Q&A: UK Export Finance IT chief on how the department changed supply strategy after 15 years

16 August 2017

Central government credit agency last year moved away from long-term single-supplier outsourcing deal to embrace disaggregated model

Canterbury raises its barriers to digital delivery

11 August 2017

Peter Davies, Canterbury City Council’s head of digital transformation, talks to Gill Hitchcock about cloud, SaaS, big data, and delivering 85% of services digitally by 2019

Interview: Lifting the lid on how outsourcing giants offer government a ‘diseconomy of scale’

9 August 2017

Littlefish boss Steve Robinson has worked in Whitehall as part of both an SME and a multinational. Here, he shares his insights from both sides of the fence

Interview: techUK head on the ‘leaders and laggards’ of government digital transformation

8 August 2017

Industry body's public services programme leader discusses the 'cultural barriers' keeping SMEs out of the government IT landscape

Analysis: HMRC tops central government digital league table

7 August 2017

Collation of performance-dashboard stats shows department is conducting almost all its transactions digitally, while other departments struggle to reach two thirds

Why civil servants shouldn’t check their emails on holiday

10 August 2017

Garry Graham of Prospect argues that cultivating a healthy work-life balance for employees will benefit the public sector

To make the most of new technology, the NHS needs a cultural shift

4 August 2017

The health service needs to make sure its people are geared up for the data-rich future, according to Afshin Attari of Exponential-e 

Better data sharing could save lives

1 August 2017

Ian Blackhurst of Northgate Public Services explains how effective collaboration between law enforcement, healthcare, education, and social services could help protect vulnerable citizens

FE colleges must embrace digital to remain relevant to learners

25 July 2017

Colleges need to ensure they make a good digital first impression, or risk seeing students head elsewhere, argues Lucy Perkins of LDA