Burnley launches large-scale outsourcing tender

Burnley Borough Council has launched a backroom outsourcing tender, including ICT services, which could be worth £118m over ten years for itself and two other councils.

The council says that it wants to appoint a single partner to deliver customer contact, environmental health and licensing, payroll and payments, ICT, benefits and revenue administration, property and facilities management, plus strategic management services.

The decade-long contract is aimed at delivering overall cost savings of 15% as a minimum, whilst maintaining quality standards

The tender said: “A strategic partner is required that can deliver a combination of technical and business services that are the regulatory and/ or statutory responsibility and/ or are the day to day business operations of the Council in delivering public services and maintaining the Council’s organisational capacity.”

Burnley said that its share of the contract would be worth £37m over the period, but that the value could rise if Pendle Borough Council, Rossendale Borough Council and Burnley Leisure Trust participated.

The ICT services would include:

  • the provision and management of all information and communications technology system, services and software
  • network infrastructure design and support to end point hardware and mobile devices including security systems
  • printing, including design and printing services for revenues and benefits
  • applications development, service design and maintenance
  • ICT procurement, business continuity planning and testing
  • services management, internal customer support and response (ITIL service desk functions)
  • support for the development of future strategies,development and implementation of associated policies
  • maintenance of all supporting technical documentation
  • provision of change management and other related professional services

Burnley said that it anticipates that the contract will involve the TUPE transfer and secondment of existing council staff.

The closing date for bids is 15 December.

Colin Marrs

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