G-Cloud 9 supplier list revealed

The new iteration of G-Cloud launches today, with changes intended to make it easier to find relevant services – view the list of 2,847 suppliers making it onto the framework.

G-Cloud 9 expected to boost local government take-up Credit: Maurizio Gambarini/DPA/Press Association Images

G-Cloud 9 goes live today, with the total number of firms rising by more than 100 from the predecessor iterations.

A list obtained by PublicTechnology.net shows a net rise in suppliers on the framework, although the government has yet to confirm the exact number of new suppliers and those dropping off.

Suppliers are optimistic that the new iteration will make it easier to find results, due to new sub-category functionality.

Chris Farthing, managing director of Digital Marketplace consultancy Advice Cloud, told PublicTechnology: “The categorisation on G-Cloud 9 is more detailed than previously, which should help the buyer overcome the shortlisting challenges.

“Previously a search would return thousands of results. Now buyers will be able to overcome this by drilling down to firms that are best for their needs.”

Farthing added that new terms and conditions are likely to have resulted in the bulk of recruitment firms who used previous iterations dropping off the framework.

And he said that it is likely that more councils – who have been slow to adopt G-Cloud – are likely to be attracted to the framework thanks to an increase in the maximum call-off.

Previously, the maximum call-off time was two years, but now public sector organisations will have the ability to extend this for two periods of 12 months.

“There has been reluctance among local authorities to use the framework, partly because bringing applications online can be time consuming. Having longer to work with a supplier should address this concern.”

John Jervis, sales and marketing director at public sector digital transformation and channel shift supplier IEG4, said: “With G-Cloud 9, after the initial two year contract period, the buyer can extend the contract for an additional 2 periods of up to 12 months each – without the need for approval for local government and healthcare.

“We are confident that will increase uptake across the board. It will provide to users a vendor that they can partner with over a longer period, share roadmaps with and join the transformation journey the sector is undergoing.”

The government had not confirmed the list of suppliers by the time of publication.

