Renfrewshire Council appoints Agilisys to deliver resource planning system

Renfrewshire Council has appointed Agilisys to deliver a new resource planning system for the local authority that aims to remove duplication and streamline processes.

Renfrewshire Council chief executive Sandra Black and Agilisys director business development director Andrew Mindenhall – Image credit: Agilisys

The Unit4Enterprise Resource Planning system is a web-based platform that will provide a single route into information such as financial data and purchasing and personnel systems.

According to Agilisys, the system is designed to streamline the council’s business processes and remove duplication and paperwork.

It added that this would make better use of the council’s resources and provide council managers with up-to-date, real-time information to help them plan and manage services.

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Renfrewshire Council chief executive Sandra Black said: “This is an important part of our plans to continually review and improve the way we work and deliver efficient services for our residents, communities and businesses.

“The new system will make it simpler and quicker to get things done which will benefit our customers and ensure that we make best use of our budget to deliver frontline services.”

Andrew Mindenhall, co-founder and business development director at Agilisys, added: “We are delighted to be working with Renfrewshire council, as well as the growing number of other local authorities we are working with across Scotland, to help transform public services using our expertise in innovative technology and digital transformation.”

Agilisys was appointed last year to deliver services to Scottish Borders Council and City of Edinburgh Council as part of both councils’ ICT contract with CGI.


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