G-Cloud 7 supplier list revealed

The government has announced that 1,616 suppliers have been appointed to the G-Cloud 7 framework – read the full list here.

The seventh iteration of the framework – which forms part of the Digital Marketplace – was launched on Monday.

The number of suppliers is up 11.2% on the 1,453 suppliers appointed when the sixth iteration was launched in February.

Commenting on the process, Deborah Saunby, sales and marketing director at G-Cloud 7 supplier Software Europe, said: “The process for joining the G-Cloud framework has been simplified since our previous successful submission in 2011.

The online multiple choice questions made for a speedier completion, although there was still a couple of security questions that didn’t seem to fit with the type of service we were applying for and were too ‘black or white’.

“As a company with several cloud products, the new ability to copy products and services between sections also greatly aided in the overall submission process.”

G-Cloud 5 services expired on 22 November, and G-Cloud 6 is due to end at the beginning of February 2016.

However, the Crown Commercial Service said that it may be extended to ensure that G-Cloud 6 suppliers have time to apply for a place on the G-Cloud 8 framework.

Purchases in the local authority category of G-Cloud – including councils, housing associations and other local government bodies – totalled £1.90m in September, up from £1.75m in August.

G-Cloud 7 supplier list

Lot 1: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Lot 2: Platforms as a Service (PaaS)

Lot 3: Software as a Service (SaaS)

Lot 4: Specialist Cloud Services

Supplier Lot 1 Lot 2 Lot 3 Lot 4
100 Percent IT Ltd X      
1Tech Limited     X X
2 The Point Consulting Ltd.     X  
2020 Delivery Ltd       X
247 Time Limited     X  
2ndQuadrant Limited       X
2T Security Ltd       X
3 chillies limited   X    
360 Defence (UK) Limited       X
3GRC Ltd     X  
3M United Kingdom Plc     X  
3tc Software Limited     X  
4C Strategies Ltd       X
4D Data Centres Ltd X      
4OC Ltd       X
67 Bricks Ltd     X X
6point6 Limited       X
72Point       X
8over8 Ltd     X  
Abaco spa     X X
Abavus Ltd     X  
Abcenglish Ltd.     X  
Acante Solutions Limited     X  
Accelero Digital Solutions     X X
Accenture UK LTD X     X
Access Systems (UK) Ltd     X  
Access UK     X  
Accessplanit Limited     X  
Accumuli Security (an NCC Group Company)     X X
Acentria IT LTD X X X  
ACROSS Health Limited     X X
Actica Consulting Ltd.       X
Acuity Business Solutions Ltd       X
Acunetix Limited     X  
Adapt Services Limited X X   X
ADB (UK) Limited     X  
Adorsus Limited     X  
Advance Change Ltd     X  
Advanced 365 Limited   X   X
Advanced Business Software and Solutions Limited   X X X
Advantage IT Ltd       X
Advatek UK Ltd X     X
Advent IM Limited       X
AdviseInc Ltd     X  
Advocacy & Interaction Limited       X
Aerian       X
Aerious Limited     X  
Aetopia Ltd     X  
Affini Technology Limited       X
Affinitext (UK) Limited     X  
Affinity Works Limited     X X
After the Flood       X
Agile Byte Limited       X
Agile Collective Ltd       X
Agilisys Limited X   X X
Agilitas Consulting Services Ltd       X
AHE Partnership Limited       X
Aiiria Solutions Ltd   X   X
AIMES Grid Services X     X
Airbox Aerospace Limited     X  
Airbus Defence and Space Limited X   X X
Airhead Education     X  
AIT Partnership Group Ltd     X  
Ajar Tec Ltd     X  
Ajilon     X X
Akhter Computers PLC     X  
Alchemmy Consulting Limited       X
Alcove Limited     X  
Alertacall Ltd     X  
Alfresco Software Ltd.       X
Aligned Assets Limited     X  
All n One Ltd     X  
Allen Lane Limited       X
Alliantist Limited     X  
Allies Computing Ltd     X  
allpay Limited     X  
Allsop Consulting Ltd     X  
Alpine Resourcing Limited       X
Alscient Ltd     X X
Altirnao UK     X  
Altius Consulting Limited       X
Amaze       X
Amazon Web Services UK Limited       X
Amazon Web Services, Inc.       X
Amberlight Partners       X
Amethyst Risk Management Ltd       X
Amicus ITS       X
AmplifyIT Limited       X
Anaplan, Inc. A Delaware Corporation, 94107, USA     X  
Anari Ltd.     X  
Ancoris Limited       X
Annertech Ltd.   X   X
ANS Group PLC X   X X
ANSEC IA Limited       X
Answer Consulting Ltd.       X
Anthony James Consulting Ltd       X
Apigee Corporation     X  
Apira Ltd     X X
APM Group     X  
Apollo Medical Software Solutions Ltd.       X
Appitized Ltd     X  
Appnovation Technologies Ltd       X
Appsbroker Consulting Ltd   X X X
APPtechnology Limited       X
Apsiz Services Ltd     X  
apto solutions limited     X X
aq limited       X
Aqilla Limited     X  
Arbor Education Partners Limited     X  
Arcanum Information Security Ltd       X
Arcus Global Limited X X X X
ARES Software UK Ltd X      
Aridhia Informatics Ltd     X X
Arissian Ltd     X  
Aristi Limited       X
Arke Ltd       X
Armour Communitions Limited     X  
Arqiva Limited       X
Arrk Group Limited       X
Artifax Software Limited     X  
Arum Systems Ltd       X
Ascentor Ltd       X
Ascertia Ltd     X  
Ascom (UK) Ltd X     X
ASE Consulting Ltd       X
Ashton Court Group Limited       X
Asite   X    
Asprilla Limited     X  
Assistive Partner Limited     X  
Associated Networks (UK) Ltd. X X    
Assured Information Security Limited       X