View the full list of suppliers on G-Cloud 9

Supplier Cloud hosting Cloud software Cloud support
100 Percent IT Ltd Yes
100%Open Limited Yes
15Squared Yes
1Spatial Group Ltd Yes Yes
1Tech Limited Yes Yes
2 Circles Communications Ltd Yes
2020 Delivery Ltd. Yes
247 Time Ltd Yes
2T Security Ltd Yes Yes
360 Defence (UK) Ltd Yes Yes
365 ITMS Ltd Yes
365 Response Yes
3D Repo Yes
3E Europe Limited Yes
3M United Kingdom Yes
3SDL Yes Yes
3tc Software Limited Yes
4C Associates Ltd Yes
4C Europe UK Ltd Yes
4C Strategies Ltd Yes
4OC Ltd Yes
4Secure Yes
4W Services Ltd Yes
6 POINT 6 Yes Yes
A Cubed IT Yes
A2Z technologies Ltd Yes
Aasonn Limited Yes
Abacus Software Limited trading as Abacus e-Media Yes
Abavus.co.uk Yes
Abbott Informatics Europe Limited Yes
AC Public Sector Yes
Academia Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Accelerate QA Limited Yes
Accenture (UK) Limited Yes Yes Yes
Access Computer Consulting Plc Yes
AccessPay Yes
accessplanit Yes
Accipio Ltd Yes Yes
Accordant Solutions Ltd Yes
Accordio Ltd Yes
Accrosoft Ltd Yes
Acentria IT Yes Yes
Aconex Yes
Acrobatic Ltd. Yes
Acrotrend Yes
ACS Office Solutions Yes Yes
Actibility Limited Yes
Actica Consulting Yes
Activ8 Intelligence Yes
Active Informatics Ltd Yes
Acuity Business Solutions Yes
Acuity Risk Management Yes
Acuma Solutions Limited Yes Yes Yes
Acumin Consulting Ltd Yes
Acuutech Limited Yes Yes Yes
Acuvate Software Yes
Ad Hoc Global Ltd Yes
Adam HTT Limited Yes
adappt Yes Yes
Adapt2Digital Yes
Adaptavist.com Limited Yes Yes
Adaptive Web Ltd Yes Yes
Adatis Yes
ADB (UK) Limited Yes
Addooco Yes
Adepteo Limited Yes
Adepto Yes
Adhunter Limited Yes
ADL Smartcare Limited Yes
ADM Computing Yes Yes Yes
Admincontrol AS Yes
Administrate Yes
Adteq Limited Yes
Advance Change Ltd Yes Yes
Advanced 365 Yes Yes
Advanced Business Solutions Yes
Advanced Digital Innovation (UK) Limited Yes
Advantage I.T. Ltd. Yes
Advent IM Ltd Yes
Advice Cloud Yes
AdviseInc Ltd Yes Yes
Advocacy and Interaction Limited Yes
Aelign Yes
Aerian Studios Ltd Yes
Aetopia Yes
Affinitext (UK) Limited Yes
Affinity Digital (Technology) Ltd Yes
Affinity Works Ltd Yes Yes
Agari Yes
AgencyBox Yes
Agile Applications Limited Yes
Agile Byte Ltd Yes Yes
Agile Collective Ltd Yes
Agile Experts Yes Yes
Agilesphere LLP Yes
Agilexi Yes
Agilient International Ltd Yes
Agilisys Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Agility Management Solutions Limited Yes Yes Yes
Agiloft Inc Yes
AHE Partnership Yes
Aidev Limited Yes
AIMediaComms Yes
AIMES Management Services Limited Yes Yes Yes
Airbox Aerospace Yes
Airbus Defence and Space Limited Yes Yes
Airhead Education Ltd Yes
Airpoint Limited Yes
Airsweb Yes
Airwave Yes
ais consulting Yes Yes
AIT Partnership Group Ltd Yes
Aiven Ltd Yes
AJAR-Tec Limited Yes Yes
Ajilon Consulting Yes Yes Yes
Alchemmy Consulting Ltd Yes
Alcove Yes
Alert Logic UK Ltd Yes
Alesto Ltd Yes Yes
AlfaPeople UK Yes Yes
Alfresco Software Ltd Yes
AliveCor Ltd Yes
All Blue Solutions Ltd. Yes
Allatus Ltd Yes
Allen Lane Consultancy Limited Yes
Allevate Limited Yes Yes
Allot Limited Yes
allpay Limited Yes
Allsop Consulting Ltd Yes
Ally Consulting Yes Yes
Alphatec Software Ltd Yes
Alpine Resourcing Limited Yes
Alscient Limited Yes Yes Yes
Altacom Ltd Yes
Altiar Limited Yes
Altinet Ltd Yes
Altis Consulting Yes Yes
Altius Consulting Ltd Yes
Alyne GmbH Yes
Amazic Yes Yes
Amazon Web Services Yes Yes Yes
Amazon Web Services UK Limited Yes
Amdaris Yes
AMDH Services Limited Yes
Ameo Professional Services Ltd. Yes
Amethyst Risk Management Limited Yes
Amicus ITS Yes Yes
Amido Yes
Ampito Yes Yes Yes
Amsys Ltd Yes
AMT Evolve Yes Yes
Amtex Solutions Ltd Yes Yes
Anagram Consulting Yes
Analytics Engines Yes Yes
Anari Ltd. Yes
Ancoris Limited Yes Yes Yes
Andy Black Associates Ltd Yes
AnnanTech Ltd. Yes Yes
Anomali Inc Yes
ANS Group Yes Yes Yes
Ansarada UK Limited Yes
Anson Resolution Yes Yes Yes
Answer Digital Ltd Yes
Antbits Ltd Yes
Antillion Ltd Yes
Antocon Limited Yes
Antura Software UK Limited Yes
APC & Associates Ltd Yes
APEX Group Yes
Aphari Ltd Yes
Apica Ltd Yes
Apira Ltd Yes
Apollo Medical Software Solutions Ltd Yes
Appian Corporation Yes Yes Yes
Applied Yes
Applied BI Ltd Yes
Appnovation Yes
Appogee HR Limited Yes
Appsbroker Consulting Ltd Yes Yes Yes
APPTechnology Yes Yes
APS Consultants Yes
Apsiz Services Ltd Yes Yes
apto solutions limited Yes Yes
Aqilla Limited Yes Yes
aql Yes Yes
Arbor Education Partners Ltd. Yes
Arcadis Yes Yes
Arcanum Information Security Limited Yes
Arch Yes
Arcus Global Limited Yes Yes Yes
Ardea Enterprises Limited Yes
Ardent Yes
ARES Software UK Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Aridhia Informatics Ltd Yes Yes
ArisGlobal UK Limited Yes
Aristi Limited Yes
Arke Ltd Yes
Arkivum LTD Yes Yes
Armadillo Managed Services Yes
Armadillo Sec Ltd Yes
Armakuni Limited Yes
Armor Defense Ltd. Yes
Armour Comms Yes
Array Of Bytes Yes
Arrk Limited Yes
Arrow Project Management (ArrowPM) Yes
Artifax Software Limited Yes
Arubium Ltd Yes
Arum Yes
Arundel PM Ltd Yes
Aryaa Associates Limited Yes Yes
ASA Solutions Ltd Yes Yes
Ascendant Technology Limited Yes
Ascentor Ltd Yes
Ascertia Ltd Yes
ASE Consulting Ltd Yes
Ashton Court Group Ltd Yes
ASI Data Science Yes
Asite Yes Yes
Aspirico Yes
Asset Mapping ltd Yes
Assient ltd Yes
assist-Mi Limited Yes
Assistive Partner Limited Yes
Assure APM Limited Yes
Assured Data Protection Yes
Assuria Yes Yes
Astech Yes
Asterlogic Limited Yes
Astillion – DevOps and Cloud Adoption Specialists Yes
Astun Technology Ltd Yes Yes
Asure Software Yes
AsystsU Yes
AT Internet Ltd Yes
Atamis Limited Yes
Atchai Ltd Yes Yes
ATDI Ltd Yes
AtE Enterprises Yes
Atkins Limited Yes Yes
Atlantic Customer Solutions Ltd. Yes
Atlas Cloud Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Atlas Communications Yes
Atlas Computer Systems Limited Yes
Atos IT Services UK Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Attend Anywhere Yes
Attunity (UK) Limited Yes
AuDeo Systems Ltd Yes
Auriga Consulting Ltd Yes Yes
Aurionpro Solutions plc Yes Yes
Auth0 Ltd. Yes
Auticon Limited Yes
Automated Intelligence Limited Yes Yes
Automation Consultants Yes Yes Yes
Automation Logic Yes
Auxilion Yes Yes
Avasant Limited Yes
Aveas Yes
Avenir Business Solutions Ltd Yes Yes
Avenue Business Solutions Yes
AVM Impact Limited Yes
Awaken Learning Yes
Axetay Yes
Axial Systems Limited Yes
Axians Networks Limited Yes
Axios Systems Plc Yes
Axis12 Limited Yes Yes Yes
Axon Public Safety UK Limited Yes Yes
AxSys Technology Limited Yes
Azavea Yes
Azdio Limited Yes Yes
Azeus UK Limited Yes Yes
AziMap Yes
Aztrix* NV Yes
Azure Cloud Consulting – Software, Data, Security Yes
Azuronaut Limited Yes
Babble IT Systems Ltd Yes
Babcock Yes Yes
babylon health Yes
Backup Technology Yes
Badenoch & Clark Yes
BAE Systems (Operations) Ltd Yes
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Limited Yes Yes
BAE Systems Surface Ships Ltd Yes
Balanced Scorecard Limited Yes
Bancstreet Capital Partners Ltd Yes Yes
Bang Communications Ltd Yes Yes
Barclay Anderson Limited Yes
BARDD Partnership Ltd Yes
Baringa Partners Yes
Bartec Auto ID Ltd Yes
Basho Technologies Yes
Basis Yes
Basis Technology Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Basware Holdings Limited Yes Yes
Baytree IT Services Yes Yes
BBE Ltd Yes
BCI Limited Yes
BCMfort Yes
BCN Group Ltd Yes Yes Yes
BDQ Yes Yes
Be Content Ltd Yes
Be Informed Yes
Be Positive Yes
Be the brand experience ltd Yes
Be-IT Resourcing Limited Yes
Beamery Recruitment CRM Yes
BearingPoint Limited Yes
Beaumont Colson Ltd. Yes Yes
Beautiful Information Yes
Bechtle direct Ltd. Yes Yes Yes
Becrypt Ltd Yes
Belarc Inc Yes
Benefex Limited Yes
Bensasson & Chalmers Ltd Yes
Bentley Systems International Limited Yes Yes
Best Practice Group Yes
Bestoutcome Yes Yes
BetterGov Yes
Betterworking Ltd Yes
Bevan Brittan LLP Yes
Beyond Systems Limited Yes
Beyond Talent Yes
bibliotheca Limited Yes
Big Blue Door Ltd Yes Yes
BIMobject Yes
Binary Vision Yes Yes
BiP Solutions Ltd Yes Yes
Birst, Inc. Yes
Bit Zesty Yes Yes
BJSS Limited Yes Yes Yes
Black Marble Limited Yes Yes
Black Swan Data Yes Yes Yes
BlackBerry UK Limited Yes
BlackBox Hosting Yes
Blackburn IT Services Ltd Yes
Blackcroft & Co Yes
BlackLine Yes
Blackmore Ricotech Yes
Blackthorn GRC Limited Yes Yes
Blancco Yes
Blispa Limited Yes Yes Yes
Blue Border Limited Yes
Blue Fox Technology Ltd Yes
Blue Frontier IT Ltd Yes
Blue Lights Digital Yes
Blue Octopus Recruitment Limited Yes
Blue Pelican Ltd Yes
BLUE Profile Yes
Blue Ronin Ltd. Yes
Blue Sheep LLP Yes
Blue Sky Hosting Ltd Yes Yes
Bluedice Ideas Limited Yes
Bluefin Solutions Ltd Yes Yes Yes
BlueFort Security Ltd Yes
Bluehoop Digital Yes
BlueLight Global Solutions Ltd Yes
Blueteq Ltd Yes
BMC Software Distribution BV Yes Yes
BMT Defence Services Limited Yes Yes
BMT Hi-Q Sigma Ltd Yes
Board Intelligence Yes
Board MIT Ltd Yes
Bob Rehill & Associates Yes
Bob’s Business Ltd Yes
Boeing Defence UK Ltd Yes
Bolderwood Limited Yes
Bolderwood Solutions Limited Yes
Bolt Partners Ltd Yes
Booking Live Software Limited Yes
BookingBug Ltd Yes
Bookwhen Yes
Boomalert Ltd Yes
Boomerang I-Comms Ltd Yes
Boris Software Ltd Yes
Borwell Yes Yes
Bottomline Technologies Limited Yes
Box.com (UK) Ltd Yes Yes
Boxfusion Consulting Limited Yes
BP3 Global Limited Yes Yes
BPD Zenith Ltd Yes
Brainloop Limited Yes
Bramble Hub Limited Yes Yes Yes
Bramble Knowledge Limited Yes
Bramble People Limited Yes
Brandwatch Yes
Brandworkz Yes
Brass Agency Limited Yes
BravoSolution UK Limited Yes Yes
Bray Leino Ltd Yes
BreachAware Ltd Yes
Breeze Networks Limited Yes
Bridewell Consulting Yes
Bridge1Solutions Yes
Bridgeall Limited Yes Yes Yes
BridgeHead Software Limited Yes Yes
Bridgeway Security Solutions Yes
BriefYourMarket Yes
BrightCloud Technologies Limited Yes Yes
BrightLemon Yes
