MPs raise ‘serious concerns’ about NHS Digital's use of patient data

16 April 2018

Select committee repeats request to stop sharing with the Home Office the name and address of suspected immigration offenders, but NHS Digital insists arrangement is ‘in the public interest’

DCMS builds team to set government data strategy

16 April 2018

Department recruits for leader of newly created unit dedicated to leading the data policy agenda

NCSC’s Dr Ian Levy on why the UK must ‘turn cybersecurity into a science’

12 April 2018

The technical director of the National Cyber Security Centre tells PublicTechnology about the organisation’s achievements so far, and what it is doing to prepare for an inevitable cyber emergency

Interview: Surveillance Camera Commissioner discusses his mission to protect privacy and human rights

10 April 2018

As an ever-greater volume of increasingly sophisticated devices watch us all, PublicTechnology talks to regulator Tony Porter about his office’s role in ensuring surveillance is always used ‘proportionately and sensitively’

‘Students don’t necessarily want more digital – they just want it used better’

4 April 2018

The innovation leaders of higher-education technology body Jisc talk to Gill Hitchcock about spreading digital excellence and developing shared services for UK universities and colleges 

GDPR: Five things we will only discover after 25 May

25 March 2018

However well versed the public sector is in the text of the incoming regulation, some questions will not be answered until the law is a living, breathing – and enforcing – entity. With two months until GDPR becomes law, PublicTechnology examines the biggest known unknowns

Scottish Government inverts tech procurement to help public sector buy ‘what you do not know exists’

23 March 2018

The CivTech scheme starts with a problem, not a solution, and encourages public sector agencies to work with start-ups and entrepreneurs to develop ideas

Focusing on ‘digital civic moments’ could create a truly joined-up government

15 April 2018

Peter Ford of Pegasytems believes Whitehall has both the necessary will and technology to achieve its ambitions of operating as a single entity

How to ensure cloud does not become the new outsourcing

11 April 2018

Just as with outsourcing before it, cloud will not fix underlying operational complexity, according to Richard Blanford of Fordway

Will the government’s latest shared services strategy deliver delight or despair to Whitehall?

4 April 2018

Former senior civil servant Andrew Greenway looks at the reasons for both optimism and scepticism as the government embarks on another shared-services rollout

More than just mail – inside NHSmail’s O365 integration

1 April 2018

Neil Bennett of NHS Digital details the organisation’s improvements to its communications and productivity tools

Diversity must be the driving force behind our industry

29 March 2018

Sheila Flavell of FDM Group explains why diversity needs to be much more than just a tick-box exercise