Astun Technology Ltd     X X
Atamis Limited     X  
AtE Enterprises Limited       X
Atkins Limited     X X
Atlas Cloud Ltd     X X
Atos IT Services UK Limited X X X X
Attenda Ltd. X X   X
Attunity (UK) Limited       X
Audacia Consulting       X
Auriga Consulting limited       X
Aurionpro Solutions plc     X X
Aut O’Mattic Ltd       X
Automated Intelligence Limited     X X
Auxilion       X
Avasant Limited       X
Aveas Partners Limited       X
Avenir Business Solutions Ltd.   X X  
Avenoire Limited       X
AvePoint UK, Ltd.     X X
Awaken Learning Ltd.     X  
Axial Systems Limited   X    
Axios Systems PLC     X  
Axis12 Ltd X X   X
AxSys Technology Limited     X  
Azdio Limited   X   X
Azure Cloud Ltd       X
Azzurri Communications Limited       X
Babcock Information Analytics and Security Limited   X X X
Badenoch & Clark       X
BAE Systems (Operations) Limited       X
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Ltd     X X
BAE Systems Surface Ships Limited       X
Baker Tilly     X X
Bancstreet Capital Partners Ltd     X X
BancTec Limited       X
Banner       X
Baringa Partners LLP       X
Basemap Limited     X  
Basho Technologies Ltd       X
Basware Holdings Limited   X X X
BCI Limited       X
Be Informed BV     X  
Beach Baker Ltd       X
BearingPoint Limited     X  
Becrypt Ltd       X
Be-IT Resourcing       X
Belarc Inc     X  
Bentley Systems International Limited     X X
Best Practice Group plc       X
Beyond Systems Limited       X
BGO Software     X X
Big Data Partnership Limited       X
Big Sofa Ltd     X X
Bigstep Cloud Limited X      
Binary Vision       X
BiP Solutions Limited     X  
Bit Zesty Ltd     X X
BJSS Limited       X
Black Marble Limited     X X
Black Pepper Software Ltd       X
Black Spider Consulting Ltd       X
Blackburn IT Services Limited t/a BBITS     X  
Blispa Limited   X X X
Blu Age Software SAS   X   X
Blue Ball Solutions Limited     X  
Blue Chip Data Systems Ltd X      
Blue Fire Professional Services Ltd       X
Blue Frontier IT Ltd       X
Blue Sky Systems LTD   X    
BlueDice Ideas Limited       X
Bluefin Solutions Ltd       X
Bluehoop Digital Ltd     X  
Blueprint Web Technologies Limited       X
BlueSky SharePoint Consulting Ltd       X
BMC software distribution BV     X  
BMT Defence Services Ltd       X
Bob’s Business Limited       X
Boeing Defence UK Limited X X X X
Bolderwood Limited       X
Booking Live     X  
BookingBug Ltd     X  
Boomerang     X  
Border-Systems.com Limited   X X X
borwell Limited       X
Box UK Limited       X
Boxfusion Consulting Limited       X
Bramble Hub Limited X X X X
Bramble Knowledge Limited       X
Bramble People Limited       X
Brandworkz     X  
BravoSolution UK Limited     X X
Bridewell Consulting LLP     X X
Bridge 1 Solutions Ltd   X X  
Bright Future Software Ltd       X
Bright Sites Consulting X   X  
Bright Six Limited     X  
Brightbox Systems Ltd X      
Brightcloud Technologies Limited X X   X
BrightGen Limited       X
BrightLemon       X
BrightOffice Limited     X  
Brightred Resourcing Ltd       X
Brightwave Limited     X X
Brightwire Technology Services Limited     X  
British Telecommunications plc X   X X
Broadband Visual Communications Ltd     X  
Bromcom Computers Plc     X  
Brookson Healthcare Services LLP     X  
Brookson Limited     X  
Brother UK Ltd     X  
BT48       X
Buddi Ltd     X  
BugFinders Limited       X
Bunnyfoot Limited       X
Business and Decision LTD   X X X
Business Collaborator Limited     X  
Business Systems (UK) Limited   X X  
BusinessOptix Limited     X  
Butterfly Projects Ltd     X X
Buzz Intranet Ltd     X  
Buzzacott Computer Services Ltd     X  
BW Partners Limited       X
Bytemark Limited X      
Bytes Software Services Limited X   X  
C2B2 Consulting Limited       X
C3IA Solutions Ltd       X
CA Limited     X X
Cadence Partnership LLP       X
Caja Ltd       X
CalebAcuity Limited       X
Calibrand Limited     X X
Canon (UK) Limited     X X
Canonical Group Ltd       X
Capgemini UK plc. X X X X
Capita Business Services Limited X   X X
Capita Business Services Ltd X     X
Capital Bytes Ltd     X  
Capital Network Solutions Limited       X
Capito Limited X   X  
Capventis       X
Cara Digital LTD       X
Carbon60 Limited       X
CareerVision Ltd     X  
Caretower Ltd     X  
Carrenza Limited X X X  
Cartesian Limited       X
Cased Dimensions Ltd X X X X
CASM Ltd       X
Casmaco Ltd   X X X
Cassidian CyberSecurity Limited T/A Regency IT Consulting       X
CAST Software Ltd     X  
Catalyst IT Europe Limited     X X
Causeway Technologies Limited     X  
Caution Your Blast Ltd       X
cBrain A/S     X  
Celerity Limited X X X X
Centerprise International Limited     X X
Centrix Networking Ltd     X  
Certes Computing Limited       X
Certus Solutions Consulting Services Ltd       X
Cetus Solutions Ltd X      
CGI IT UK Limited X X X X
ChallengeCurve Ltd.       X
Change Management Partners Ltd     X X
ChangeDirector UK Ltd     X X
Channel 3 Consulting Ltd       X
Chapel Associates Limited       X
Chaucer Group Limited       X
CHQ Group Limited     X  
Cielo Technology Ltd       X
CIGNEX Datamatics UK Ltd.     X X
Cinos Communications Services Limited X   X  
Cinos Limited X   X  
Cirrus Response   X X X
CirrusHQ Ltd X     X
City and Guilds Kineo       X
City81 Limited       X
Civic Computing Limited     X X
Civica UK Limited X X X X
