Drive to address ICT implications of care reforms

A series of one-day workshops will be held to share learning about the ICT implications of health and social care reforms on councils.

From April next year, councils and NHS bodies will take joint responsibility for the services through the £3.8bn pooled Better Care Fund.

Now senior council professional ICT representative body Socitm has announced nine events to help councils meet their duties under the changes.

A statement from Socitm said: “The workshops will present learning from England’s fourteen Health and Social Care Pioneers and from elsewhere in the UK.”

The events will take a detailed look at reporting requirements which come into effect in April 2015 and the integration of health and social care which come into force a year later.

The regional events will follow two health and social care summits taking place in Leeds and London designed to raise awareness and understanding, engagement and ownership of the ICT challenges around implementation of health and social care reform.

According to Socitm, the events will “pick up key issues from the summits and consider how they can be addressed more locally”.

Topics will include:

  • the user experience in providing access to health and social care services
  • information governance, architectures, integrated care record, open data, big data analytics, and citizen/community driven platforms.
  • how to deal with different priorities in specific localities
  • gaps in the skills and capabilities required and how to address them

The events will run from 28 October to 9 December in Birmingham, Blackpool, Cambridge, Durham, Exeter, Guildford, Leeds, London and Loughborough.

Colin Marrs

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