Hackney to build digital transfer of care tool

21 September 2018

London borough to work with NHS and other public agencies on development of platform

Councils urged to create ‘digital boards’ of public and private sector experts

20 September 2018

Report from techUK advises that, to make good on digital transformation plans, local authorities should assemble a leadership collective

Q&A: National Crime Agency CIO on progress of tech transformation

24 September 2018

Following the recent annual update from the Infrastructure and Projects Authority, the law-enforcement organisation’s IT leader provides on update on the rollout of cloud and other technologies

One Team Gov goes global

17 September 2018

The government reform movement has snowballed to include both counterparts in other countries and the wider public sector. PublicTechnology went along to its first global event to find out more

Chatbots, free WiFi, and paperless councillors – Waltham Forest’s digital transformation

13 September 2018

Executive and political leadership at the east London council talk to PublicTechnology about their work to lead transformation in a way that benefits the entire borough 

The innovation strategy should not be a minister saying ‘that one looks shiny’ – Dowden’s pragmatic plan

7 September 2018

Minister for implementation pledges that the upcoming government innovation strategy will be a practical strategy to address problems

Enfield sees the benefits of cloud and insourcing

6 September 2018

Borough council’s head of ICT Nadira Hussain talks about getting the best out of existing digital systems, upskilling staff and recruiting to new roles with insourced services. Gill Hitchcock reports

A month from the e-Referrals deadline, is the NHS ready for paper switch-off?

31 August 2018

October 1 marks the ‘paper switch-off’ deadline. PublicTechnology looks at the stats to assess whether one of the health service’s flagship digitisation schemes is on track.

A vision for a Digital Scotland

19 September 2018

Neil McEvoy of Digital Scotland explains how the country could learn from the low-cost and replicable systems implemented by Estonia, and why GovTech is huge opportunity for the Scottish Government

Why 2018’s school leavers will keep learning, unlearning and relearning for years to come

17 August 2018

As techUK launches research to assess the readiness of students for the future working world, the industry body’s policy manager India Lucas looks at what lies in store for this year’s A-level students

Next steps for UK cybersecurity: legislation; skills; and security by design

8 August 2018

Talal Rajab of techUK looks at the key elements that are contributing to a hugely important year for cybersecurity in the UK


Finance leaders must help manage the digital hype

3 August 2018

Effective digital transformation requires finance professionals, technologists, and senior management to work together, believes Don Peebles of CIPFA


An open government will not always succeed – but a closed government is doomed to fail

30 July 2018

Secrecy creates a pressure that can lead to explosive consequences for both politicians and civil servants, according to Andrew Greenway

Scotland must learn lessons from the emperor’s new clothes of Whitehall transformation

26 July 2018

The digital scene in Westminster can be a self-congratulatory echo chamber, and the Scottish Government must block out the noise, believes Digital Scotland founder Neil McEvoy