London councils form group to implement local digital standard

LocalGov Digital has launched a London peer group to support councils in implementing its Local Government Digital Service Standard.

Councils across London will come together to share best practice – Photo credit: Fotolia

The standard, which was first published in February, aims to provide a common approach to deliver user-centred digital services.

It is based on one used by central government and comprises 15 requirements for local government when providing digital services. These include considering users first, developing services in an iterative way and reusing existing data.

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However, Ben Cheetham, a LocalGov Digital maker, told a seminar group at the Public Sector Show in London on 28 June that the organisation felt it needed to develop guidance on how to use the standard.

This, he said, started with a sprint, which ran earlier this month, to build up that guidance. Now, LocalGov Digital is planning a series of regional meetings to combine expertise across the nation.

The first meeting will be held in London on 7 July.

“The idea is to allow London councils to come together and support one another in implementing the standard,” Cheetham told the event.

There will also be a local government digital standard summit on 19 September, which will assess how well the standard is being used in local government.

Cheetham said it was crucial for local government must keep improving the standard, and not allow it to be refreshed intermittently. 


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