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By projecting a sense of purpose and engaging roles, local government can foster a versatile, multi-talented workforce to make an impact on communities

Local governments are facing the critical challenge of attracting and retaining top talent, particularly in specialist functions essential for addressing the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Council leaders recognise the need to develop a versatile workforce with the skills to navigate change with agility, but the fierce competition in the job market makes it difficult for local authorities to position themselves as desirable employers.

Attracting the right talent into local government positions can be daunting, especially when you’re competing with high-paying senior roles offered by companies in major cities. However, public service roles offer a profound sense of purpose, making them stand out in the job market.

For the right people, a job in local government is not just a job; it’s a calling. It’s about making a real impact on communities and shaping the future. This intrinsic motivation can be a powerful tool in attracting individuals who are not only skilled but also deeply committed to the mission of local government.

Big ideas

The “Future of Local Government” workshop series examined this challenge, which is all too familiar to local authorities across the UK. The initiative, held in partnership between Civica and Solace, served as a platform for community leaders to reflect on and identify what will influence the future of local governance. They found six megatrends, including financial sustainability, service demand, technological advancement, community engagement, resilience to shocks, and, of course, workforce evolution.

The workshops concluded with four strategies that local government can implement to attract top talent, including the creation of combined roles that offer enhanced career development opportunities. By pooling resources and responsibilities, these combined roles become more substantial and fulfilling, attracting high-calibre professionals who might otherwise opt for roles at companies in the capital.

The white paper “The Future of Local Government: A Toolkit for Leaders” provides detailed information on how local governments can successfully attract and retain talent. It also offers a comprehensive guide to the six megatrends impacting the future of local government.

Stay ahead of the curve with this white paper from Civica. Uncover the six “megatrends” that will define the future of local government, and learn how to navigate a successful path going forward.

Download your copy of “The Future of Local Government: A Toolkit for Leaders” to gain insights and strategies that will help you build a dynamic, multiskilled workforce ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. The white paper also presents a “maturity model”, a tool to help senior leaders assess their current position on the innovation spectrum, guiding them towards enhanced readiness for future demands.

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