Brightman Business Solutions Yes
BrightOffice Ltd Yes
brightsolid online innovation Ltd. Yes Yes
BrightStarr Limited Yes
Brightstrand Yes
Brightwire Yes Yes
Bristol Is Open Ltd. Yes
BriteLives Ltd Yes
Briteyellow Limited Yes
Broadband Visual Communications Ltd Yes
Bromcom Computers Plc Yes
Brookson Healthcare Services LLP Yes
Brother UK Limited Yes Yes
Brovanture Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Bruver Limited Yes
BT PLC Yes Yes Yes
Bubble Innovator Ltd Yes Yes
Buchanan Computing Yes
Buddi Ltd Yes
Budgeting Solutions Ltd Yes Yes
BugFinders Yes
BuildIQ Yes
Bulk SMS Limited Yes
Bundledocs Yes
Business Cloud Integration Ltd. Yes Yes
Business Collaborator Limited Yes
Business Continuity Solutions Ltd Yes
Business Optix Ltd Yes
Business Systems (UK) Ltd Yes
Butterfly Projects Ltd Yes
Buzzacott Computer Services Ltd t/as Buzzacott Giving Solutions Yes
Bytes Software Services Yes Yes Yes
C Squared Consultancy Limited Yes Yes
C2B2 Yes
CA Limited Yes Yes
Caan Associates Ltd Yes
Cad-Capture Data Services Ltd. Yes
Cadcorp Yes
Cadence Innova Yes
Cadence Partnership LLP Yes
Cadgwith Health Yes
Cadmidium Services Ltd Yes
Caja Yes
Cake Solutions Limited Yes
Calba Yes
CalebAcuity Limited Yes
Caleidoscope Associates Ltd Yes
Calibrand Limited Yes Yes
Callcredit Public Sector Limited Yes Yes
Calligo Limited Yes Yes
Caltech IT Ltd Yes
CAM Management Solutions Ltd Yes
Camart Yes
Camden Tech Yes
Camwood Limited Yes
Cantata Limited Yes
Capacitas Yes
Capgemini UK plc Yes Yes Yes
Capita Business Services Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Capital Network Solutions Limited Yes
Capital Novus Yes
Capito Yes Yes Yes
Capricorn Ventis Ltd. Yes
Captive Health Yes
Carbon60 Limited (Formally s.com Group Limited) Yes
Cardiocity Limited Yes
Care Banking Yes
CareerVision Ltd Yes
Carelink – Piksel Ltd Yes Yes
Caretower Ltd. Yes Yes
Carmel Hayes Ltd Yes
Carrenza Limited Yes Yes
Cascade Human Resources Ltd Yes
Cassidian CyberSecurity Ltd T/A Regency IT Consulting Yes Yes
CAST Software LTD Yes Yes
Castle Computer Services Ltd Yes Yes
Castleton Technology Plc Yes
Catalyst IT Europe Ltd Yes Yes
Catalytic Consulting & Training Ltd Yes Yes
Cavendish Wood Yes Yes
cBrain Yes Yes
CC Technology Ltd. Yes
CCL Solutions Group Ltd Yes
CCS Media Limited Yes Yes
CCube Solutions Yes
CDG (Scotland) Ltd Yes
CDS Yes Yes Yes
CDW Limited Yes Yes Yes
CEB Global Limited Yes Yes
Cedar Recruitment Ltd Yes
Cedyrn Ltd Yes
Celerity Limited Yes Yes Yes
Cementors Limited Yes
Centerprise International Ltd Yes Yes
CenturyLink Technology UK Ltd (formerly known as Savvis) Yes Yes Yes
Cerner Limited Yes Yes
Certeco Ltd Yes
Certes Computing Limited Yes
Certes International Limited Yes
Certus Advisory Ltd Yes
Certus Solutions Yes
Cetus Solutions Limited Yes
CFMS Services Ltd Yes Yes
CGI Yes Yes Yes
Chakray UK Ltd Yes
ChalkRow Yes
Chambury Learning Solutions [Chambury Consulting Ltd] Yes Yes
Change Associates Limited Yes
Change Management Partners Ltd Yes Yes
ChangeDirector UK Ltd Yes Yes
Channel 3 Consulting Yes
Chapel Associates Limited Yes
Chapter III Yes
Chaucer Consulting Yes
Checkealos Yes
Cherwell Software Yes
Chorus Yes
Chorus Intelligence Ltd Yes
Church Consultancy Ltd. Yes
Ciber UK Ltd. Yes
Cigniti Technologies (UK) Limited Yes
Cimar Ltd Yes
Cinos Communications Services Yes
Cintra Corporation UK Ltd Yes
CIOBureau Yes
Ciptex Yes
Cirrus Yes Yes Yes
Citizen Yes
Citymart SL Yes
Citymart US Inc. Yes
CIVIC Yes Yes Yes
Civica UK Limited Yes Yes Yes
CiviQ Yes
Claned Group Ltd. Yes
Clarasys Limited Yes
Clarity Informatics Limited Yes
Clarity Tech Ltd Yes Yes Yes
clckwrk Ltd Yes Yes
Clear Review Yes
ClearPeople Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Clearstream Technology Ltd Yes Yes
Clearvision CM Yes Yes Yes
Clerkswell Yes Yes Yes
ClevaGroup Ltd Yes Yes
Clevermed Ltd Yes
Click Travel Ltd Yes
ClickDimensions Yes
Clinithink Yes
Cloud 21 Limited Yes
Cloud Conveyor Limited Yes
Cloud Cover IT Limited Yes
Cloud Data Service Limited Yes
Cloud Dialogs Yes
Cloud Digital Limited Yes
Cloud Fundamental Ltd Yes
Cloud Gold Limited Yes
Cloud is Global Yes
Cloud Nexus 365 Yes
Cloud Technology 4 Business (CT4) Yes
Cloud Technology Solutions Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Cloud2 Ltd Yes Yes
Cloud40 Ltd Yes Yes
Cloudera Inc Yes Yes
CloudFlare, Inc. Yes
CloudInfra Yes
Cloudoko Yes Yes
Cloudreach Europe Limited Yes Yes Yes
Cloudreason Yes
Cloudsmith Ltd Yes
Cloudstream Global Limited Yes
cloudThing Limited Yes Yes Yes
CloudTrade Yes
Cloudwick Technologies UK Yes
Clue Computing Company Yes
Clued Up Ltd Yes
CM Group Limited Yes
CM Telecom Yes
CMC Partnership (UK) Ltd Yes
Code 45 Limited Yes
Code Digital Services Yes
Code Enigma Limited Yes Yes
Code iT Group Yes
Codec DSS LTD Yes
Codeherent Ltd Yes
CodeScrum Ltd Yes
Codit Integration Ltd. Yes
Coeus Consulting Yes
Coeus Software Ltd Yes Yes
CogniSoft Limited Yes
Cognitran Ltd Yes
Cognizant Technology Solutions UK Limited Yes Yes Yes
Cogworx Yes
Cohaesus Projects Limited Yes
Cohesive Networks Yes
Coleman & Pearse Yes
ColIective Intelligence Sytems Yes Yes
Collabco Yes
Columbus Global UK Ltd Yes Yes
Combined Knowledge Ltd Yes
Commendium Ltd Yes
Commerce Decisions Limited Yes Yes
Commercial Cloud Services Yes
Commissum Yes
CommonTime Ltd Yes
Commonwealth Informatics, Inc. Yes Yes
Commsworld Ltd. Yes Yes Yes
Communication-STEM Ltd Yes Yes
Comotion Consulting Ltd Yes
Company Net Limited Yes Yes
Company85 LTD Yes
Comparex UK Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Compass Informatics Limited Yes
Compass Software Technology Ltd. Yes
Compulete Projects Limited Yes
Computacenter (UK) Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Computastar Limited Yes
Computer Application Services Limited Yes Yes
Computer Network Defence Ltd Yes
Computer Task Group (UK) Limited Yes Yes
Computing Distribution Group Ltd Yes Yes
Comscope Ltd Yes
Comtact Limited Yes Yes
ComXo Limited Yes
COMXPS Limited Yes
Concentra Consulting Limited Yes Yes
Concept Information Technology Limited Yes
Concerto Partners LLP Yes
Concerto Support Services Ltd Yes
Congentbi Yes
Congruis Limited Yes Yes
Connaught Lithoservices Ltd Yes
Connect Assist Limited Yes
Connect IB Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Connect Internet Solutions Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Connexica Limited Yes
Connexion Systems Pty Ltd Yes
Connexity UK Ltd Yes
Consentz Yes
Constructionline Yes
Consult SMB Limited Yes
Contego Fraud Solutions Ltd Yes
Content and Code Ltd Yes Yes
Content Formula Yes
Content Guru Ltd (Redwood Technologies) Yes
Content Support Services Limited Yes
Context Information Security Yes
Contino Yes
Contract Sentinel Limited Yes
ContractsWise Limited Yes
Control Risks Yes Yes
Convergent Network Solutions Yes
Converging Data Yes Yes Yes
Convivio Yes
Cooper Burns Yes
Coplexia Collaborative Yes
Cora Systems Yes
Coraledge Ltd Yes Yes
Core Yes Yes Yes
Core Systems Yes
CoreAzure Limited Yes
CoreFiling Limited Yes Yes
CoreHR Yes
Coreix Limited Yes
CoreStream Ltd Yes
CORETX Manage Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Cornerstone OnDemand Yes
Cornwell Business Consultants Limited Yes
Corporate Project Solutions Yes Yes
CoSector Limited Yes Yes Yes
Cosurica LTD Yes
Counterpoint Yes
Covata UK Limited Yes Yes
cr360, UL EHS Sustainability Yes
Crafted Yes
Craneware Yes
Cranmore Consulting Limited Yes
Create eLearning Limited Yes
Createful Ltd Yes Yes
Creative Software Solutions (Europe) Limited Yes
Credits Yes Yes
Creese Consulting Ltd Yes
CRIF Decision Solutions Limited Yes
Crimson Consultants Limited Yes
CriticalArc Ltd Yes
CRMworks Limited Yes
Croner Group Limited Yes
Crowdicity Ltd Yes
Crown Computing Limited Yes
Cruarch Associates Ltd Yes Yes
CSC Computer Sciences Limited Yes Yes
Ctalk Limited Yes
CTI Digital Yes Yes Yes
CTO Technologies Ltd Yes
Ctrl O Yes Yes
CUBED Attribution Yes
Cultivate Software Ltd Yes
Curium Solutions Yes
Curtis Fitch Yes
Custodian Solutions Yes
CWCS Managed Hosting Yes Yes
CWSI Yes Yes
Cyber Media Solutions Ltd. Yes
Cyber Risk International Yes
Cyber Secure Ltd Yes
Cyber Security Partnership LLP Yes
Cyber Security Specialists Limited Yes
Cyber-Duck Yes
Cyberpulse limited Yes Yes
CyberSmart Yes
Cyclr – integration platform as a service Yes
CYjAX Cyber Threat Intelligence Yes
Cyphra Yes
D-RisQ Ltd. Yes
D+R Medical Yes
D2NA (D2 Network Associates Ltd) Yes
Dacoll Ltd Yes
Daemon Directory Services Ltd Yes Yes
Daemon Solutions Yes
Daisy Communications Ltd Yes Yes
Dajon Data Management Ltd Yes
Damco Solutions/ TestingXperts Yes
Darzin Software UK Yes
Data Analytics Labs Ltd Yes Yes
Data Eliminate Ltd Yes
Data Images Software Solutions Ltd Yes
Data Interchange Plc Yes
Data Protection Governance Ltd Yes
Data Protection People Yes
Data8 Ltd. Yes
Databarracks Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Datacentre UK Yes Yes
Datacentred Yes Yes
Datahub Tech Ltd Yes
Dataloop.IO Yes
Datalynx Limited Yes
Datalytics Technology Yes Yes Yes
Datalytyx Ltd Yes Yes
Datamellon Ltd Yes
Datapact (London) Limited Yes
Dataphiles Ltd Yes
Datapipe Yes Yes Yes
Datatank Ltd Yes
Datatecnix Yes
datb limited Yes
Datcom Yes Yes
Datel Computing Ltd Yes Yes
Datorama UK Ltd Yes
David Consulting Group Ltd Yes
Daviker Yes
DCGTransform Ltd Yes
DCV Technologies Ltd Yes
de Poel Health+Care Yes
Decrypt-IT Consultants Yes
Deep Sky Blue Yes
Deep-Secure Limited Yes
Deeson Group Ltd Yes
Delib Ltd Yes
Delivery Delivery Delivery Yes
Deloitte LLP Yes Yes
Deltascheme Yes
Democracy Club Yes
Dendrite Clinical Systems Limited Yes Yes
DeNove LLP Yes
DesignLinks International Yes
Desk Top Publishing Micro Systems Ltd (DTP Group) Yes
Destek Accessible Technology Solutions Yes
Destin Solutions Limited Yes
DevOpsGuys | DevOps | Cloud | Automation Yes
Differentis Yes
Difrent Yes
