Officials asked to share coronavirus leadership lessons for online courses

OneTeamGov movement looks to coordinate learning programme

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Civil servants are being asked to share the lessons they have learned on leadership during the coronavirus crisis as part of a global project to create online courses for public servants.

The project has been set up by the OneTeamGov movement – a network of public servants across the world who want to improve services and reform the public sector through ground-up change.

In a blog explaining the new initiative, OneTeamGov member Nour Sidawi – who also works at the Ministry of Defence – wrote: “The coronavirus pandemic is an issue the likes of which we have not seen before; it will be life changing in a number of ways for all of us.”

She continued: “It will take a new kind of leadership to manage these changes and identify opportunities to significantly improve and adapt the organisations we work in and with. This is a huge challenge to public servants but this also gives us an opportunity to find ways to work more effectively together.”

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OneTeamGov will be creating a series of micro-courses about co-leadership, alternative ways to lead, as well as ways that civil servants can “strengthen our collective ability to lead (and be led) and show the power in the collective,” according to the blog. The group also hopes to “capture living memory from public servants as we find ways to work more effectively together during global crisis”.

To help build the online courses, OneTeamGov is asking public servants to send their responses to the following question: “How can we make sense of leadership in the 21st century, in an environment which is unpredictable, rapidly changing, and in which no single actor controls?”

Submissions can be made as a written response, a short video or an audio recording and can be created individually or in groups. 

The team will synthesise submissions to create common themes and content for the online courses.

More details on the project can be found here


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