Call centre playmobile people

Tax authority cuts call-handling times by reducing staff click-rate

26 September 2016

HMRC has cut down call-handling times by two minutes by automating manual processes, as tax authority announces plans for an Automated Delivery Centre to build robotics.

UK Government Cyber Security for SMEs

GCHQ sets up cyber security accelerator

23 September 2016

Start-ups have been offered the chance to gain a spot in the UK's first cyber security accelerator as part of the government's £1.9m national cyber security programme.



Verify chief courts financial sector

23 September 2016

The Government Digital Service has set out its plans to make its work on digital identity assurance relevant for the financial sector, with a beta pilot for banks to go live in 2017.

Automated ballot counters counting votes

GLA’s tech team warns of ‘perfect election storm’

23 September 2016

The government has been urged to reconsider plans that would see the 2020 general election being held on the same day as the London elections.


Government payment systems 'frustrating' digital suppliers, says GDS

22 September 2016

Digital suppliers are struggling with the process for invoicing government departments and risk losing out on payment due to the length of time it takes to get a purchase order for the...


MI6 plans to bolster staff numbers in face of advances in digital technology

22 September 2016

The Secret Intelligence Service MI6 is reported to be recruiting almost 1,000 new staff in response to rapid changes in technology and increasing amounts of digital information.

Money stack with hands

The King’s Fund calls for clarity on funding for fully-digital NHS

22 September 2016

The government has been told to set out a definitive and credible plan for digitising healthcare that clarifies spending timelines and prioritises patient experience over simply ‘going paperless...

HMRC tax return

Chancellor told to go slow with digital tax plans

21 September 2016

Treasury Committee chair Andrew Tyrie has urged chancellor Philip Hammond to consider delaying implementation of HMRC's Making Tax Digital plans in order to get them right.

Stop watch

Act fast to make savings as GSi Convergence Framework contracts end, says CCS

21 September 2016

Public sector bodies using the Government Secure Intranet Convergence Framework have been told to move quickly to find and procure new services, before the contractual cover for existing...

London Borough of Newham logo

User need and integrated, intuitive systems: How Newham is digitising social care

8 September 2016

Newham’s digital delivery could show the way for other councils to make social services more efficient. Gill Hitchcock finds out why.

ICT grades

Expert verdict: Corbyn helps put digital on the map but manifesto lacks ambition

2 September 2016

The digital democracy manifesto launched by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn earlier this week has failed to gain the approval of those working in public sector technology.

Pokemon on a bench

The Pokemon Go effect: How councils are tapping into augmented and virtual reality

1 September 2016

Sooraj Shah looks at the benefits of AR and VR, and asks whether councils should be spending taxpayers’ money on the emerging technologies so soon.

Tallinn, Estonia

“Our country was like a start-up”: Lessons from Estonia and why true e-government requires trust and buy-in

31 August 2016

As the UK government pushes its digital transformation agenda, PublicTechnology looks at how other countries have forged ahead. According to an Estonian e-governance expert, identification systems are crucial. Rebecca Hill reports.

An empty boardroom

Empowering women: How Socitm wants to boost IT professionals’ confidence

24 August 2016

This autumn, the next cohort of women will start Socitm’s empowering women in IT programme. Rebecca Hill finds out how the society wants to promote female tech role models as part of PublicTechnology's diversity in tech series.

Computer user

Blockchain - don't get carried away by the hype

16 August 2016

Adam Cooper from the Government Digital Service says blockchain technologies are not yet the answer to digital identification solutions.

Notebook notes pen

How charities can learn from the Government Digital Service

23 September 2016

Digital technology offer charities a wealth of options. But Tris Lumley of think-tank New Philanthropy Capital says that they should heed advice from the Government Digital Service and take user-centric approach to transformation.

Neon open sign

Open and shut case: Should digital government be using open standards, open source or low-code?

22 September 2016

Jane Roberts strategy director at Toplevel and asks whether more clarity is needed to stop departments from tying themselves in knots over what kind of ‘open’ to use.

Debra Maxwell Arvato

Arvato public sector chief: Councils must tap into big data to fill empty homes

21 September 2016

Debra Maxwell, chief executive officer for customer relationship management and public sector at Arvato, looks at how big data can help local authorities bring in more revenue.

David Walker

Wachter review of NHS IT is 'based on an heroic assumption'

19 September 2016

Bob Wachter’s recommendations for digitising the NHS are measured, realistic and long-term, but could still fail without doctors’ buy-in, argues David Walker.

Gary James, LHAC

Informed, inspired care: Lessons from Lincolnshire

19 September 2016

Lincolnshire Health and Care’s Gary James explains how the county’s new integrated Care Portal system aims to transform healthcare for an ageing and widely dispersed population.

Cloud computing

Microsoft’s UK data centre signals a turning point for public sector cloud compting

13 September 2016

Mark Skilton of Warwick Business School says that the opening of Microsoft’s three UK data centres marks another step on the road to full public sector adoption of cloud computing in the country.