Scottish government announces innovation scheme winners

The Scottish government pilot scheme aiming to boost innovation in government has announced the winners of seven challenges aimed at finding digital solutions for public sector problems.

Winners for innovation pilot scheme have been announced – Photo credit: Flickr, Brad.K

The CivTech programme, which was launched earlier this year, offers developers and entrepreneurs the chance to compete in open challenges – rather than through closed tenders – with the aim being to bring in new companies and increase innovation.

The winners of six challenges, including work to promote innovation in healthcare data and flood forecasting, and two wildcard awards for cyber security have now been announced.

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The cyber security wildcard challenge, which was only launched at the end of August, has been won by two teams. The first, Wallet.Services, will look at how Blockchain can be used in open digital access, while Diddo – a partnership of security professionals – is looking at training and security policies for the cyber environment.

The other six challenges include an award for app development agency xDesign for technology to design smart roads monitoring systems and to software design company Rivertrack for a project to make flood information available to communities.

Meanwhile, National Services Scotland will work with data storage company Symphonic Software to health data sharing, and with Wallscope Limited to develop a library of information assets and datasets.

Work on promoting tourist destinations on the highland road the A9 through an app with stories and music will be led by Learn to Love Digital and work to look at open source software to monitor air quality in cities will be led by Node on the Edge.

The winners were selected from a pool of 80 applicants. The projects will now gain £15,000 and access to the CivTech accelerator CodeBase for three months of design and development, having had smaller funding for exploration already.


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