Planning for a Digitally-led Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended traditional ways of working and executing business processes. Enabling an unprecedented shift to remote working, digital capabilities have taken centre stage in underpinning the continuity of service delivery across both private and public sectors. Additionally, the increased use of digital tools and solutions has heightened user savviness, and reshaped expectations around convenience and security. 

Dods Research teamed up with Workday and surveyed more than 130 UK government-decision makers. The survey sets out to understand digital transformation priorities and barriers within government organisations in the next few years, with a focus on HR, Finance, and Enterprise Planning Systems.

The paper identifies levels of satisfaction with existing enterprise management systems and the digital capabilities required to enable seamless remote working, also exploring government decision makers’ vision of the future of work. Finally, the report offers six key recommendations for government organisations to drive the delivery of effective digital systems that elevate user productivity and satisfaction. 

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