GDS reveals draft legal documents for Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2

The second iteration of Digital Outcomes and Specialists will open for applications on 1 November, as the Government Digital Service publishes the draft legal documents for applications.

Legal documents revealed in draft – Photo credit: Fotolia

Digital Outcomes and Specialists – the procurement platform for digital services that has replaced the Digital Services Framework – will go live in February 2017.

The application window will be between 1 November and 6 December this year.

Although suppliers can’t apply yet, GDS has published the draft legal documents to help them decide whether the framework was the right place for them to sell their services.

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The draft documents published are the framework agreement, call-off contract, invitation to tender, supplier declaration, service-specific questiosn and suppliers guide. 

GDS said that the documents may change, and that the final documents would be published when the application process starts, as well as explaining any changes.

It stressed that suppliers should “disregard these draft documents” at that point.

Suppliers will apply to this iteration in the same way as they did for Digital Outcomes and Specialists.

The process involves them making a declaration, giving information about the services, asking questions through their Digital Marketplace account and then being able to se all suppliers’ questions as well as an answer from an expert in the relevant area.

However, GDS has said it would continue to iterate the buying journey for buyers and suppliers.

GDS has also published a timetable for the second iteration of the framework, which says that suppliers can ask questions between 1 and 22 November, and all questions will be answered by 5pm on 29 November.

The results of the applications will be announced on 16 January and the services will be available on Digital Outcomes and Services 2 in February 2017.



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