Claranet Limited X   X  
Clarity Informatics Limited     X  
Clarizen Ltd     X  
Cleardata UK Ltd     X  
ClearPeople Ltd X X X X
Clearvision (CM) 2005     X X
Clerkswell Ltd     X X
Clevermed Ltd     X  
Client Managers Toolkit Limited     X  
Cloud 21 limited     X X
Cloud 9 Commercial Innovations Ltd     X  
Cloud Data Service Limited     X  
Cloud Dialogs Limited     X  
Cloud Intelligence Services Ltd     X X
Cloud Managed Ltd.     X  
Cloud Technology Solutions Ltd     X X
Cloud2 Ltd     X X
Cloudamour       X
cloudBuy Plc     X  
CloudCheckr Inc.     X  
Cloudera, Inc     X X
Cloudhelix Limited X     X
Cloudhub360 limited     X  
Cloudoko Ltd.     X X
Cloudreach Europe Limited       X
CN Support Ltd       X
Cobweb Solutions Ltd X   X X
Code 45 Limited       X
Code iT Recruitment Limited       X
Codel Software Ltd     X  
Codescrum Ltd       X
Coeus Consulting Limited       X
CogniSoft Limited     X  
Cognizant Technology Solutions UK Limited       X
Cohesive Networks Corporation       X
Coleman & Pearse       X
Collabco Ltd     X X
Commerce Decisions Limited     X X
Commonwealth Informatics, Inc.     X X
Communication-STEM Ltd X     X
Community Fibre Ltd X      
Comotion Consulting Ltd       X
Company Net Ltd       X
Company85 Limited       X
Comply-Serve Limited     X  
Computacenter (UK) Ltd X X X X
Computer Aided Development Corporation Ltd (Cadcorp)     X  
Computer Network Defence Ltd       X
Computer Task Group UK Limited     X X
Computers In Personnel Ltd     X X
Computing Distribution Group – CDG   X X X
Comtact Limited X   X  
Concentra Consulting Limited     X X
Concept Information Technology Limited       X
Concept Searching Limited     X  
Concerto Partners LLP       X
Concerto Support Services     X  
Concorde Solutions Ltd     X X
Confidential Document Exchange Limited     X  
Congruis Limited     X X
Conject Ltd     X  
Connect Internet Solutions Ltd X   X X
Connexica Limited     X  
Connexion Systems Pty Ltd     X  
Consol Partners LTD       X
Consult SPARK       X
consurgo security     X X
Contego Fraud Solutions Ltd     X  
Content Formula ltd       X
Content Guru Ltd     X  
Context Information Security       X
ContractsWise Limited     X  
Convergent Network Solutions Ltd     X X
Converging Data Limited       X
Cool Blue Brand Communications Limited     X X
Cooper Lomaz Recruitment Ltd       X
Coplexia Collaborative LLP       X
CopperMan Consulting Limited     X  
Core Computer Consultants Limited     X  
Core Systems (Ni) Ltd     X  
Core Technology Systems t/a Core X X X X
Cornerstone     X  
Cornwell Business Consultants Limited       X
Corporate Document Services   X X X
Corso Ltd   X X X
Cortex Limited   X    
Coryl Ltd.       X
Covata Uk Ltd.     X  
Craneware Plc     X  
Creative Agile Partners Limited       X
Creative Jar       X
Creative Message Ltd   X    
Creese Consulting Ltd       X
Crest Advisory (Uk) Ltd     X  
Crimson Consultants Limited     X  
Cristie Data Ltd     X  
Crowdicity Ltd.     X  
Crown Computing Ltd     X  
Cruarch Associates Ltd X     X
CSC Computer Sciences Limited X   X X
CSDC Systems Inc.   X    
Ctalk Limited     X  
CTI Digital Limited X     X
CTO People Ltd       X
Ctrl O Ltd     X X
Ctrl-Shift Ltd       X
Curium Solutions Ltd       X
CWSI UK Limited     X X
cxpartners Ltd       X
Cyberis Limited       X
Cygnia Technologies Ltd     X  
Cyphra       X
Dacoll Limited       X
Daemon Directory Services Ltd.       X
Daemon Solutions Ltd       X
Daisy Communications Limited X X X X
Daon Data Mangement Ltd     X  
Darzin Software     X X
Data Analytics Labs Ltd X     X
Data Continuity Group X   X X
Data Technology Ltd       X
Databarracks Ltd. X   X X
DataCentred X X   X
Dataline Software Ltd.       X
Dataloop Software Ltd.     X  
Datalynx Limited     X X
Datalytics Technology Ltd X     X
Dataphiles Ltd     X X
DataPress Ltd.     X  
Datatank Ltd     X  
Datel Advansys Limited   X   X
Datel Computing Ltd     X X
Datrix Limited X     X
David Ward     X  
DB Group Limited     X X
DCV Technologies       X
de Poel Managed Services Limited     X  
Dead Pixel Software t/a Wolferton       X
Deep-Secure Limited     X X
Deeson Group Ltd       X
Delib Ltd.     X  
Dell Corporation Limited X   X X
Deloitte LLP     X X
Deltascheme Limited       X
Denwa Ltd   X X  
DeskPRO LTD     X  
Destek accessible Technology Solutions       X
Destin Solutions Ltd     X  
DevOpsGuys Limited X   X X
Dig Inclusion Ltd       X
Digi2al Ltd       X
Digirati Limited       X
Digital Assess Software Limited     X  
Digital Assurance Consulting Ltd       X
Digital Craftsmen Limited       X
Digital Exchange Products Ltd     X  
Digital Field Solutions Limited     X  
Digital First Solutions Ltd       X
Digital Life Sciences     X X
Digitalas Ekonomikas Attistibas Centrs, Ltd. X      
digitalenergy Ltd     X  
Digitech Resourcing Ltd       X
Digitranz Limited       X
Diligent Boardbooks Limited     X  
Dimension Data Network Services Limited X     X
dms Custom Install Ltd.       X
DMSG Ltd       X
Docobo Ltd     X  
Document Centric Solutions Limited     X  
DOGFI.SH Mobile Ltd       X
Dome Recruitment Ltd       X
Dotted EXLimited     X  
DP Connect       X
Draper & Dash Ltd   X    
D-RisQ Ltd.     X  
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency       X
Dropbox Ireland Limited     X  
DSSEC Ltd       X