Dig Inclusion Ltd Yes
Digby Consultancy Ltd Yes
Digi2al Limited Yes Yes
Diginoid Limited Yes
Digirati Yes Yes
Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) Yes Yes
Digital Business Design LLP Yes
Digital Cloud Partners Yes
Digital Conveyor Ltd Yes
Digital Courtrooms Limited Yes
Digital Craftsmen Limited Yes
Digital Dragons Global Ltd Yes
Digital Envoy dba Digital Resolve Yes
Digital Exchange Products Ltd Yes
Digital Field Solutions Ltd. Yes
Digital Native Yes
Digital Reasoning Ltd Yes
Digital Specialists Yes
DigitalFirst Solutions Yes Yes Yes
DigitalXRAID Ltd. Yes
Digitech Analytics Ltd Yes Yes
DigiThreadz Ltd Yes
Diligent Boardbooks Ltd Yes
Dimension Data Network Services Limited Yes Yes Yes
Dionach Limited Yes
Direct Path Solutions Ltd Yes
Disrupt CX Yes
Distology Yes
DMF Systems Yes
DMS CI Limited Yes
DMSG Ltd Yes Yes
Doc-Works Ltd Yes
Doccentrics Yes
Docobo Ltd Yes
DocSafe Limited Yes
Docunetic Ltd Yes Yes
DOGFI.SH Mobile Yes
Dome Recruitment Ltd Yes
Dome9 Security Yes
Doopoll Limited Yes
Dorset Software Services Limited Yes
DP Connect Limited Yes
DPS Software Ltd Yes
Dragonfly Digital Yes
Drakewell Limited Yes Yes
Draper and Dash Ltd Yes
DrDoctor (ICNH Ltd) Yes Yes
drie secure systems ltd. Yes
Dropbox, Inc. Yes Yes
dsi Billing Services Yes
dsp managed services Yes Yes
DueDil Yes
Dugdale Digital Solutions Yes
Dun & Bradstreet Ltd Yes
DutySheet Ltd Yes
DVV Solutions Yes
DWT Systems Ltd Yes
dxw Yes Yes
Dyn Yes Yes
Dynama Solutions Ltd Yes
Dynamatix Limited Yes
Dynamic Business Services Limited Yes Yes
Dynatrace Limited Yes
Dynniq UK Ltd Yes
Dystinct Consulting Limited Yes
E Squared UK Ltd Yes
e-days (Senior Internet Ltd) Yes
E-Health Innovations Ltd Yes
e-Recruiter Yes
e-Resolve Limited Yes
E-Sign UK ltd Yes
e-testing Consultancy Ltd. Yes
e2e-assure Ltd Yes Yes Yes
e3 media ltd Yes
EACS Limited Yes
EAMS Group Yes Yes
eAppSys Limited Yes
EAS Ltd Yes
EasySharePoint Yes
Eazy Collect Services Ltd Yes
Eccella Yes
Ecebs Ltd Yes
Eclipse Legal Systems Yes
eCom Scotland Yes
Ecometrica Ltd Yes
Ecommnet Ltd Yes
ecrm euro Yes
ECRU – E Commerce Resource Unit Ltd Yes Yes
ecsc Ltd Yes
Eden McCallum LLP Yes
Edenhouse Solutions Yes Yes
Edge Testing Yes
EdgeThreeSixty Ltd Yes Yes
Edifit Limited Yes Yes
Edocuments : SpringBoard Yes
Eduserv Yes Yes Yes
Efireservice Yes
Egenera, Inc Yes
Egress Group Ltd Yes Yes
eHealth Links Limited Yes
EHS Consulting Limited Yes
eJigsaw Yes Yes
ElastaBytes Ltd Yes Yes
Elastacloud Limited Yes Yes
Elcom Systems Ltd Yes
eLignum Yes
Elliott Coles Limited Yes
Ellucian Yes
ElysianIT Limited Yes
Emailcenter UK Limited Yes
emapsite.com Limited Yes
Ember Group Yes Yes
Embridge Consulting (UK) Ltd Yes Yes Yes
EmergeAdapt Limited Yes
Emergn Limited Yes
EMIS Ltd Yes
Empiric Solutions Limited Yes
Empowering Communities Yes
Empyrean Digital Limited Yes
EMRN Consulting Yes
Encodian Yes
Endeavour Information Solutions Yes Yes Yes
Engage Yes Yes Yes
Engage ESM Yes Yes
Engage Technical Solutions Yes
Engine Partners UK LLP (The Engine Group) Yes
Engineered Applications Ltd Yes
Enonic Yes
Enova Consulting Ltd Yes Yes
Ensono Ltd Yes Yes
Enterprise Architects Limited Yes
Enterprise Blueprints Yes
Enterprise Privacy Group Ltd Yes
Enterprise Study Ltd Yes
EnterpriseDB Yes Yes
entitledto Yes
EntTech Ltd Yes
Environment Systems Limited Yes
Envitia Ltd Yes Yes
EO Consulting Ltd Yes Yes
eOrigen Yes
EOS International Ltd Yes
Epaccsys Limited Yes
ePartner Consulting Ltd Yes Yes
Epimorphics Ltd Yes Yes
EPiServer AB Yes
Eploy Yes Yes
Equal Experts UK Limited Yes Yes
Equdos Services Ltd Yes
Equifax Ltd Yes
Equine Register Ltd Yes
Equiniti Plc Yes Yes Yes
Equion Consulting Limited Yes
Ergo Services Yes
Ergon Limited Yes
Ernst & Young LLP Yes Yes
ERP Hosting Yes
ERPaaS Limited Yes
Esendex Limited Yes
ESET UK Limited Yes
eShare Ltd Yes
Espion Yes
EssentialSkillz Yes
EST Solutions Yes
Estafet Ltd Yes
Esteem Systems Ltd Yes Yes
Estelia Ltd Yes
estrat Group Limited Yes
Esuasive Yes Yes
eSynergy Solutions Limited Yes
Euro Recycling Yes
Euroking Maternity Software Solutions Ltd Yes
Europa Technologies Limited Yes
European Electronique Yes Yes Yes
EUS Holdings Limited Yes
EverisConsultancy Limited Yes
evoco.co.uk Yes
Evodia Limited Yes
Evolution Artificial Intelligence ltd Yes Yes
Evolutionary Systems (Evosys) Yes Yes Yes
Evolve Azure Services Yes
Evolve Secure Solutions Limited Yes
Exa Networks Yes
Exaactly.com Yes
Exception Limited Yes
Exchange Communications Ltd Yes Yes
Excitech Limited Yes
Exclaimer Yes
Executive Resource Group Limited Yes
Execview Yes
exeGesIS Spatial Data Management Yes Yes
Expede IT Solutions Limited Yes
Expense Once Yes
Experian Yes Yes
Experienced Management Consultants Limited Yes
Experis Limited Yes Yes
Expert Thinking Yes
Explosive Learning Solutions Yes
Exponential Technologies Yes
Exponential-e Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Extended Content Solutions Limited Yes Yes
Eyecademy Ltd Yes
Eyenetwork Yes Yes
Falanx Assuria Yes
Famly Yes
FarrPoint Limited Yes
Farsight Consulting Ltd Yes
Fastcomm UK Ltd Yes
FCO Services Yes Yes Yes
FCS (UK) Limited Yes Yes Yes
Fedr8 Limited Yes
Felber Consulting Limited Yes Yes
Fenix Media Yes Yes Yes
Fernhill Systems (Scotland) Ltd Yes
FFT Education Ltd Yes
FHL Cloud Solutions Yes
Field Dynamics Yes
Figshare LLP Yes
Financial Skills Ltd Yes
FinancialForce.com, Inc. UK Branch Yes Yes
Fincore Limited Yes Yes
Finyx Consulting Limited Yes
FireText Communications Limited Yes
Firmstep Ltd Yes Yes
First Capital Cashflow Limited Yes
First Databank Europe Limited Yes
FISH Digital Forensics Yes
Fivium Limited Yes Yes Yes
Flabba Limited Yes
FlatWorldDigital Yes Yes
Flax & Teal Limited Yes
Flick Learning Limited Yes
Flint Studios Ltd Yes
Flo Group Ltd Yes
Fluent Technology Yes
FluidReview by SurveyMonkey Yes
FlyingBinary Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Focus Group Europe Yes Yes
Foehn Yes
Fordway Yes Yes Yes
Forfront Limited Yes
Forfusion Ltd Yes
Format14CRM Limited Yes
Fortesium Ltd Yes
Fotheringham Associates Yes
Foundation SP Limited Yes
Four Eyes Insight Limited Yes Yes
Foursys Yes
FourZure Yes
Frameshift Ltd Yes
Frazer-Nash Consultancy Yes
Free Rein Limited Yes Yes
FreeBalance Inc Yes
Freedom Communications (UK) Ltd Yes Yes
Freestyle Interactive Yes
Frenchay Management Limited Yes
Frequentis (UK) Limited Yes
Freshdesk Inc Yes
Frontera Consulting LLC Yes
Frontline Consultancy Yes Yes Yes
Fry-IT Yes
FSW IT Solutions Limited Yes
Fuel Recruitment Ltd Yes
Fujitsu Services Limited Yes Yes Yes
Fulcre Partners Ltd Yes
Fulcrum Worldwide (UK) Ltd Yes Yes
Full Control Networks Yes
Fundtech FSC Trading as Accountis Europe Yes
Funnelback UK Ltd Yes
Fuse Universal Limited Yes
Fusion Business Solutions Yes
FusionExperience Limited Yes Yes
Futura Defence Ltd Yes Yes
Future Cities Catapult Ltd Yes
FutureProof Yes
Futurescaper Yes
g2 Business Services Yes
G4S Monitoring Technologies Ltd Yes
G7 Business Solutions Ltd Yes Yes
Gaia Technologies Plc Yes Yes Yes
Gaiasoft International Limited Yes
Galaxkey Yes
Galtec Solutions Limited Yes
Gamma Yes Yes
Gap Consulting Ltd Yes
Gapps Ltd. Yes
GARNET8 Limited Yes
Gartner UK Ltd. Yes
Gatekeeper Yes
GatenbySanderson Ltd Yes
Gauri Ltd Yes Yes
GB Group plc Yes
GB3 Limited Yes Yes
GE Healthcare Finnamore Ltd Yes Yes
Geeks Ltd. Yes Yes
Gegu Ltd Yes
General Dynamics UK Ltd Yes Yes
Generation Digital Yes
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories BV Yes Yes
Genius PPT Ltd Yes
Geode Networks Ltd Yes
Geoff Smith Associates Limited Yes
Geographers’ A-Z Map Company Limited Yes
GeoLang Limited Yes
Geospatial Cooperatief UA – Critigen Yes
GeoXphere Yes
Getmapping PLC Yes
Giant Precision Limited Yes
Glasscubes Yes
Glemnet Ltd Yes
Glider Technology Ltd Yes Yes
Global App Testing Yes
Global Data UK LTD Yes
Global Knowledge Yes
Glue Reply (a trading division of Reply Ltd.) Yes Yes Yes
GoCardless Yes
Golant Media Ventures Yes
GoPro Consulting Ltd Yes Yes
Gordano Ltd Yes
GOSS Interactive Ltd Yes Yes
Gotham Digital Science Ltd Yes
Govdata Ltd Yes
GovDelivery Inc. Yes
GovNow Ltd. Yes
Govtech Solutions Ltd Yes
GP Access Ltd Yes
GPTeamNet Limited Yes
Gradian Systems Ltd Yes
Graph Digital Ltd Yes
Gray Blue Limited Yes
Grayce Yes
Green Cloud Hosting Limited Yes
Greengage IT Ltd Yes
GreensafeIT Yes
Greenstone Yes
Grey Monarch Limited Yes
Groupcall Limited Yes
GrowCreate Limited Yes Yes
Grum Limited Yes
H S Infra Limited Yes
Hable Yes
Hack Partners Yes
Hadfield Consultants Ltd Yes
Halcyon Solutions Group Ltd Yes
Hammond Clarke LTD Yes
Hao2.eu Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Happy Customer Yes
harmon.ie Corporation Yes
Harrison James IT Services LTD Yes
Harvey Nash Group Plc Yes
Haykay Ltd Yes
Hays Project Solutions Yes
HCL Managed Services Ltd Yes
HCL Technologies UK LImited Yes Yes
Head Light Yes
Health Analytics Ltd Yes
Health Fabric Yes
Health HR UK Ltd Yes
Health Information Consulting Ltd Yes
Health Intelligence Ltd Yes Yes
Health-Connected Ltd Yes
Healthcare Clinical Informatics Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Healthcare Communications UK Ltd Yes
Healthlogistics Yes
HealthUnlocked Yes
Helastel Yes Yes
HeleCloud Limited Yes Yes
Helpful Technology Ltd Yes
Helyx Secure Information Systems Ltd Yes
HEM Advisory Limited Yes
Henderson Scott Yes Yes Yes
Henley Software Limited Yes Yes
Herjavec Group Ltd Yes
Hertzian Yes
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Yes Yes
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services UK Limited Yes Yes Yes
HFX Limited Yes
Hicom Technology Ltd Yes
High Rose House Ltd Yes
HighQ Yes
Hippo Yes Yes
Hireserve Limited Yes
Hitachi Consulting UK Ltd. Yes Yes Yes
Hitachi Solutions Europe Ltd Yes Yes
Hive IT Limited Yes
Holt Doctors Ltd Yes
Home Connections Yes
HootSuite Media Inc. Yes
