Government shakes up digital leadership

12 January 2021

Home Office tech chief Davinson appointed leader of newly created Central Digital and Data Office while Read arrives from MoJ to head up GDS

Will local government transformation be set back by coronavirus?

15 January 2021

Having long suffered from a scarcity of funding, councils could be forgiven for deprioritising investments in new tech. But public and private and sector leaders tell PublicTechnology that digital has never been more important. 

Has the High Court outlawed mass computer surveillance?

12 January 2021

Privacy campaigners have hailed a major victory as a judgement declares the use of general warrants unlawful. PublicTechnology takes a closer look.

The biggest stories of 2020 – part two

31 December 2020

PublicTechnology completes our round-up of the most read and significant stories of 2020

The biggest stories of 2020 – part one

30 December 2020

PublicTechnology rounds up the most-read and significant stories we covered this year

Was 2020 a watershed for public sector use of algorithms?

18 December 2020

This year saw public protests about the use of predictive analytics in decision-making. As the technology becomes more widely used in many public services, PublicTechnology asks experts about the implications for government, the law – and the citizens affected

Analysis: how has coronavirus impacted local government IT spending?

7 December 2020

PublicTechnology analysis of government data shows that the volume and value of IT and digital services contracts in the local government sector has been hit this year

The four (non-coronavirus) public sector tech trends that will define 2021

29 December 2020

PublicTechnology editor Sam Trendall picks out the big issues that might shape the year ahead. Apart from that one.

Opening up tech jobs has never been more important

4 December 2020

With many people potentially looking for a new career, there are simple, practical ways to make tech more inclusive – and benefit the whole industry, believes Abi Mohamed of Community Growth Ventures 

Civil servants' relationship with technology is on uneasy ground

11 November 2020

After some high-profile tech blunders, Whitehall leaders need to ensure civil servants have the requisite digital skills and understanding, believes Daniel Korski of Public

Digital has enormous potential to reduce reoffending

2 November 2020

Controlled access to technology can play a major role in supporting rehabilitation and reducing recidivism, according to Aidan Shilson-Thomas of Reform

Digital government should be central to the UK's role in the post-Brexit world

9 October 2020

The nation's expertise in online services and transformation could help forge connections with other countries, according to Tanya Filer from Cambridge University and Antonio Weiss of The PSC

Policymakers must start asking difficult questions on the ethics of AI in healthcare

9 September 2020

Government needs to begin working with citizens and industry to address the risks created by the use of new technology, according to Jessica Morley and Luciano Floridi of the Oxford Internet Institute