DTP Solutionpath     X  
Due North Limited     X  
Dugdale Digital Solutions Limited       X
Dyn Ltd X   X  
Dynalogic Limited       X
Dynatrace Ltd       X
Dystinct Consulting Limited       X
e2e-assure Ltd X X X X
e3 Media Ltd       X
Easy Solutions Inc     X  
Easynet Enterprise Services Limited X   X X
eChalk Ltd     X X
Eclipse Legal Systems     X  
eCom Scotland     X  
Ecommnet Ltd.     X  
Eden McCallum LLP       X
Edenhouse Solutions     X  
Edge Testing Solutions Limited       X
Eduserv X   X X
Egenera, Inc X      
Egility Limited       X
Egress Software Technologies Ltd     X  
Egton Medical Information Systems Ltd X X   X
e-Health Innovations Ltd     X  
Eighty20 Risk Systems Ltd     X  
Elcom Systems Ltd.     X  
Elignum Ltd       X
emapsite.com Limited     X  
Ember Public Sector Solutions     X X
Emeldi UK Ltd       X
EmergeAdapt Limited     X  
Emergn Ltd       X
Empiric Solutions Limited       X
Enable International     X X
EnableIT Technologies     X  
Encription Limited       X
Endeavour Information Solutions       X
Engage Technical Solutions ltd       X
Enghouse Interactive     X  
Engine Partners LLP       X
Enova Consulting Ltd.     X X
En-Route Consulting Ltd.       X
Ensemble Systems Inc   X    
Enterprise Architects Limited       X
Enterprise Blueprints Limited       X
Enterprise Privacy Group Ltd       X
Enterprise Study Ltd     X  
EnterpriseDB UK Limited   X    
Envitia Ltd     X X
Envoplan Ltd       X
EPiServer UK Ltd   X X  
EPI-USE Ltd     X X
Equal Experts UK Ltd     X X
Equine Register Ltd     X  
Equiniti ICS Limited   X X X
Equion Consulting Limited       X
Ergon Limited       X
Erlang Solutions Limited     X X
Ernst & Young LLP       X
ERPaaS Limited     X X
Escalla (Training Synergy Ltd)     X X
Escrivo Limited       X
Esendex Limited     X  
eShare Ltd     X  
E-Sign(UK) ltd     X  
Esker     X  
e-Spatial Solutions     X  
ESRI (UK) Limited     X X
Estafet       X
eSynergy Solutions Limited       X
et al Innovations ltd     X  
Etain Limited       X
EU Supply PLC     X  
Euro IT Group Ltd.     X  
Eurobase Systems Limited (trading as Eurobase People)       X
EuroKing Maternity     X  
Europa Technologies Ltd     X  
European Electronique Ltd       X
EverisConsultancy Limited     X  
Evidential Ltd     X  
Evolve Secure Solutions Limited X   X X
Ex Libris Mobile Campus Solutions   X    
Example IT Limited X      
Exception Ltd       X
Experian Limited     X  
Experis Limited       X
Expert Buyers Ltd T/A Advice Cloud       X
Exponential-e Ltd   X X X
Falanx Assuria Ltd.       X
Falcon Social ApS     X  
Fantastic Cloud Services Ltd     X  
FarrPoint Assure Limited       X
FarrPoint Limited       X
Fastnet International Ltd X      
FCO Services X X X X
FDM Group Limited       X
Featurespace Limited     X  
Fedr8 Ltd     X  
Felber Consulting Limited     X X
Fernhill Systems (Scotland) Ltd       X
Fillshift Ltd     X  
FinancialForce.com, Inc., through FinancialForce.com UK Branch     X X
Fincore Ltd     X X
Finyx Consulting Limited       X
FireText Communications Ltd     X  
Firewolf Ltd       X
Firmstep Ltd     X X
Fivium Limited   X X X
Flint Studios Ltd       X
Flow Mobile Ltd trading as flowmoco X X X X
Fluent Technology Ltd     X  
FluidReview by SurveyMonkey     X  
FlyingBinary Limited X X X X
FOCUS 4 U LTD     X  
Focus Group Europe Limited     X X
Foden Grealy Ltd       X
Foehn Ltd     X X
Fordway Solutions Ltd X X X X
Forepoint Limited   X X X
Forfront Limited     X X
Forfusion Limited       X
Fotheringham Associates Ltd       X
Foundation Information Technology Limited X   X X
Foundation SP Limited       X
FourZure Limited     X X
Frameshift Limited     X  
Free Rein Ltd     X X
Freedom Communications (UK) Ltd X   X X
Freshdesk Inc     X  
Frontline Consultancy And Business Services Limited       X
Fuel Recruitment Ltd       X
Fujitsu Services Limited X X   X
Fulcrum Worldwide (UK) Ltd       X
Fullworks Digital Ltd       X
Fundtech FSC Trading as Accountis Europe     X  
Funnelback UK Ltd     X  
FusionExperience Limited     X X
Future Cities Catapult Ltd       X
g2 and associates ltd     X  
Gaia Technologies PLC     X X
Gaiasoft International Limited     X  
Gamma Telecom Limited     X  
Gap Consulting Ltd       X
Gartner UK Limited       X
GB3 Limited     X X
Geeks ltd     X X
General Dynamics Information Technology Limited       X
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories BV     X  
Genius PPT Ltd     X  
Geode Networks (Europe) Ltd       X
GeoLang Ltd     X  
Geospatial Cooperatief UA (UK Branch)       X
Getmapping Plc     X  
Gibbs Marshall       X
GL Global Limited       X
Global iLabs Limited     X  
Go Genie Ltd       X
GoCardless Ltd     X  
Golant Media Ventures Ltd.       X
GoPro Consulting Ltd     X X
GOSS Interactive Ltd     X X
Gotham Digital Science Ltd       X
GovDelivery inc     X  
Govtech Solutions Ltd     X  
GRAD TECHNOLOGIES LTD t/a nCrypted Cloud EU     X  
Grey Monarch Limited X   X  
GSA Techsource Limited       X
Gwlad Consulting Limited       X
H S Infra Limited       X
Halcyon Solutions Group Ltd       X
Hao2.eu Ltd X   X X
Harvey Nash Group Plc       X
Harwood Business Services Ltd       X
Health HR UK Limited       X
Health Intelligence     X X
Health2Works Limited     X  
Healthcare Clinical Informatics Ltd       X
Healthcare Communications UK Ltd     X  