Horizon Industries International Ltd Yes
Horizon Software Solutions Yes Yes
Hornbill Yes
Horsebridge Network Systems Limited Yes
Hortonworks BV Yes
Hosted Graphite Yes
Hotcourses Limited Yes
House-on-the-Hill Software Ltd Yes
Howell Technology Group Limited Yes
hSo Yes
HTK Limited Yes
Hub Network Services Ltd Yes
Huddle Yes
Hudman Limited Yes
HunchBuzz Ltd Yes
Hunter Macdonald Limited Yes Yes
Hunter Springs Consultancy Yes
Huntsman Security Yes
Hut Six Yes
Hutchinson Networks Ltd Yes Yes
Hydra Management Ltd Yes Yes
Hydrant Yes Yes Yes
HySoft Yes
HyTrust Yes
Hyve Limited Yes Yes Yes
i-movo Yes
i-resource Yes
i2N Ltd Yes Yes Yes
i3 Digital Yes Yes Yes
i3Works Ltd Yes Yes
IAM Technology Group Limited Yes
IAME Ltd Yes
IAP Consulting Yes
IB Boost Yes Yes
IBI Group UK Ltd Yes
IBM United Kingdom Ltd Yes Yes Yes
IC Consult Ltd Yes
iCasework Ltd Yes Yes
iComunico Yes
Icon UK Limited Yes Yes
ICONI Software Ltd Yes
ICONICS UK Services Ltd Yes
iCore Yes
iCoriolis Limited Yes
ICS Ingage Limited Yes
ICS Solutions Ltd Yes
ICSA Boardroom Apps Limited Yes
ID Medical Group Ltd Yes
IDE International Yes
Idea Drop Yes
Ideagen PLC Yes
Ideal Health Consultants Limited Yes
Ideal Networks Ltd Yes Yes
Ideal Postcodes Yes
Ideata Analytics Yes
Identity E2E Yes
Identity Experts Ltd Yes Yes
Idox Software Limited Yes Yes Yes
IDS Group Yes
IE Design Consultancy Limited Yes
IEG4 Limited Yes Yes
IES Solutions LTD Yes Yes
IGCS Limited Yes Yes
igroup Ltd Yes Yes Yes
IGspectrum Ltd Yes Yes Yes
IIJ Europe Limited Yes
IIZUKA Software Technologies Ltd Yes Yes
iland Yes
ILLY Systems Ltd Yes
Image Analyser Yes
Imagen Ltd. Yes
Improved Apps Yes
IMS Health Yes Yes
In Cloud Solutions Ltd Yes
In-Form Consult Ltd Yes
In-Form Solutions Yes
In-tend Ltd Yes
In-Tuition Networks Ltd Yes
Incendium Consulting Ltd Yes
Inclarity Communications Limited Yes
Incom Business Systems Ltd Yes Yes
Incremental Group Yes Yes
IndigoBlue Consulting Limited Yes
INET Yes Yes Yes
Infinite Convergence Solutions / NetSfere Yes
Infinity Gate Yes
Infinity Gate Yes
Infinity Health Ltd Yes
Infinity Works Consulting Yes
Info-Assure LTD Yes
InfoCat Ltd Yes Yes
Infomentum Yes
InforData Consulting Yes
Inform Comminications plc Yes
Informatica Software Ltd Yes
Information Age Ltd. Yes
Information Initiatives Yes
Information Risk Management Plc Yes Yes
Information Services Group (Europe) Ltd. Yes
Informed Solutions Ltd Yes Yes
InfoSaaS Limited Yes
Infostretch UK Limited Yes
Infosys Limited Yes Yes
Infotel UK Yes
Infotree Solutions Ltd Yes Yes
Inframon Yes
Infuse Consulting LTD Yes Yes
Ingenica Solutions Limited Yes
Inhealthcare Ltd Yes Yes
Innaxys Ltd Yes
Innovate Ltd Yes Yes
Innovativa Ltd Yes
Innovative Interfaces Global Ltd Yes
INOVEM Limited Yes
InPhase Limited Yes
Insight Yes Yes Yes
Insite Ltd Yes
Insource Ltd Yes Yes
Installation Technology Limited Yes
IntaForensics Ltd Yes Yes
Intec Systems Ltd Yes
InTechnology Plc Yes Yes
Integra Associates Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Integris Solutions Yes
Intelecom UK Ltd. Yes
Intelligence Management Support Services Ltd (IMSL) Yes Yes
Intelligent Consulting Services Limited Yes
Intelligent Testing Yes
Intelligent Voice Yes
Intellix Web Specops Ltd Yes
Intelogy Limited Yes Yes
Interact Yes
InterCall Conferencing Services Ltd Yes
Interceptor Solutions Ltd Yes
Intercity Technology Limited Yes Yes Yes
Intergence Systems Limited Yes
Intergraph (UK) Ltd Yes Yes
Interim Project Management Ltd Yes
Internet Connections Ltd Yes
Internet Investigation Solutions Ltd Yes
Internet Technologies Ltd. Yes
Interoute Communications Limited Yes Yes
InterQuest Group (UK) Ltd Yes Yes
Interview Management Solutions Pty Ltd Yes
InTouch CRM Yes
Intralinks Inc Yes
Investigo Consulting Limited Yes
Investigo Limited Yes Yes Yes
Invigilatis Yes
Involve Visual Collaboration Ltd Yes
Involved Solutions Yes
Invotra Yes Yes Yes
iomart Group Plc Yes Yes Yes
ION Information Technologies Limited Yes
Ionology Yes Yes
IP Performance Limited Yes Yes
iPlato Healthcare Ltd Yes
IPsoft Yes
Iridize Yes
IRIS Intelligence Ltd. Yes
IronCat Ltd Yes
IS Solutions Plc Yes Yes
ISAAC Intelligence Limited Yes
iSAMS Independent Ltd Yes
ISB Global Limited Yes
iSeeU Global Yes
ISI Software Europe Yes Yes
ISL Online Ltd Yes Yes
Isotoma Ltd Yes
iSYS Data Solutions Yes
IT Farm Yes
IT Governance Ltd Yes
IT Lab Limited Yes Yes
itelligent-i Yes
ITHR Consulting Yes
ITI Network Services Yes
ITM Communications Limited Yes Yes
Ivanti UK Ltd Yes Yes
Ivar Jacobson Consulting Limited Yes
IVC Technologies Ltd Yes Yes
iWantGreatCare Yes
Ixis IT Limited Yes Yes
Ixydo Ltd Yes
J & J Enterprise Consulting (BPMN Expert) Yes
JAC Computer Services Limited Yes
Jacobs U.K. Limited Yes Yes
Jadu Ltd. Yes Yes Yes
James Charles Consulting Yes
Janrain, Inc. Yes
Javlin, LTD. Yes
JBA Consulting Yes
JC Applications Development Limited Yes
JCP Consultancy Limited Yes
JDi Solutions Yes
JDS365 Yes
Jetstack Yes
Jigsaw24 Yes Yes
Jisc Services Ltd Yes
JLG Trading Ltd Yes Yes
JMW Systems Ltd Yes
Jo Clift Consulting Yes
Job Boards Media Yes
Jobscience Yes
Jobtrain Solutions Yes
Jobvite, Inc. Yes
Johnson Drewery Limited Yes
Joskos Solutions Yes
JSH Education Yes
JTOL Limited Yes
Juicy Media Ltd. Yes
Jump Consultancy Limited Yes
Junkpad Limited Yes
Jupiter Consulting Services Limited Yes
Juriba Yes
Just Contract Management Ltd Yes
Jzero Solutions Limited Yes
K2 Advisory Ltd Yes
Kaarbon Technology Ltd Yes
Kaasv Consulting Ltd Yes
Kagool Yes
Kainos Evolve Limited Yes
Kainos Software Ltd Yes Yes
Kainos Worksmart Limited Yes Yes
Kaizen Associates Yes
Kaldor Ltd (Pugpig) Yes
Kallidus Limited Yes
Kamino-IT Yes
Kanto Systems Ltd Yes
Kate Matthews Solutions Yes
Kedron UK Limited Yes
Keefinty Ltd Yes
Kefron (UK) Ltd Yes
Kelsi Consulting Ltd Yes
Kendall Bluck Consulting Yes
Kestrel Managed Solutions Limited Yes
Keto Software Yes
Keyfort Ltd Yes
Keytree Limited Yes Yes
Kharon-IT Ltd Yes
Khipu Networks Limited Yes
Kiktronik Limited Yes
Kimcell Yes Yes
Kinegistic Limited Yes
Kingsbury Dynamics Ltd Yes
Kinseed Yes Yes
Kirona Solutions Ltd. Yes
Klick2Contact EU Ltd Yes
Knowledge Hub Yes Yes
KnowledgeBrief Yes Yes
Kudu Consultancy Yes
Kumoco Yes Yes
kykloud ltd Yes
L-3 Communications ASA Limited Yes Yes
L2S2 Ltd Yes
LA International Computer Consultants Limited Yes
Laganview associates Ltd Yes
Landmark Information Group Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Landscape Networks Ltd Yes
Landseer Partners Ltd Yes
Larmer Brown Limited Yes Yes Yes
Latra Limited Yes
Launchcloud Yes
LaunchPad Recruits Yes
Layer 7 IT Security Yes
LayerV Limited Yes Yes
Leadent Solutions Yes
Leadin UK Ltd Yes Yes
Leading Resolutions Ltd Yes
LeanKit, Inc Yes Yes
Learning Nexus Ltd Yes
Learning Pool Ltd Yes
Learning Possibilities Ltd Yes Yes Yes
learnPro Educational Software for Healthcare and Government Yes
LearnX Yes
LEC Consultancy – NEXSYSONE Yes
Leesman Limited Yes
Legalesign Limited Yes
Legis Solutions Yes
Leicestershire Health Informatics Service Yes Yes Yes
Leidos Innovations UK Limited Yes Yes Yes
Lendlease Technology Yes
Leonardo MW Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Level 3 Communications Limited Yes Yes Yes
Levett Consultancy Ltd Yes
LexisNexis Yes
LHM Media Ltd Yes
LHQ Software Limited Yes
Liaison Financial Services Ltd Yes
Liaison Technologies Ltd Yes Yes
Liberata UK Ltd Yes
Liberty Marketing Ltd Yes
Licence Check Ltd Yes
Lifecycle Sourcing Limited Yes
Lifejak Ltd Yes
LIMA Yes Yes
Linea Group Ltd Yes Yes
Link Big Yes
Link Maker Yes
Little Fish (UK) Ltd Yes Yes
Little Forest Yes
LiveCode Ltd Yes Yes
LiveWyer Yes
Livingstone Technologies Ltd Yes
LivTech Solutions Yes
Lloyds IP Yes Yes
LMS Recruitment Systems Limited Yes
Loadbalancer.org Ltd Yes
LoadSpring Solutions Limited Yes Yes
Locata Housing Services Limited Yes
Lockcode Limited Yes
Locum’s Nest Yes
Logic Software Design Ltd Yes
Logically Secure Ltd Yes Yes
Logicalware LTD Yes
LoGov: Local Digital Service Platform Yes Yes
LookingLocal – Kirklees Council Yes
LoopUp Ltd Yes
Lowaire Digital Yes
Lucid Support Services Ltd Yes
Lumesse Ltd Yes Yes
Luminis U.K. Ltd Yes
Lychee Systems Yes
M-Files Yes
M3ST Ltd Yes
M4 Managed Services International Limited Yes
M4 Systems Limited Yes
Macehiter Ward-Dutton Limited Yes
Macleod Associates Yes
Made Open Communications Ltd Yes
Made Tech Ltd Yes
MagenTys – Automation | BDD | DevOps Yes
Magic Hat Solutions Ltd Yes
Magic Milestones Limited Yes
Main-Tel (NE) Ltd Yes
Maindec Computer Solutions Ltd Yes Yes
Maintel Europe Limited Yes Yes Yes
Make and Ship Limited Yes
Malikshaw Limited Yes Yes
Malinko Scheduling Software Yes
Mallon Technology Ltd Yes
ManagePlaces Limited Yes
Mando Group Yes Yes
Mango Business Solutions Limited Yes Yes
Mangrove Data Limited Yes
Mantiq – Agile Testing Consultancy – Specialised in Functional & Non-Functional Automated Testing Yes Yes
Marjolo Yes
Market Dojo Yes Yes
MarkLogic Corporation Yes Yes Yes
Mars Spiders Yes
Marval Software Limited Yes
Mason Advisory Limited Yes
Mastek (UK) Ltd Yes Yes
Mastodon C Ltd Yes Yes
Matrix Insight Ltd (subsidiary of Optimity Advisors) Yes Yes
Matrix SCM Yes
MatsSoft Limited Yes Yes Yes
MaxContact Yes
Maxeler Technologies Ltd Yes
Mayden Yes
Maytech Yes
Maze Education Yes
Mazepoint Limited Yes Yes Yes
McKenna Consultants Ltd Yes
McKinsey & Company, Inc. United Kingdom Yes Yes
MCS Solutions Yes
Mds Technologies Ltd Yes Yes Yes
MDSec Consulting Limited Yes
Me Learning Yes
Med ePad Ltd Yes
Medayo Yes
MedeAnalytics Yes
Media Measurement Limited Yes
MediaCorp Online Ltd Yes Yes
Medialogix Ltd Yes
Mediaworks (UK) Ltd Yes
Medical Audits Limited Yes
Medical Banks Limited Yes
Medley Business Solutions Ltd Yes
Medopad Yes
Medxnote Yes Yes
MeetingSphere Limited Yes
MeetingZone Ltd Yes
MegaNexus Ltd Yes
Mekon Ltd Yes Yes
Melissa Data Ltd Yes
Memset Ltd Yes
