Pembrokeshire to pilot waste data management system for Welsh councils

Pembrokeshire County Council is to pilot a £900,000 waste data management system on behalf of local authorities in Wales.

The council, in conjunction with the Welsh Local Government Association, is tendering for a framework for suppliers for a new digital system to manage collection and disposal data plus financial information.

The move is expected to reduce staffing costs resulting from moving away from the current system, which relies on Access databases and Excel spreadsheets.

The tender said: “This is a framework agreement where the project will commence with a pilot system for Pembrokeshire and WLGA and if successful will be available to all other local authorities in Wales.

“Please note no local authority has indicated that they will participate at this stage, this will only become known once the system is operational and proven there is no guarantee of the number of individual authorities who will subsequently contract via this framework.”

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The framework agreement would be awarded for a four year period, with contracts available to be called off by individual authorities at any time.

Contracting authorities would be entitled to place orders for specific contracts which could extend eyond the lifespan of the framework agreement.

The council will require the new system to help it produce performance indicators, waste data flow returns, quarterly returns and regional benchmarking for the WLGA.

The new framework is expected to start at the start of June, and tenders must be submitted by 3 May.

Colin Marrs

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