Home Office offers £140,000 for platforms director

The Home Office is seeking a director of infrastructure and platforms to develop a “new culture of technical excellence” in the department.

The director role will be based between Westminster (pictured) and East Croydon – Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

According to a job advert posted on LinkedIn by consultants McCabe and Barton, the director – who will earn a salary of between £120,000 and £140,000 – will “have a huge impact on the culture of the department”.

The advert said that the Home Office was at a “very exciting and demanding time in the evolution of [its] platforms” as part of a major transformational change.

As part of these changes, the department announced earlier this summer that it was merging its digital and technology divisions, a move that saw the departure of chief digital officer Norm Driskell as chief technology officer Sarah Wilkinson took the lead on digital, data and technology.

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The job advert said that the department’s ability to deliver the transformation will rely heavily on the infrastructure and platforms department, as it will have to provide the new services and common platforms required.

The new director will be responsible for driving cultural change in the department, encouraging uptake of public cloud infrastructure and ensuring that cyber security is up to scratch.

The Home Office wants the recruit to have strong leadership qualities, extensive experience of outsourcing IT services and working with third party suppliers and evidence that they “have an instinctive eye towards the economics of technology solutions”.

Short-term deliverables listed in the advert include delivery of a full PaaS stack to underping the department’s new common data platform facility, deploying a new DaaS infrastructure for end-user-compute services and a new mobile data management solution.

On cyber security, they will have to roll out a new private cloud hosting service at the ‘Secret’ security level and continually monitor and redefine the department’s cyber policy.

They will also be responsible for a wholesale upgrade of the Home Office’s print services infrastructure, LAN and WiFi upgrades across the estate and completion of work to establish a new WAN infrastructure across the Home Office’s 208 locations.

The closing date is 14 October, and the job search is being carried out through the recruitment consultants McCabe and Barton.


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