Healthlogistics.co.uk Ltd     X  
hedgehog lab     X  
Helpful Technology Ltd       X
Henderson Scott       X
Hexaware Technologies UK Limited X X X X
HGS UK Ltd     X  
Hicom Technology Ltd.     X  
High Resolution Consulting Limited       X
High Resolution Resourcing Limited       X
HighQ Solutions Limited     X  
HighSpeed Office Ltd X      
Hippo   X   X
Hireserve Limited     X  
Hitachi Solutions Europe Ltd     X X
Hive IT Limited       X
HKC Services Limited       X
Home Connections Lettings Ltd     X  
Hootsuite Media Inc     X  
Hootvox Limited     X  
Horizon Software Solutions     X X
Hortonworks, Inc.       X
HostingIT4U Ltd X      
HotDocs Limited     X  
Howell Technology Group Limited       X
HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd X X X X
HTK Limited     X  
Hudson & Yorke Limited       X
Hunter Macdonald Limited     X X
Huspaz Dana Ltd       X
Hydra Management Ltd     X  
Hydrant Limited   X X X
Hyfinity Limited       X
Hyphenate Limited       X
Hyve X X   X
I.T. Professional Services Limited X X    
i2N Limited X X X X
IB Boost Ltd     X X
IBI Group (UK) Ltd     X  
IBM United Kingdom Limited X X X X
iCasework Ltd     X X
ICNH Ltd     X X
ICNT Consulting Ltd       X
ICSA Boardroom Apps Limited     X  
Ideagen Plc     X X
Ideal Health Consultants Limited       X
ideal networks     X X
Identity E2E Limited       X
Idox Software Ltd     X  
IE Design Consultancy Ltd       X
IIJ Europe Limited X      
IIZUKA Software Technologies     X X
Iken Business Ltd.     X  
iland UK Ltd. X      
Imagen Ltd     X  
Imerja Limited X X X X
IMImobile Europe Ltd     X  
IMS Health Technology Services Limited     X  
Incessant Technologies (UK) LImited   X X X
IndigoBlue Consulting Limited     X X
Indus Services Limited       X
Infinity Gate Limited     X X
Infinity Works Consulting       X
Influmetrics Ltd       X
Info-Assure Ltd       X
Infomax Ltd       X
Infomentum Ltd X X X X
Infordata Ltd     X  
Inform Communications plc     X  
In-Form Consult Ltd       X
Informatica Software Ltd     X  
Information Age Ltd.       X
Information Assurance Consulting Services LLP       X
Information Initiatives Limited       X
Information Management Group Ltd. (IMGROUP)     X X
Information Risk Management Ltd       X
Information Services Group (Europe) Ltd       X
information squared ltd       X
Informed Solutions Ltd.     X X
InfoSaaS Ltd     X  
Infosys Limited   X X X
Infotel UK Consulting     X X
Infotree Solutions Limited     X  
Inframon Limited       X
Infrasoft Technologies Limited     X  
Inhealthcare Ltd     X  
InJenuity Limited     X  
IN-MAP Ltd     X  
Innaxys Ltd     X  
Innovate Ltd X      
Innoveer Solutions       X
INOVEM Limited     X  
InPhase Limited     X  
InProc Limited       X
Insight Direct (UK) Ltd X X X X
Instinctive Creations   X    
Intechnica Limited     X X
InTechnology Plc X X X X
Integra Associates Limited X     X
Integria Consulting Limited       X
Integris solutions limited       X
Intelletec       X
Intelligent Communication Systems Limited   X X  
Intelligent Consulting Services Limited       X
Intelogy Limited       X
In-tend Ltd     X  
Interceptor Solutions Ltd     X  
InterQuest Group (UK) Ltd       X
Interview Management Solutions Pty Ltd     X  
Intouch Business (UK) LLP     X  
Intralinks, Inc.     X  
Intrinsic Technology Limited       X
Inventory Management Europe Ltd       X
Involve Visual Collaboration Ltd   X X X
Invotra   X X X
iO1 Ltd   X X X
IOMart Cloud Services t/a Backup Technology       X
iomart Group Plc X X X X
ION Information Technologies Ltd.   X X X
ION Technologies Ltd     X X
IP Performance Limited     X  
IPL Information Processing Limited       X
iPlato Healthcare Ltd     X  
IQNavigator Ltd     X  
iseeu global ltd     X X
isheriff ltd     X  
ISI Software Europe   X X  
IT Guarded Ltd       X
IT Lab X X X X
IT Rec Limited     X  
IT Works Health Limited       X
IT Works Recruitment Ltd       X
itelligent-i       X
ITM Communications Limited X      
iTouch Vision Ltd     X  
ITP Group Limited     X X
ITSUS Consulting Limited       X
Ixis IT Limited   X   X
J2 Global     X  
Jadu Ltd.     X X
Jahia Solutions Group SA   X   X
Javlin, LTD.       X
Jigsaw Systems Limited       X
Joint Application Development Enterprises ltd   X   X
Joyent Inc X      
JT (Global) Limited X      
Junction-18     X  
Jupiter Consulting Services Limited       X
Just2easy Limited     X  
JUXT Ltd       X
K Sharp Ltd       X
Kainos Software Limited X X   X
Kamino-IT Limited       X
KANA Software Ireland Ltd     X X
Kate Matthews Solutions     X  
Kefron (UK) Ltd     X  
Kelway Ltd X   X X
Keyfort Ltd X   X  
Keytree Ltd     X X
Kimble Applications Ltd     X X
Kimcell Consulting Limited       X
Kimcell Ltd. X   X X
Kinegistic Limited       X
Kirona Solutions Limited     X  
Kiwi It Solutions Ltd   X    
Komodo Design Ltd     X  
Kronos Systems Ltd     X  
KYOCERA Document Solutions (U.K.) Limited   X X  
L Philpin Services Limited       X
L-3 Communications ASA Limited     X X
LA International Computer Consultants Limited       X
Lancox Limited       X
LANDESK International Limited     X X
Landmark Information Group Ltd   X X X
Landseer Partners Limited       X
Latra Limited   X X  
Launchcloud LLC     X  
Layer 7 Limited       X
Learning Nexus Ltd     X  
Learning Pool     X  
Learning Possibilities Limited X   X  
Legal IT     X  
