Government agrees cross-public sector deal with Google Cloud

3 June 2020

Vendor signs a memorandum of understanding with CCS, including preferential terms and access to technology

DWP’s ‘serious IT challenges’ pegged as key cause of disparity in benefits system during coronavirus crisis

3 June 2020

Chair of arm’s-length body praises government response but identifies lower payments for recipients of legacy benefits as one of several ‘rough edges’

Regulator says coronavirus testing data ‘falls well short of expectations’

3 June 2020

Head of statistics watchdog tells health secretary ‘it is not surprising data is widely criticised and mistrusted’

What next for GOV.UK Verify?

15 May 2020

The identity-assurance tool is being used more than ever just as its future grows more uncertain. PublicTechnology examines what might happen to the service in the longer term

How Barnsley Council is building its own IT services and sharing them ‘for the greater good’

14 May 2020

The authority’s IT manager Richard Kingston explains why local government needs to collaborate for the benefit of citizens

‘We hope more people will ask for help’ – how an NHS trust is using virtual reality to treat phobias

11 May 2020

Patients in the East of England can now use immersive technology to help overcome mental health conditions. Gill Hitchcock finds out more.

How Denmark aims to ‘create trust’ in contact-tracing tech

7 May 2020

The CEO of Danish tech firm NetCompany tells PublicTechnology why the country’s existing digital infrastructure could help encourage adoption of its soon-to-launch coronavirus response app

One in six government service assessments ends in failure

4 May 2020

PublicTechnology research finds that failing to consider user needs is the most common stumbling block, with a lack of simplicity and intuitiveness also a frequent failing

More must be done to realise the value of geospatial data

29 May 2020

Government’s Geospatial Commission has made some promising progress but Leigh Dodds of the ODI believes that increasing the openness of data and enhancing support for local government should be among the next steps

‘We need your data’ – how the ONS is mobilising the power of information in the fight against coronavirus

20 May 2020

As the UK enters its ninth week of lockdown, interim deputy national statistician Frankie Kay calls for organisations to bring their data together to address the nation’s challenges

Digital is needed now more than ever

12 May 2020

PublicTechnology editor Sam Trendall salutes the outstanding efforts of public sector technologists in helping to respond to coronavirus


Maintaining agile culture while working remotely

1 May 2020

A lack of physical proximity need not be a barrier to collaboration and an inclusive culture, according Rasmus Koefoed-Jespersen and Susheel Dodeja of BJSS

The five-point guide to passing a GDS alpha assessment

28 April 2020

Clearly understanding your MVP, managing ambiguity, and involving assessors in your project are among the top tips offered by Christina Ehlers of BJSS SPARCK

It’s all about you? Service discovery beyond organisational boundaries

27 April 2020

The discovery phase is the time to set the course for transformation. Service-design professionals need to ensure the journey is embarked upon throughout – and beyond – their organisation, believes Gordon Haywood of BJSS SPARCK