Proactive defence: How can public sector bodies go on the front foot against cyberthreats?

Cybersecurity has always tended to be discussed in defensive terms, focusing on how to create and maintain the barriers to repel attacks.

But merely protective measures are no longer enough; it has never been more important for organisations to be proactive in combatting threats.

This includes taking steps to understanding cyber risks and those that perpetrate attacks, as well as regular monitoring of resilience and continuous improvement. With human action still at the root of most breaches, it is also crucial to take the lead in empowering and upskilling staff, and to ensure that successful attacks are responded to and mitigated in a manner that is swift, coordinated and effective.

To adopt a more proactive ethos, public sector cyber professionals not only need sufficient resources and remit, but the support of senior managers and ministers, as well as colleagues in service delivery.

This webinar discussion, hosted by PublicTechnology in partnership with Sophos, will examine how government bodies can change their security mindset, and the benefits and challenges of doing so.

Issues discussed by our expert panel will include:

  • Current public sector approaches to cyberthreats
  • What a more proactive approach would look like
  • Support needed to make this a reality
  • How to understand and fight back against bad actors
  • Improving resilience – including the new Gov Assure regime
  • Best practice in responding to breaches


Wednesday, 15 March, 2023 – 10:00 to 11:00


Public Technology

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