Mendix Technology Limited Yes Yes
Mercato Solutions Yes
Mercator IT Solutions Yes
Meridian IT Yes Yes
Meritec Limited Yes Yes
Merlin Guides Yes
Messly Yes
Meta Cannect Yes
MetaCompliance Ltd Yes
Metadata Consulting Ltd Yes
Metataxis Yes
Meteomatics Yes
Method4 Limited Yes Yes Yes
Methods Advisory Ltd Yes Yes
Methods Analytics Ltd Yes Yes
Metis Consultants Ltd Yes
MFG Managed Encryption Yes
Mi Concepts Limited Yes
Micad Systems (UK) Ltd. Yes
Microcosm Yes
Microland Ltd Yes
Microports.Net t/as Folding Space Yes
Microserve Yes
Microsoft Yes Yes
Microsoft Limited Yes
Microtech Group Limited Yes
MidlandHR Yes
MidVision Yes
Miggle Ltd Yes Yes
Migration Solutions Holdings Ltd Yes
MilkandJam Media Yes
Millstream Associates Limited Yes
MIME Consulting Yes
Mindful Contract Solutions Limited Yes
Minoxsys Healthcare Yes
Minttulip Limited Yes Yes
Misco UK Ltd Yes Yes
miso Yes
MissingX UK Limited Yes
Mitie Security Limited Yes
Mitingu Ltd Yes
MJog Limited Yes
Mobiess Ltd Yes
Mobile and Cloud Services – City Fintech Yes Yes
Mobile Edge UK Yes Yes Yes
Mobilise Cloud Services Ltd Yes
Mobisoft Corporation Ltd. Yes
MobiTech I.T. Yes
Modality Systems Ltd Yes Yes
Modern Democracy Yes Yes
Modern Mindset Limited Yes
Modern Systems Yes
MOHC Ltd (t/a Bluerock) Yes
Mohon.Net Ltd Yes
Momentum Partners Yes
Monarch Recruitment Ltd Yes
Monax Yes
MongoDB Limited Yes Yes
Monsenso ApS Yes
Monster Worldwide Ltd Yes
Monterosa Yes
Montvieux Yes Yes
Mood International Software Limited Yes Yes
Moonlighting Limited Yes
Moorhouse Consulting Ltd Yes
Moortec Solutions Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Moriyama Yes
Morningstar UK Limited Yes
Mosaic Island Yes
MOSAIC your business processes Yes
Mosaique Limited Yes Yes
Mott MacDonald Limited Yes Yes
Mozaic-Services Limited Yes
MSI Group Ltd Yes
MSoft eSolutions Yes
Mthree Cyber Consulting Limited Yes
MTI Technology Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Mulberry Public Sector Services Ltd Yes
MuleSoft Inc. Yes
Mustard IT Limited Yes
MusterPoint Solutions Ltd Yes
Mvine Limited Yes Yes
MWR InfoSecurity Yes
My Care Bank Yes
my mhealth Yes
My1Login Ltd. Yes
MyBench Ltd Yes
MyCRM Limited Yes Yes
Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company Yes Yes
MyDirectives Yes
MyKnowledgeMap Yes
Myles Roberts Yes
MyLife Digital Limited Yes
myProteus Yes
Myriad Consulting Yes
mySociety Yes
MySupportBroker Yes
Nameless Media Group Ltd Yes Yes
Namos Solutions Ltd Yes Yes Yes
NanoIT Solutions Ltd Yes
Naomi Clews Consultancy Ltd Yes
Naqoda Yes
NashTech Yes
Nasim Consulting Limited Yes
Nautilus Consulting Limited Yes Yes
Nautoguide Ltd Yes
NaviSite Europe Ltd Yes
NCC Services Limited. Trading as NCC Group. Yes Yes
nCrypted Cloud Yes
NDP Studio Yes
NEC (UK) Ltd. Yes Yes
Neil Stevens Consulting Ltd Yes
Neocol Yes
Net Consulting Yes
Net Service Information Technology Ltd. Yes Yes
NETbuilder Ltd Yes
Netcall Telecom Limited Yes
Netcel Yes Yes Yes
Netcetera Yes
Netleadz Yes
Netmaster Solutions Ltd Yes Yes
Netpremacy Limited Yes Yes Yes
Netscan Limited Yes Yes
Netsparker Ltd Yes
Netsweeper Inc. Yes Yes Yes
Nettitude Limited Yes Yes
NetWatch Global Yes
Network 2 Supplies Ltd Yes Yes
Network Futures Ltd Yes
Network Locum Yes
Network Utilities (Systems) Ltd Yes
Networx Yes
Neuven Solutions Limited Yes
New Company Services Ltd Yes Yes
New Era Education Ltd Yes
New Media Warehouse Ltd T/A Synergy Learning Yes
New Signature UK Limited Yes Yes Yes
New State Corporation Yes
New Verve Consulting Yes Yes
Nexmo Inc. Yes
Nexor Limited Yes
Nextenders (UK) Ltd Yes
Nexus Open Systems Ltd Yes Yes Yes
nFocus Ltd Yes
NFS Hospitality UK Limited Yes
NG Bailey IT Services Yes
NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit (Hosted by NHS England) Yes
NHS Professionals Yes
Nigel Frank International Ltd (UK) Yes
Nimbox Ltd. Yes
Nimbus 365 Yes
Nimbus Journey Information Ltd Yes
Nine23Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Ninth Wave Ltd. Yes
NJW Limited Yes
Node4 Yes Yes
Noggin IT Yes Yes
Nomensa Ltd Yes Yes
Nominet UK Yes Yes
Nonlinear Creations UK Ltd Yes
North Highland (formerly Qedis Consulting Ltd) Yes
North West Consulting Limited Yes
Northdoor plc Yes
Northgate Public Services UK Limited Yes
Northtek Commerce Ltd. Yes
Not Binary Limited Yes Yes
Novabase Yes Yes
Novate Staffing Limited Yes Yes
Novatia plc Yes
Novel Design Yes
Novo Systems Ltd Yes
Novosco Ltd Yes Yes
NowWeComply Limited Yes
NP Group Yes
NQC Ltd Yes Yes
NquiringMinds Ltd Yes
NSC LegacyData Solutions Ltd Yes
NSL Services Ltd Yes Yes
NTA Monitor Ltd. Yes
Nth Dimension Limited Yes
NTT DATA UK Limited Yes Yes Yes
NTT Europe Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Nudge Digital Ltd Yes
Numbergroup Network Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Numial Yes
Numiko Ltd Yes
NURO secure messaging Yes
Nurved Consulting Ltd Yes
Obillex Yes
Objective Corporation Limited Yes Yes
Objectivity Ltd Yes
OCB Media Yes
Occam Systems Ltd Yes
Oceans HQ Yes
Ocelot Uproar Ltd Yes Yes
OCF IT Security Ltd Yes
OCF plc Yes
OCLC (UK) Ltd Yes
OD Consultancy Ltd Yes
OfficeLabs Ltd Yes Yes
OLM Systems Yes Yes
On Direct Business Services Limited Yes Yes Yes
Onebyte IT Yes
Onefile Ltd Yes
OneLogin, Inc. Yes
Oneserve Ltd Yes
onezeero. Yes
OnGen Ltd Yes
ONI plc Yes Yes
Open Answers Limited Yes Yes
Open Credo Limited Yes
Open Health Care UK Ltd Yes
Open Sky Data Systems Yes
Opencast Software Europe Ltd Yes
OpenCell Limited Yes
OpenDataSoft Yes
Openera Systems Ltd Yes
OpenGov Yes Yes
OpenPlay Yes
OpenText Corporation Yes Yes
Optimum Contact Ltd Yes
Optumis Limited Yes
Oracle Corporation UK Limited Yes Yes Yes
Orbis Protect Ltd Yes
Orchard Applications Yes
Orchid Software Yes
Orcuma Ltd Yes
Ordnance Survey Yes
Orion and Associates Yes Yes
Oritor Services Yes
Ortivus UK Ltd Yes
OryxAlign Yes Yes Yes
Otagem Consulting Limited Yes
Our Mobile Health Yes
Outcomes Based Healthcare Yes Yes
Outsource UK Ltd Yes
OutSystems Ltd Yes
OverStory Ltd Yes
Oxford Computer Consultants Yes Yes
Oxford Computer Group Limited Yes
Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion Yes
oXya UK Yes Yes
Oyster Information Management Solutions Limited Yes
P2V Systems Yes Yes Yes
p3m global Yes Yes
PA Consulting Services Limited (UK) Yes
PageOne Communications Yes
Palantir Technologies UK, Ltd. Yes
pam Yes
Panacea Applications Limited Yes
Pandle – Cloud Accounting Software Yes
Panlogic Limited – Digital Engineering Yes
Paradise Computing Ltd Yes
Parallel Interactive Media Yes
Parallel IT Yes
Parilitas Ltd Yes
Parity Consultancy Services Ltd Yes
Parity Professionals Ltd Yes
Parry Security Yes
Passageways Yes
Patients Know Best Yes
Patron Hallow Limited Yes
Patterson Consulting Ltd. Yes
PayPal Yes
PCCW Global Yes
PDG Consulting Yes Yes
PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited) Yes Yes
Peak Consultancy Ltd Yes
Peakon Yes
PeaSoup Hosting Yes
Pebble Learning Limited Yes
Peer 1 (UK) Limited Yes
Pegasystems Limited Yes Yes
Pen Test Partners LLP Yes
Pengower Limited Yes
Penta Technology Yes Yes
People 2 Procure Limited Yes
People Alchemy Ltd Yes Yes
People Source Consulting Ltd Yes
Perago-Wales Yes
Percipience Analytics Limited Yes
Perfect Image Yes Yes
Perform Green Ltd Yes
Periscopix Yes
Perryworld Research Cloud Yes Yes
Perspective Risk Ltd Yes
Pertemps Medical Yes Yes
Pertemps Recruitment Partnership limited Yes
Peto Ltd Yes
PFI Knowledge Solutions Yes Yes Yes
Phoenix Software Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Phonehub IO Ltd Yes
Physical Tracking Systems Ltd Yes
Pi Ltd Yes
PickEvent Yes
Pinetree Technical Services Ltd Yes
Pinipa Ltd Yes
Pinro Technologies Ltd Yes
Pirean Yes Yes
Pitney Bowes Software Ltd. Yes
Plan Alpha Systems Limited Yes
Plan B Disaster Recovery Ltd Yes
Plan b Professional Services Yes
Planday Limited – Online and Mobile Workforce Management (Inc. Shift/Rota/Schedule Planning) Yes
Planit Software Testing Limited Yes
Planixs GRP Limited Yes Yes
Planon Ltd Yes
Plat4mation Yes
Platform.sh Limited Yes
Plessey Yes
PlotBox (GSS (NI) Limited) Yes
Pluralsight Yes
PODFather Ltd Yes
PointSolutions Yes
Polar Moment Ltd Yes Yes
Polarisoft Limited Yes Yes
Polarpoint Yes
Polecat – risk intelligence Yes
Policy in Practice Yes
Pondergrove Ltd Yes
Pontus Vision Yes Yes
Populo Consulting Ltd Yes
Populus Management Limited Yes
Porge Research Yes
Porism Limited Yes Yes Yes
Portal Yes Yes
PORTALS UK – Sangix Appointments Yes
PortSys UK Limited Yes
Positive Purchasing Ltd Yes Yes
Posterity~Milestone Yes
Power Communicating Ltd Yes
PowerON Platforms Yes
PPM Cloud Consultants Yes
Practicus Limited Yes
Pradeo Security Systems Yes
PRC Global Yes
Prederi Limited Yes
PreMedicus LLC Yes
Premier Choice Telecom Ltd Yes
Premier IT Group Ltd Yes
Premiere Conferencing (Ireland) Ltd Yes
Preservica Ltd. Yes
PressArea Yes
PretaGov Limited Yes Yes
Preventx Limited Yes
PRgloo Yes
PricewaterhouseCoopers (LLP) PwC Yes Yes
Prime Data Ltd Yes Yes
Prime Document Ltd Yes Yes
Primo Cloud Contact Centre Yes
Primo Milestone Yes Yes
Prince Marine Ltd Yes
Priocept Yes Yes
Privitar Yes Yes
Pro DBA Ltd Yes
Proact IT UK Limited Yes Yes Yes
PROACTIS Group Ltd Yes
Probrand Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Proceed Data Migration Solutions (Data Lock) Yes
ProcessFlows (UK) Limited Yes
ProCheckUp Limited Yes
Professional Programme Management Limited Yes
Program Framework Yes Yes
Program Planning Professionals Ltd (t/a Pcubed) Yes Yes
ProGravitas Yes
Projecting People Yes
Prolifics Inc Yes
Prolinx Ltd Yes Yes Yes
ProofID Ltd Yes Yes
Propagator Ltd Yes
Property Tectonics Limited Yes
Prosis Solutions Ltd Yes
Prosyn Yes
ProTech Computer Systems Ltd Yes
Protegrity USA, Inc. Yes
Protocol Policy Systems Ltd. Yes Yes
Protos Networks Limited Yes
Proventeq Limited Yes
Provident CRM Yes
psHEALTH Yes Yes
PSTG Limited Yes
