Scottish NHS invites bids for £65m managed services framework

26 June 2017

Four suppliers expected to tender to supply patient administration and clinical systems to primary care providers

Data issues 'hampering council transformation'

26 June 2017

Nearly a third (28%) of local IT leaders do not think they their organisation is completely ready for impending compliance regulations.

NHS Digital’s analytics director to step down

21 June 2017

Professor David Hughes authored NHS Digital’s data strategy and will now focus on mental health analytics

Digital sector set to outpace rest of Scottish economy

20 June 2017

Technology is predicted to be the fastest growing sector of the Scottish economy to 2024

Group chat an indispensable tool within Whitehall

26 June 2017

Group chat services can make civil servants more efficient by reducing email overload. If government does not embrace them, it will lose out

Robots, connectivity and digital skills: progress on digital in Scotland

23 June 2017

"At the end of the day, the services are all the same, so if you’re doing bins from Shetland to Glasgow to the Borders, we all do similar services"

Sir David Norgrove interview: Challenges ahead for statistics watchdog

21 June 2017

Sir David Norgrove, the new chair of the UK Statistics Authority, sees better use of existing administrative data as a way to bolster the nation’s understanding of itself without conducting original and costly research.

NHS ransomware attack one month on: "The people who didn’t patch Windows 7 should be sacked"

14 June 2017

Last month's high-profile cyber attack caused chaos across much of the NHS, but some parts were unscathed. SA Mathieson explores why

Public facilities should do away with downtime

27 June 2017

Ensuring spaces can be booked by the public and other bodies can bring in revenue and create efficiencies, argues Chris Smith

WannaCry NHS attack - busting the myths

21 June 2017

Des Ward, information governance director at Innopsis, reflects on the real story behind the WannaCry cyber-attack.

How the Internet of Things poses fresh risks to public sector systems

19 June 2017

With the cyber threat shifting its focus to sabotage rather than data theft, many of the defences deployed by public sector organisations will have to be adapted for the new world

Why cyber resilience is the UK's first line of defence

16 June 2017

New threats require the sort of joint civilian and military planning that was common in the Cold War – but with a focus on cyber rather than nuclear, says Jennifer Cole of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

How councils can use and make the most of data

12 June 2017

There is no lack of appetite for data projects – it’s just that the scope of them is so vast, many people don’t know where to begin

General election 2017: Politicians have been silent on data – and unwilling to let councils take the lead

7 June 2017

While some councils boast impressive advocates for data analysis, there are strict limits on what they can accomplish without the backing of Westminster – as the election campaign row over social care shows