NHS Digital joins mission to ‘make every nurse an e-nurse’

Body kicks off week-long campaigning drive with launch of dedicated website

NHS Digital is lending its backing to a mission to “make every an e-nurse”.

In support of the initiative, which is being led by the Royal College of Nursing, NHS Digital has today kicked off a week of campaigning activities, beginning with the launch of a dedicated area on its website for nursing. Included is information about NHS Digital’s work and strategy in the nursing sector, as well as case studies of previous projects and details of various digital services which nurses can use.

The organisation has also run an article – originally published in the Nursing Standard – from its chief nurse Anne Cooper, in which she explains the importance of the e-nurse campaign, and how she believes technology can improve the way nursing is administered.

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“Nurses and midwives will always need to give hands-on care, but digital technology and data are creating new opportunities to change the way we deliver care in almost every setting,” she said. 

“Embracing new technology is a help, not a barrier, to improving patient care. It is important that the professions respond positively to these opportunities and that’s why being a modern nurse – in other words, an e-nurse – matters.”  

Cooper goes on to cite examples of technology – such as wearable devices, and specialised applications – that can be used to help nurses perform their work. She also points to the importance of data.

“Data can help reduce unwarranted variation,” she said. “It allows us to identify where there are gaps; the health and wellbeing gap, the care and quality gap and the funding and efficiency gap.” 

Cooper added: “Nursing, midwifery, and care staff have a crucial role in this drive.  There are some reasons why health and care outcomes may vary over which we have no control. Unwarranted variations are those which we could change if we choose to.”


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