Scotland launches GP digital engagement work

A series of workshops and online activity has been launched to engage people and their family doctors in designing new ways for GPs to engage with their patients digitally.

Although some GP practices already offer online bookings and repeat prescriptions, it is hoped more widespread and innovative solutions can be found.

‘Our GP’ will seek to identify the needs of people compared with what their doctor can provide and explore ways of solving it digitally.

This will include allowing people to design and test the solutions they come up with in workshops across Scotland in October.

The project will be run by the Health and Social Care Alliance with support from the Scottish Government and digital company mhabitat. 

The Scottish Government’s national clinical strategy, released earlier this year, stated more people should be able to live at home, managing their own conditions.

Health Secretary Shona Robison said: “We are committed to engaging with service users and seeking their participation in the design and delivery of public services.”

Ian Welsh, Chief Executive of the ALLIANCE said: “This forward thinking initiative can help to design healthcare which better addresses the needs of people from right across the country.

“Our ethos is that services should be created and designed with people as partners, and co-design offers an approach with empowerment at its core.  Everyone has a contribution to make in transforming our health and social care support and services and creating a future in which people have a strong voice and enjoy their right to live well.”

Colin Marrs

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