Legalesign     X  
Legastat Limited     X  
Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust X X X X
Leo Learning Ltd   X X  
Level 3 Communications (UK) Limited     X  
Lexmark International Limited     X  
Liaison Financial Services Ltd     X  
Liaison One Call Ltd     X  
Liaison Technology Limited     X  
Liberata UK Limited     X X
LIMA Networks Limited X   X X
LimeDB Limited       X
LimeDB Software Limited     X  
Line of Sight Productions Ltd       X
Link-Connect Services Ltd X      
Liquid Bronze Limited     X  
Little Fish (UK) Ltd     X X
Livestax Ltd     X X
LiveWyer Ltd       X
Livingstone Technologies Ltd     X  
LoadSpring Solutions, Ltd.     X  
Lockcode Limited       X
Lockheed Martin       X
Logicalware Ltd     X  
LogiCoy Inc.   X   X
London Strategy Unit       X
Looking Local – Kirklees Council     X  
Lumesse Ltd     X  
Luminoso Technologies UK Limited     X  
LyteSpark Ltd     X  
M4 Managed Services International Ltd       X
Macehiter Ward-Dutton Limited       X
Made Open Communications Ltd     X  
Made Tech Ltd.     X X
MagenTys     X X
Magic Milestones Limited     X X
Magic Toolbox Limited     X  
Mahler Consulting Ltd       X
Maindec Computer Solutions Ltd X X X X
Maintel Europe Ltd     X  
Main-Tel(N.E) Ltd. X     X
Mantiq Ltd       X
Market Dojo Limited     X X
MarkLogic Corporation   X X X
MASS       X
Mastek (UK) Ltd     X X
Matraxis Ltd X      
Matrix Insight Ltd (subsidiary of Optimity Advisors)     X X
Matrix Sps     X  
Matthew Zielonka Ltd     X  
Mayden     X  
Maywoods Ltd       X
Mazepoint Ltd     X  
McKinsey & Company Inc. United Kingdom     X X
MDS Technologies Limited X X X X
MDSec Consulting Limited       X
Me Learning Limited     X  
Med ePad Ltd     X  
Media Measurement Limited       X
Medley Business Solutions Ltd       X
Medopad Limited     X  
MedSciNet U.K. Ltd     X  
Medusa Medical Technologies Inc.     X  
MeetingSphere Limited     X  
MeetingZone Ltd     X  
MegaNexus Ltd     X X
MeisterLabs GmbH     X  
Mekon Ltd.     X  
Memset Ltd X     X
Mendix Technology Limited   X   X
Meniscus Systems Ltd   X    
Mercator IT Solutions Ltd       X
Meritec Limited   X X  
MetaCompliance     X  
Metadata Consulting Limited       X
Methods Advisory Limited     X X
Methods Analytics Ltd     X X
Methods Digital Ltd X X X X
Methods Professional Services Ltd     X X
Metis Consultants Ltd     X  
M-Files Corporation     X  
mGage Europe Ltd     X  
Micad Systems (UK) ltd.     X  
Microlink PC (UK) Ltd       X
Microserve       X
Microsoft Limited       X
Midland Software Limited     X  
Miggle Ltd     X X
milkandjam media X     X
Millar Hutchison Management Consultants Ltd       X
Mime Consulting Ltd     X  
Minttulip Limited       X
Mitamirri Limited     X  
MJog Limited     X  
MLS Ventures Ltd.       X
MMGRP Limited     X  
Mobisoft Corporation Ltd.     X  
Modality Systems Ltd       X
Modern Democracy Ltd     X X
Monad Solutions Ltd       X
MongoDB Limited       X
Monster Worldwide Ltd     X  
Montvieux     X X
MooD International Software Limited   X X X
Moore Stephens LLP     X  
Moorhouse Consulting Ltd       X
Moortec Solutions Limited   X X X
Morgan and Wolfe Limited     X  
Morson Human Resources Ltd       X
Motorola Solutions UK Limited     X X
Mott MacDonald Limited     X X
Movianto, Ltd., an Owens & Minor Company     X  
Mozaic-Services Limited       X
MSI Group Ltd     X  
MSoft eSolutions LTD     X  
MWR InfoSecurity       X
MyCRM Limited     X  
myProteus Ltd     X  
Myriad online Ltd     X  
Namos Solutions Ltd       X
NantHealth UK Ltd     X X
NashTech       X
Nasim Consulting Limited     X  
Nasstar PLC   X    
Nautilus Consulting Ltd.       X
NCC Services Limited.       X
Neil Stevens Consulting Ltd     X X
Neopost Limited     X  
Neotys       X
Net Consulting Limited       X
Net Defence Ltd       X
Net Evidence (SLM) Ltd     X  
Net Support UK Limited X   X X
NETbuilder Group Limited     X X
Netcall Telecom Limited     X  
Netconnection Systems Ltd      X  
Netmaster Solutions Ltd     X X
Netpremacy Limited     X X
Netscan Limited X X    
Netsource Limited       X
Nettitude Limited       X
Network 2 Supplies Ltd       X
Network Futures Ltd       X
Network Locum Limited     X  
Networkers International (UK) plc       X
Neueda Consulting Limited     X X
New Media Warehouse Ltd T/A Synergy Learning     X  
Nexmo Inc     X  
Nexor Limited       X
Nextenders Ltd     X  
Nexus Open Systems Ltd X X X X
nFocus Limited       X
NFS Hospitality UK Limited     X  
N-Fuze     X  
NHS Shared Business Services     X  
Nine23 Limited   X X X
Ninian Solutions Ltd (t/a Huddle)     X  
Nixor Resource Consulting Limited       X
Node4 Ltd X      
Nomadis inc.     X X
North Highland (formerly Qedis Consulting Ltd)       X
Northgate Public Services (UK) Limited     X X
Northtek Commerce Ltd.     X  
Norwel Computer Services Ltd     X  
Novo Systems Ltd       X
Novosco Ltd X     X
Now We Comply LTD     X  
NQC Ltd     X X
NSC LegacyData Solutions Ltd       X
NT Security Ltd     X  
NTA Monitor Ltd.       X
Nth Dimension Limited       X
NTT Communications Europe Ltd X X   X
Nuance Communications Ireland Ltd     X  
Nudge Digital ltd     X X
Numiko       X
Nurved Ltd X     X
Nutshell Limited       X
Nuvola Distribution Limited     X  
NVT Group X     X
Obillex Limited     X  
Objective Corporation UK Ltd     X  
