New code of practice for government digital projects due at end of the month

The new version of the government’s Technology Code of Practice will be published on 22 August, the Government Digital Service has said.

The technology code sets out rules for designing digital services – Photo credit: Media Dods Library

The code, which was introduced in 2013, provides guidance on building and buying digital services as well as allowing GDS to challenge government spending on technology.

A revised version, first published on 15 June, is currently under consultation.

The first draft indicated that GDS wanted to continue the push to smaller, multi-supplier IT contracts, while encouraging greater innovation and making Whitehall more open to new technologies.

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Since it was published, GDS has received a number of responses, and has now incorporated some of that feedback into a second version.

A blogpost published by GDS technology adviser David Mead at the end of last month set out a number of areas discussed by respondents. This includes requests that there be more clarity on who the code was aimed at and what the benefits of following the code are.

However, this version – unlike its predecessor – is not freely available online.

Those who want access have to fill in a form to gain access to an editable document to leave further feedback. The deadline for this second round is 15 August.


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