PTS Consulting Partners LLP Yes
Public Consulting Group Yes Yes
Public Service Request Ltd Yes
Public-i Yes
Public.Class Limited Yes
Pugh Computers Ltd Yes Yes
Pulsant Ltd Yes Yes
Pulsion Technology Limited Yes Yes
PupilAsset LTD Yes
Pure IP Yes
Pure Systems Ltd. Yes
Purely Digital Services Yes
Purple Business and Technology Consultancy Yes
Pygmalion Solutions Ltd Yes Yes
PYRcorp Limited Yes
Pythagoras Communications Ltd Yes Yes
Q Associates Limited Yes Yes
Q-Solution Ltd Yes Yes Yes
QA Consulting Services Limited Yes
QA Ltd Yes
QBit Kloud Limited Yes Yes Yes
QinetiQ Limited Yes
Qintil Learning & Compliance Yes
Qmatic (United Kingdom) Limited Yes
Qpercom Ltd Yes
QRoutes Yes
QTM Global Services Limited Yes
Quadnet Yes
Qualtrics LLC Yes
Quanta Training Yes
Quantexa Ltd Yes
Quantum of Value Ltd. Yes
Quantum1 Consulting Ltd Yes
Qube Global Software Limited Yes
Qubic Group plc Yes Yes
Qudini Limited Yes
Quest Computing Ltd. Yes
QuestBack Yes
Questionmark Computing Ltd Yes
Questmark Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Quicksilva Limited Yes Yes
QuickThink Cloud Limited Yes Yes
Quiits Consulting Ltd Yes
Quiss Technology PLC Yes
Qum Technologies Limited Yes
Qumu UK LTD Yes
Quo Imus Limited (trading as Qi Consulting) Yes
QuoVadis Online Security Limited Yes
Quru Limited Yes
QX Limited Yes
QxMD Yes
r4apps UK Ltd Yes
Rackspace Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Radicalogic Technologies Inc (DBA RL Solutions) Yes
RADTAC Limited Yes
Rainmaker Solutions Yes Yes
RainyDay Projects Ltd Yes
Random Analysis Limited Yes
Ranger4 Ltd Yes
Rapid Information Systems Ltd. Yes
Rapid7 Yes
Raptor Consultancy Services Limited Yes
RAVN Systems Yes Yes
Razorblue Group Ltd Yes Yes
Reach-Data Ltd Yes
ReACT ASB Case Management (EBS Ltd) Yes
React Technologies Ltd Yes
Realitech Limited Yes Yes Yes
Realm IT Partners Ltd Yes
Rebecca Industries Limited Yes
Recipero Ltd Yes
Recite me Ltd Yes
RecordPoint Software EMEA Ltd Yes
RecordSure Yes
Recruitive Technology Yes
Red Ant Digital Yes
Red Fox Consulting Limited Yes
Red Hat Ltd Yes
Red Mountain IT Ltd Yes
Red Ninja Yes
Red Review Ltd Yes
Red Sift Ltd Yes
Red Stack Tech Ltd Yes
Redcentric Solutions Limited Yes Yes Yes
Redcortex Ltd Yes Yes
Redesmere Limited Yes
Redfern Travel Yes
Redinet Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Redis Labs Yes
RedOpal Yes
Redpalm Technology Services Yes Yes
RedQuadrant Ltd Yes
Redrock Consulting Ltd Yes
Redscan Cyber Security Limited Yes Yes
Redshank IT Services Limited Yes Yes
Redstor Ltd Yes
Redweb Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Redwing Business Intelligence Ltd Yes
Redwood Technologies Ltd Yes
Refractiv Limited Yes
Regify Yes
Reincubate Ltd Yes
Reliance acsn Yes
Reliance UK Professional Services Yes
Reliason Solutions Limited Yes
Remit Consulting Yes
REPL Group Worldwide Ltd Yes
Replify Ltd Yes
Repstor Limited Yes Yes
Required Experience Ltd Yes
Research Series Limited Yes
Researchfish Ltd Yes
Resilience Planning Solutions Limited Yes
Resilient Yes
Resolving Limited Yes
Resource Guru Yes
Responsiv Solutions Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Restore Scan Limited Yes
Resulting Ltd Yes
Retinue Solutions Yes
Revel Innovation Yes
Revive Management Yes
RH Environmental Limited Yes
RHM Telecommunications Ltd Yes
Rhubarb Business Services Limited Yes
Ribose Limited Yes
Rimini Street Limited Yes
RingCentral Yes
RioMed Ltd Yes
Ripple Rock Ltd. Yes
Risk Reasoning Limited Yes
Riskex Ltd Yes
riskHive Software Solutions Ltd Yes
risual Ltd Yes
Rivington Information Security Yes
Rivo Software Limited Yes Yes
RJ Technology Ltd Yes
RJD Technology Ltd Yes Yes
RM Education Ltd Yes
RMS Services Limited Yes
Robertson Bell Yes
ROC Systems Consulting Limited Yes Yes
Roc Technologies Limited Yes Yes Yes
ROCC Yes Yes
Rock Kitchen Harris Ltd Yes
Rocktime Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Roke Manor Research Yes Yes
ROL Solutions Ltd Yes
RollPay Yes
ROQ IT Ltd. Yes
Rosco CS Ltd Yes
Rosslyn Analytics Yes
Rostrvm Solutions Yes
RotaGeek Limited Yes
Rotamap Ltd Yes
RouteShoot Ltd Yes
Rowe IT Limited Yes
RPCuk Limited Yes Yes
RSI Content Solutions Yes
RSL Project Solutions Ltd Yes
RSM Yes Yes
RT Consulting Yes
RTG Commercial Services Ltd Yes
RTR Ltd Yes
Rudd and Company Limited Yes
Russam GMS Limited Yes
RYV Ltd. Yes
S3 Ltd Yes
S8080 Limited Yes Yes
SA Group Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Saadian Technologies UK Limited Yes Yes
Saberr Yes
Safe Patient Systems Ltd Yes
SafeHack UK Ltd Yes
Safenames Ltd Yes
Sage (UK) Ltd Yes
Sage Pay Europe Limited Yes
SAGlobal (Europe) Ltd Yes
Sailpoint Yes
Saitek UK Limited Yes
Salesforce.com Yes Yes Yes
Salesforce.org EMEA Limited Yes Yes
Salpo Technologies Limited Yes
Sanderson Government & Defence Limited Yes
Sandhata Technologies Limited Yes
Sandyx Yes Yes
Sanstor Data Systems Limited Yes
Santriya Technologies Yes Yes
SAP UK Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Sapient Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Sapphire Yes Yes
Sarax Limited Yes
Sarcen Consulting Limited Yes
Satellite Applications Catapult Limited Yes
Savant Limited Yes
Savanti Consulting Yes
Save9 Yes
SBL Group Ltd Yes Yes
SC Skills Limited Yes
Scan Optics Ltd Yes
Scanimal Trackers Ltd Yes
Scannell Solutions Ltd. Yes
Scapa Technologies Yes
School Business Services Yes
Science Warehouse Limited Yes
Sciforma Yes Yes
SCISYS UK Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Scott Logic Limited Yes
ScraperWiki Yes Yes
ScreenCloud Yes
Scroll LLP Yes
Scrumconnect Yes
Search Technologies Yes
SeatAdvisor Europe Yes
SEAtS Software Yes
Secret Source Yes Yes
Secura Hosting Ltd Yes
Secure Cloudlink Yes
Secure Information Assurance Ltd Yes Yes
Secure Matters Ltd Yes
SecureCloud+ Limited Yes Yes Yes
Securestorm Yes Yes Yes
Security Risk Management Limited Yes
SeeLogic Ltd Yes
Sefas Innovation Ltd Yes
Selcom Yes
Selected Interventions Ltd Yes
Selesta LTD Yes
Selima Yes
Semestry Ltd Yes
Sempre Analytics Yes Yes
SenServe Limited Yes
Sentinel IT LLP Yes
Sequence Limited Yes
Serbus Limited Yes
Seric Systems Ltd Yes
Servelec Healthcare Limited Yes
Servelec HSC Yes
ServerChoice Yes
Service Integrators Yes
Service Transformation Experts Yes
Seymour John Limited Yes
Shapecast Ltd Yes
Shaping Cloud Yes Yes
Shared Globe Limited Yes
Sharp Business Systems UK PLC Yes Yes
Sharpe Pritchard Strategy Limited Yes
Shaw Consulting Ltd Yes
SHE Software Yes
Shield Safety Group Yes
ShoNet Yes
Shoothill Limited Yes
Shore Tech Systems Yes
Shout Digital Yes
SIAM-IT Solutions Ltd Yes Yes
Silcox Information Security Limited Yes
Silex Resources Yes
Silobreaker Ltd Yes
Silver Lining Convergence Limited Yes
Silverbear Yes
Silverlink Software Limited Yes
Silversands Limited Yes
Silvertouch Technology Ltd Yes
Simitive Ltd Yes
Simple Innovation Associates Yes Yes
Simplecall Business Ltd Yes
SimpleUsability Yes
Simply Do Ideas Yes
Simpson Associates Information Services Limited Yes
Simudyne Yes
Singhpora Consulting Yes Yes
Sirenum Ltd Yes
SirionLabs Pte. Ltd. Yes
Sirius Yes
Sirsi Ltd (trading as SirsiDynix) Yes
Sirv Yes
SITA Advanced Travel Solutions Ltd Yes
Sitedesk Limited Yes
Siteimprove Yes
Sitekit Yes Yes
SixSq Yes
Skein Yes
Skills for Health Yes
SkillSet Limited Yes
Skillstream Yes
Skore Labs Limited Yes Yes
Slalom Consulting Yes
Smartgate Solutions Limited Yes
Smartmatic Yes
SmartSimple Software Yes Yes
SmartSurvey Limited Yes
SmartTask Yes
Smith Software Ltd / Logit.io Yes
SN Developer Yes
Snap Surveys Ltd Yes
SnapLogic UK Limited Yes
Snoopwall, Inc. Yes
Snowdrop Solutions Ltd Yes
Snyk Yes
SocialOptic Ltd Yes
SocialSignIn Yes
Socitm Yes
Softcat Limited Yes Yes Yes
Softools Ltd Yes
Software AG (UK) Limited Yes Yes Yes
Software Box Limited (SBL) Yes Yes Yes
Software Cloud Limited Yes Yes Yes
Software Europe Yes
Software for Data Analysis Limited (SDA) Yes Yes
SoftwareONE Yes Yes Yes
Softwire Technology Limited Yes
Softworks Computing (UK) Ltd Yes
Sogeti UK Limited Yes Yes
Sol-Tec Limited Yes
SOLA Technology Yes
Solarvista Software Limited Yes
Solidsoft Reply Ltd Yes Yes
Solirius Consulting Yes
SOLSUS Ltd Yes Yes
Solutions Developed Ltd Yes
Somerford Associates Limited Yes
Sopra Steria Ltd Yes Yes Yes
SORCE Limited Yes
Source Group Yes
Sourcecode UK Ltd trading as K2 Yes Yes Yes
SourceDogg UK Ltd Yes
Southbank IT Solutions Ltd Yes
Southern Communications Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Soutron Limited Yes
SP IT Services Limited Yes Yes Yes
Space Data Centres Yes Yes
Spacecraft Digital Yes Yes Yes
Spark EV Technology Ltd Yes
Speakserve Limited Yes
Specialist Computer Centres plc Yes Yes Yes
Spectrum Telecoms Ltd Yes
Spektrix Limited Yes
Spend Network Yes
SPICA Technologies Ltd Yes
Spike95 Limited Yes
Spikes Cavell Analytic Ltd Yes
Spinflight Yes
Spirit Public Sector Ltd Yes
Spirit UK Yes
Splash Business Intelligence Yes
SpliceCom Ltd Yes
Splunk Inc. Yes
Spotless Interactive Limited Yes
SpringTide Procurement Limited Yes
Spurtle Connect Limited Yes
Sputnik Digital Yes Yes
SQA Consulting Limited Yes
SQR Systems Yes
SQS Group Limited Yes Yes
SquadInTouch Ltd Yes
Square Systems Limited Yes
Squirrel Financial Wellbeing Yes
Squiz UK Ltd Yes Yes
SRCL Limited Yes
SSentif Intelligence Yes
SSG Advisory Ltd Yes
Staatus Yes
StableLogic Yes
Stage Two Yes
Stalis Ltd Yes Yes
Starcom Technologies Yes
StarTraq Limited Yes
State of Flux Limited Yes
StatMap Ltd Yes
StatusToday Yes
STCS Limited Yes
Step5 Resourcing Ltd Yes
Stephen Foot & Partners Yes
Stephen Matthews & Associates Limited Yes
Stickyworld Ltd Yes
Stiona Software Ltd. Yes Yes
Stone Computers Limited Yes Yes
Stonegate IT Limited – Ashford, Kent Yes
Stoneseed Limited Yes
Stopford Information Systems Yes
Storage Made Easy Yes
Storii Yes
Storm ID Yes Yes Yes
Stott and May Yes