Objectivity Ltd       X
Oceans HQ Ltd     X  
OCF plc   X   X
OCLC (UK) Ltd     X  
OLM Systems Limited     X X
Omnis Systems Ltd     X  
Omny Link Limited     X  
OneLogin, Limited     X  
Oneserve Ltd     X  
OnLogics Inc     X  
Onyx Group Limited X     X
Open Answers Limited     X X
Open Data Institute Ltd       X
Open Era Systems Ltd     X  
Open Health Care UK Ltd       X
Open Objects Software Ltd     X  
Opencast Software Europe Ltd       X
OpenCredo Ltd       X
Openplay Ltd     X  
OpenSky Data Systems Ltd     X  
Optevia Ltd     X X
Optimum Contact Limited     X  
Opus 2 International Limited     X  
Opus Recruitment Solutions Ltd       X
Opus Telecoms Ltd       X
Oracle Corporation UK Limited X X X X
Orange Bus Ltd     X X
Orchard Applications Limited       X
Orchard Information Systems Limited     X  
Ordnance Survey Limited       X
Orion and Associates Ltd     X  
Otagem Consulting Limited       X
Outbox sp. z o.o.       X
Outsourcery Hosting Limited X   X X
OutSystems Limited   X   X
Oxford Computer Consultants     X X
P.J. Williams Consulting Ltd       X
P3M Systems Ltd     X X
PA Consulting Services Limited       X
Palantir Technologies UK, Ltd.     X  
Panacea Applications Limited     X  
Pangea Systems     X  
Paradise Computing Ltd X X   X
Parallel Interactive Media       X
Parilitas Ltd     X X
Parity Professionals Ltd       X
Parity Solutions Ltd       X
Patients Know Best       X
PDG Consulting Limited     X X
Pea Soup Hosting Limited X      
Pebble Learning     X  
Peer 1 (UK) Hosting X X    
Pegasystems Limited       X
Pen Test Partners LLP       X
Penna Plc       X
People Alchemy Ltd     X  
Perform Green Ltd       X
Periscopix Limited     X  
PerryWorld Limited     X  
Perspective Risk       X
Perspicacity Ltd       X
PFI Knowledge Solutions Limited   X X X
Phoenix IT Managed Services Ltd X X X X
Phoenix Software Ltd X X X X
Pi-Eyed t/a Pi-Space     X  
Ping Identity Corporation       X
Pitney Bowes Software Europe Ltd.     X  
PJCVision Limited       X
Plan Procure Manage Limited       X
Planon Ltd     X  
Platinum Squared Ltd       X
PN2 Limited t/a Panoplia     X  
PODFather Ltd     X  
Point to Point Limited       X
PointBeyond Ltd       X
Polar Moment Ltd     X  
Polarisoft Limited     X X
Polecat Ltd.     X  
Pondergrove Limited       X
Porge Ltd     X  
Portal Partnership Ltd     X X
Portsys UK Limited     X  
Posterity Limited       X
PowerONPlatforms Ltd       X
Prederi Limited       X
Premier Choice Telecom Ltd     X  
Premier IT     X  
Premiere Conferencing (Ireland) Ltd d/b/a PGi     X  
PretaGov Limited     X  
Preventx Limited       X
Prgloo Limited     X  
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP     X X
Primary Capital Horizons Ltd     X  
Pro DBA Limited       X
Proact IT UK Limited X   X X
Proactis Group Ltd     X  
Probrand Limited X X X  
Processflows UK Ltd     X  
ProCheckUp Ltd       X
Procure Tools Limited     X  
Professional Data Management Services Limited X   X X
Program Framework Ltd     X X
Program Planning Professionals Limited (trading as ‘Pcubed’)     X X
ProGravitas       X
Project Plan Services     X  
Prolinx Ltd X   X X
ProofID Ltd.       X
Prosis Solutions Ltd     X  
ProTech Computer Systems Ltd     X X
Protegrity USA, Inc.       X
Protocol Policy Systems Ltd.     X X
Provident CRM     X  
PRShots Services Ltd T/A PressArea.com     X  
PTS Consulting Partners LLP       X
Public Consulting Group UK Ltd (formerly System Associates and Shop4Support Ltd) X   X X
Public Sector Software Ltd     X  
Public Service Request Ltd     X  
Public.Class Limited     X  
Public-i Group Ltd     X X
Pull Digital Ltd     X  
Pulsant Limited X      
Pulsion Technology     X X
Pure Systems Ltd   X    
Purple Secure Systems Ltd       X
Push Technology Ltd.     X  
Pythagoras Communications Limited       X
Q Associates Limited X   X X
Q5 Partners LLP       X
QA Limited       X
QinetiQ Ltd       X
Qolcom Ltd     X  
Quadnet Services       X
Quantiam Ltd       X
Quantiv Limited       X
Qudini Limited     X  
Querix (UK) Limited       X
Quest Computing Limited     X  
Questback ltd     X  
Quicklink Video Distribtion Services Ltd     X  
Quicksilva Limited     X X
Quo Imus Limited, trading as Qi Consulting       X
Quogan Limited       X
QuoVadis Online Security Limited     X  
Quru Limited       X
Rackspace Limited X      
Radio Technical Services Limited       X
Radius Communications Ltd     X  
Radtac Limited       X
Rainmaker Solutions Limited     X X
RAVN Systems Ltd.       X
RDF Group Plc       X
Reachal Ltd     X X
Reach-Data Ltd     X  
Reading Room Ltd X     X
Realitech Limited       X
RealServe IT Ltd       X
Recipero Ltd     X  
Recite me Ltd     X  
RecordPoint Software EMEA Limited     X  
Red Advertising Ltd t/a Recruitive Technology     X  
Red Ant Digital Ltd     X  
Red Hat Limited       X
Red Review Ltd       X
RED Scientific Ltd       X
Red Stack Tech Limited       X
Redcentric Solutions Limted X X X X
Redesmere Limited       X
Redfern Travel Limited     X  
Redpalm Technology Services Limited X     X
Redrock Consulting Ltd       X
Redstone Converged Solutions Ltd       X
Redweb Ltd X   X X
Redwing Business Intelligence Ltd     X  
Redwood Technologies Ltd     X  
Reed Elsevier UK Ltd T/A LexisNexis     X  
Reliason Solutions Limited       X
Rely Consultancy Ltd / TA Matter Digital       X
