year ahead, and revisits the predictions of a year ago to see any of them came to pass

How Bolton and Wigan teamed up to tackle their cybersecurity challenges

18 December 2018

Technology chief Dave Pearce explains how the two local authorities are working together to share data, technology, and services

Is G-Cloud broken?

6 December 2018

For all its good intentions, the government's flagship digital services framework remains hamstrung by the wrong strategy and technical challenges, believes Romy Hughes of Brightman