Strata Health LTD Yes
Strategic Blue Yes
Stratia Consulting Ltd Yes
Stream Networks Ltd Yes Yes
Stream Recruitment Limited Yes
Stream UK Yes
Stredia Yes
StreetPin Yes
Stroma Certification Ltd Yes
Structured Software Systems Ltd Yes Yes
Styles & Wood Limited Yes
Sumerian Europe Ltd Yes
Sundown Solutions Ltd Yes Yes
SunGard Availability Services (UK) Ltd Yes Yes
Sunspeed Yes
SureCloud Limited Yes Yes
Surevine Yes Yes
Surf Telecoms Ltd Yes
Surveyapp Yes
Sustainable Direction Ltd. Yes
SVGC Limited Yes Yes Yes
Swirrl IT Limited Yes Yes
Swiss Post Solutions Yes
Sword Active Risk Yes
Sword Charteris Yes
Symantec (UK) Ltd Yes
Symfonic Limited Yes
Symity Ltd Yes
Symology Ltd Yes
SynApps Solutions Limited Yes Yes
Synergize Consulting Yes
Syniad IT Yes
Synoptic Technologies Yes
Syntax Integration Limited Yes
Syntel Europe Ltd. Yes
Synthesio Yes
SyntheSys Yes Yes Yes
Synyega Yes
Syrenis Ltd Yes
Syrosand Consulting Yes
Syscon Justice Systems Canada Ltd. Yes Yes
Sysdoc Ltd Yes Yes
System bookings limited Yes
SystemC Healthcare Limited Yes
Systems Risk Services Limited Yes
SystemsUp Ltd Yes Yes
T-Impact Limited Yes Yes
T-Systems Limited Yes Yes
Tactiv Pty Ltd Yes
Tactuum Yes
Talent international UK Limited Yes
TalenTeam Limited Yes Yes
Tangent International Limited Yes
Target Group Yes
Target Information Systems Limited Yes
Tascomi Ltd Yes
TC-IT Yes Yes
TCC Ltd. Yes
TCM Solutions Yes
TCS Yes Yes Yes
TDM Open Source Software Services Yes Yes
TDS ( Time Data Security ) Yes
Teacherise Ltd Yes
TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd) Yes
Team Solutionz Yes
TeamLogic Systems Ltd Yes
TeamUltra Limited Yes Yes
Teavaro Limited Yes
Techia Yes
Techmodal Yes Yes
Technimove Yes
Technology Associates Limited Yes
Technology Delivered Yes
Technology One UK Ltd Yes
TechSource Yes Yes Yes
Tectrade Yes
TEK Express Ltd Yes
Telappliant Yes
Telecoms Cloud Limited Yes
Telefonica UK Limited Yes Yes Yes
TeleMessage Yes
telent Technology Services Ltd Yes Yes
Ten10 Solutions Limited Yes
Tenacious Fox Ltd Yes
Tendyn Yes
TENIAN Limited Yes Yes
Tenshi Yes Yes
Terowie Projects Yes
TerraQuest Yes Yes
TESM Yes Yes
Test and Verification Solutions Yes
Test Partners Ltd Yes
Test-Direct Limited Yes
Testhouse Ltd Yes
Testing Circle Limited Yes
Testing Performance Ltd Yes Yes
TestPlant Ltd Yes
Textlocal Yes
Textplode Limited Yes
Texuna Yes Yes Yes
Thales UK Ltd Yes Yes
The Access Group Yes Yes Yes
The Accessible Digital Documents Company Ltd Yes
The AntiSocial Engineer Limited Yes
The Bristol Network Yes Yes
The Bunker Secure Hosting Limited Yes
The Business Software Centre Ltd Yes Yes
The Data Place Limited Yes Yes
The Digital Recruitment Company Yes
The Domain Name – SEO Solution and Backlink Provider with Domain Name Data Yes
The G2G3 Group Yes Yes
The Inform Team Yes
The IT Health IT Partnership Yes
The Lava Group (NI) Limited Yes
The Open Data Institute Yes
The Other Media Limited Yes Yes
The Resourcing Hub Yes
The Scale Factory Yes
The SEO Works Yes Yes
The Server Labs Ltd. Yes Yes Yes
The Sollis Partnership Yes
The Strategy and Architecture Group Limited Yes
The Supply Register Limited Yes
The Technology Forge Yes
The University of Nottingham – PRIMIS Yes Yes
The Very Good Email Company Yes
The WorkCast Corporation Yes
TheAppBuilder Ltd Yes
thetenderspace.com Yes
Think Above Cloud Ltd Yes
Think Associates Yes Yes
Think S3 (S3 Consulting Ltd) Yes Yes Yes
ThinkingSafe Yes Yes
thinkWhere Limited Yes Yes Yes
Thintech Yes Yes
Thirsty Horses Solutions Ltd Yes
This Here Yes
This is Focus Ltd Yes
Thomson Reuters Yes Yes
thoughtonomy ltd Yes Yes Yes
ThoughtWorks Limited Yes Yes
Thrive Therapeutic Software Ltd Yes
Through Technology Limited Yes
Thunderhead Yes
Thyngs Ltd Yes Yes
Tibco Software Ltd Yes
Ticketsolve Yes
Tier 2 Consulting Ltd Yes
TierOne Technologies Inc. Yes
TIG Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Tiger Computing Ltd Yes
Tigerspike Yes
tillr Yes Yes
Tim Rivett Consulting Yes
Tisski Limited Yes Yes Yes
TitanHQ Yes
Titania Yes
TKP Consulting Services Ltd Yes
TMI Systems Yes
tmwk Limited Yes
tolomy ltd Yes Yes
Tonnik Consulting Yes
Tootech Yes
Toplevel Yes Yes
Topsec Cloud Solutions Yes
TORI Global Yes
Total Enterprise Solutions Yes
TotalMobile Yes
Touchstone CRM Yes
TP Group plc Yes
Trac Systems Ltd Yes
Trace Solutions Limited Yes
Tradax Group Ltd Yes
Tradeshift Yes Yes
Traineasy.com Limited Yes
Training Synergy Yes
transcend360 Ltd Yes
Transforming Systems Limited Yes
Transparity Solutions Limited Yes Yes Yes
Transputec Limited Yes
Tresorit UK Yes
Triad Consulting & Solutions Yes
Tribal Education Limited Yes
TribePad Yes Yes
Tricerion Ltd Yes
Tricostar Software Ltd Yes
Trimble UK Ltd Yes
Tristar Systems Ltd – Provision of Oracle Cloud ERP Consultancy & Design Yes
Tru-Digital Group Yes Yes
Truepenny People UK Ltd Yes
TrustedIA Ltd. Yes
Trustis Yes Yes
Trustmarque Solutions Limited Yes Yes Yes
Truststream Security Solutions Yes Yes
TSO – The Stationery Office Yes Yes Yes
Tungsten Network Limited Yes
Turn-Key Consultants Ltd Yes
Turnkey Computer Technology Ltd Yes Yes
Turnkey Consulting (UK) Limited Yes
Turnstone Services Limited Yes Yes
Tute Education Limited Yes
twentysix Limited Yes Yes Yes
Twilio Yes
Twin Technology Yes Yes Yes
TWME8 Limited Yes
UBDS IT Consulting Ltd Yes
Ubertas Consulting Limited Yes Yes
UCNS Managed IT Yes
uComply Limited Yes
UiPath Yes
UK Backup Limited Yes
UKCloud Ltd Yes Yes
UKFast Yes Yes Yes
UKN Group Limited Yes
Ultima Business Solutions Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Ultimedia Yes Yes Yes
Ultra Electronics (CORVID PayGate & SSS) Yes
UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions Ltd Yes
Ultramed Ltd Yes
Ultranyx Yes Yes
uMotif Limited Yes
Unboxed Consulting Ltd Yes
Under Our Umbrella Yes
Unify Yes Yes
Unify Business Solutions Limited Yes
Unilink Software Ltd Yes Yes
Unipart Cyber Security Yes
Unisys Limited Yes Yes Yes
UNIT4 Business Software Limited Yes
United Security Providers UK Ltd Yes
Unius Learning Yes
University of London Yes Yes Yes
UNIwise Yes
Unusual Systems Yes
Upland Software Yes
User Centric Yes
User Vision Yes
UserZoom Yes
UTE Ltd Yes
V4 Services Yes
Vacancy Filler Ltd Yes
Valiantys Ltd Yes Yes
Valtech Ltd. Yes
Valto Yes Yes
Valueworks Limited Yes
vCentrix Ltd Yes
Veber Yes
Velocity Technology Solutuions UK Ltd Yes Yes
Venn Group Yes
Ventiv Technology Yes
Veran Performance Yes
Verelogic Limited Yes
Verint Systems Inc. Yes
Verizon UK Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Verne Global Yes Yes
Veropath Yes
Version 1 Solutions Limited Yes Yes Yes
Via Resource Ltd Yes
Victoria Forms Yes
VideoCentric Ltd Yes Yes
Viderum Yes Yes Yes
Viewdeck Consulting Limited Yes Yes Yes
Vigence Yes Yes
Vigilant Applications Limited Yes
Virtrium Yes
Virtual College Ltd Yes
Virtual Viewing Ltd Yes
virtual vix Yes
Virtualstock Ltd Yes
Virtus Data Centres Yes
Vision ERP Limited Yes
Visionhall Information Systems Ltd Yes Yes
VisionWare Limited Yes
visualmetrics Yes
Vital Service Yes
Vivo Rewards Limited Yes
Vizolution Yes
VJAY BUSINESS SERVICES (Agile Transformation) Yes
VLDB Solutions Yes
VMware Yes Yes
Vocal Limited Yes
VocaLink Yes
Vocality Limited Yes
Vodafone Limited Yes Yes Yes
Vodanile Limited Yes
Vohkus Limited Yes Yes Yes
Voice 2 Voice Limited Yes
VoiceHost Telecommunications Yes
Voicenet Solutions Limited Yes
VoiceScript Technologies Ltd. Yes
Volume Global Limited Yes
Vorboss Limited Yes Yes
Vouchcom Limited Yes
VoxGen Yes
VRM Tech Yes
VRSM Ltd Yes
Vysiion Ltd Yes Yes Yes
W3Partnership Limited Yes Yes
Wallet.Services Yes
Waltec Solutions Ltd Yes Yes
WandelBox Limited Yes
Warn and Co Ltd Yes
Waterstons Limited Yes
Wave 9 Yes
Wavestone Advisors UK Limited Yes
Wax Digital Yes
Wazoku Limited Yes
WBRS Global Yes
we are experience Yes Yes
We are Lean and Agile Yes
Web Labs Ltd Yes
Webcredible Ltd. Yes
Webcurl Ltd Yes
Webexpenses Yes
Webformed Ltd Yes
webGP Yes
Weblife Yes
Website Development Limited Yes
Wellingtone PM Yes
Wem Technology Ltd Yes Yes Yes
West March Systems Ltd Yes
Westbrook International Yes
Westhill Commercial Limited Yes
WhatUsersDo Yes
Whitespace Work software Yes
Whitespider Yes
WhosOff Yes
Whythawk – the open data professionals Yes Yes
Wider Plan Ltd Yes
Wifi Spark Limited Yes
Wiggly-Amps Ltd Yes
Wild Rest Limited Yes
Wildfire Technology Ltd. Yes
Williams Woodward Limited Yes Yes
WINAIM Limited Yes Yes
Wipro Limited Yes Yes
Wirefast Ltd Yes
WM Promus Yes Yes
Woodward Associates Yes
WordWave International Ltd Yes
Workbooks Online Ltd Yes
Workday Yes Yes
Workflow Science Ltd Yes
Worksmart Technology Ltd Yes
Workwiz ltd Yes
World Careers Network Plc (WCN) Yes Yes
WorldReach Software Corporation Yes
Worth Internet Systems Yes
Wovex Yes Yes
WPC Software Ltd Yes
Wunder Ltd Yes Yes
Wurumal Limited Yes
X-Net II Limited Yes
X-on Yes
Xactium Yes
Xait AS Yes
Xanalys Ltd Yes
XCD HR Limited Yes
Xceed Consultancy Services Limited Yes
Xcordis Securus Ltd Yes
Xenario UK Limited Yes
Xenium Solutions Limited Yes
Xicon Limited Yes Yes Yes
Xledger UK Yes Yes
XMA Limited Yes Yes Yes
xMatters Yes
XML Solutions Ltd. Yes Yes
Xoomworks Ltd Yes
Xpertex Yes Yes
XRM Technologies Yes Yes
Xynomix Limited Yes Yes
Yaddle Ltd Yes
Yesplan Yes
Yotta Yes
You Say Tomato Yes
Your.MD Yes
Zaizi Limited Yes Yes Yes
Zeah LTD Yes
Zebra People Yes
Zeefix Consulting Limited Yes
Zendesk Inc Yes
Zengenti Limited Yes Yes Yes
Zenith Project Solutions LTD Yes
Zennor Consulting Yes
Zenoss UK Ltd Yes
Zenotech Ltd Yes
Zensend Yes
Zentel Computers Ltd Yes
Zesty Ltd Yes
ZetaSafe Ltd Yes
ZiMovi Yes Yes
Zinc Digital Business Solutions Ltd Yes
Zipporah Ltd Yes
ZipRecruiter Inc Yes
Zodiac Media Ltd Yes
Zone Ltd Yes Yes Yes
Zoocha Limited Yes Yes Yes
Zoonou Limited Yes
zsah Limited Yes Yes Yes
Zylpha Ltd Yes

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