Scottish environment regulator turns to online tools to monitor net zero progress

Sepa adopts platform that can help track carbon footprint and set targets

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The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) has started using an online training platform to keep a track of its environmental compliance on the route to carbon neutrality.

In partnership with its Northern Irish counterpart, the regulator is using digital learning and assessment tools from specialist firm eCom Scotland to monitor the reduction in its carbon footprint.

eCom managing director Wendy Edie said the organisation had developed a range of online offerings that help organisations understand their existing carbon footprint as well as set targets and take steps to reduce and offset that footprint.

“As the world works towards becoming carbon neutral with the implementation of new regulations, it’s important to already have a head start on potential compliance needs relating to your staff or clients.”

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Edie added that almost three quarters of the businesses eCom works with say getting “organisational-wide behavioural changes in place” is one of the biggest obstacles to the net-zero transition.

“Incorporating and developing a workforce’s soft – or meta – skills can play an important role in driving behavioural changes,” she said. “This can help individuals understand the ethics and urgency of these changes and, ultimately, the benefits of the transition to net zero. Online learning can help develop these types of skills within an organisation and can be tailored to suit individual organisations’ needs.”


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