Rembrace Ltd     X  
Renaissance eServices Ltd       X
RepKnight Ltd     X X
Replify Ltd     X  
Reply Ltd       X
Repstor     X X
Required Experience Limited       X
Research Fish Ltd     X  
Resilience Planning Solutions       X
Resolving Limited     X  
Response Systems Limited     X X
Responsiv Solutions Limited       X
Ribose Limited     X  
Ricoh UK LTD     X  
Ridgewall Limited     X X
Rimsco Limited     X  
Ring2 Communications Limited     X  
risual   X X X
Rivo Software Limited     X X
RJ Technology Ltd       X
RJD Technology Ltd       X
RM Education Ltd     X X
ROC Systems Consulting Ltd.     X X
Roc Technologies Limited X     X
ROCC Computers Ltd     X  
Rock Kitchen Harris     X X
Roke Manor Research Limited       X
Rosslyn Analytics Limited     X  
RotaGeek Limited     X  
RouteShoot Ltd     X  
Rowe IT Limited       X
RSL Project Solutions Ltd       X
Rule Analytics Ltd       X
Run Time Collective Ltd T/A Brandwatch     X  
S3 Consulting Ltd X     X
S8080 Limited   X X X
SA Group Ltd       X
Saadian Technologies UK Limited     X X
Sage (UK) Limited     X  
Sainath Solution Limited     X  
Salesforce.com EMEA ltd   X X X
Sam360 (IT Asset Management) Limited     X  
Sanderson Government and Defence Limited       X
Sandyx CRM Ltd.     X X
Sapphire Technologies Ltd     X X
SARD JV Limited     X  
Satalia (NPcompete)       X
Savant Limited     X X
Savience Limited     X  
Scalarize Limited       X
Scan Optics Limited X X X X
Scanimal Trackers Ltd     X  
Scantec Personnel Ltd       X
Scapa Technologies Limited       X
Scene One Limited       X
Science Warehouse Limited     X  
Sciforma     X X
SCISYS UK Limited     X X
SciVisum Ltd     X X
SCO Interactive Ltd       X
ScraperWiki Ltd   X X X
Scroll LLP       X
Scrumconnect       X
SEAtS Software     X  
Seattle Software Ltd t/a Orbus Software   X    
Secura Hosting Ltd X      
SecureCloud+ Limited     X X
secureVirtual Ltd X     X
Securus International Limited     X  
Selcom   X    
Selection Services Ltd X   X X
Selex ES   X   X
Senior Internet Ltd – owners of e-days     X  
Sequence Collective Ltd     X X
Serbus Limited       X
Service Integrators Ltd       X
Service Level Management Ltd     X  
Seven Technologies Group Limited       X
SFW Ltd X   X X
SGP Consulting (UK) Limited     X X
Shaping Cloud   X X X
Shaw Consulting Ltd       X
Sho-Net Systems       X
Silcox Information Security Limited       X
Silex Resources Limited     X X
Silverlink Software Limited     X  
Silverstring Limited       X
SilverStripe Solutions UK Ltd   X    
Silvertouch Technology Ltd       X
SimpleUsability       X
Simply Clever Limited     X  
Siri Software Solutions Ltd       X
Sirius Corporation Limited       X
Sirsi Ltd (trading as SirsiDynix)     X  
SITA Advanced Travel Solutions Ltd       X
Six Degrees Holdings Limited X   X X
SkillSet Limited     X  
Skillstream Limited     X  
Skybrid Limited X     X
Skyscape Cloud Services Ltd X X X  
Slalom Consulting Limited       X
Smart421 Ltd X X X X
Smartgate Solutions Limited     X  
SmartImpact Ltd     X X
SmartSimple Software     X  
SmartSourcing plc     X X
SmartSurvey (Smartline International Ltd)     X  
Smith Software Limited     X X
Snapfile     X  
SocialOptic Ltd     X  
SocialSignIn     X  
Socitm Ltd     X X
Socrata UK Limited     X  
Softcat Limited X X X X
Softools Ltd     X  
Software (Europe) Ltd     X  
Software AG UK Ltd   X X  
Software Box Limited X   X X
Software for Data Analysis Limited     X X
Software One UK Ltd       X
Softwire Technology Limited       X
Softwire West Limited       X
Sogeti UK Limited   X X X
Solid Systems Global Ltd X      
Solirius Ltd     X X
Sol-Tec Limited X   X X
Somerford Associates Limited   X    
Sopra Steria Ltd X X X X
SourceDogg UK Ltd     X X
Southern Communications Ltd X     X
Spacecraft Creative Ltd.   X   X
Sparta Technologies   X X X
Speakserve Limited     X  
Specialist Computer Centres (SCC) plc X X X X
Spectromax Solutions Ltd       X
Spektrix Ltd     X  
Spirit Public Sector Ltd.       X
Splunk Inc.     X  
Spring Technology       X
Spurtle Connect Limited     X  
SQR Systems Limited     X  
Squiz Uk Ltd     X X
Stalis Ltd       X
Startsmart Consulting Limited       X
StatMap Ltd     X  
STCS Limited       X
Step5 Resourcing Ltd       X
ST-FOUR Limited       X
Stick People HQ Limited       X
Stone Computers Limited X      
Stonegate IT Limited       X
Stoneseed IT Limited       X
Storm ID Ltd X X X X
Streamsafe Ltd     X  
Stredia Limited     X  
Stroma Software     X  
Structured Software Systems Ltd     X X
Stuff & Nonsense Ltd.       X
Styles&Wood Limited     X  
Succeed Consultancy Ltd       X
Sumerian Europe Limited     X  
Sungard Availability Services (UK) Limited X X   X
SunspeedTransport Services Ltd       X
Suptech Limited       X
SureCloud Limited     X X
Surevine     X  
Survey Supplies Ltd. t/a KOREC     X  
Swift Datapro Software Limited     X  
Swirrl IT Limited     X X
Sword Charteris Limited       X
Symantec Security (UK) Limited     X  
Symology Ltd     X  
SynApps Solutions Limited X   X X
Synectics Solutions Ltd     X  
Synthesis Office Ltd       X
Synyega       X
Syscon Justice Systems Ltd.     X  
Sysdoc Ltd     X X
System Dynamics UK Limited X X X X
SystemHOST Limted X   X  
SystemsUp Ltd X     X
Talent International (UK) Ltd       X
Target Group Ltd     X  
Tascomi Limited     X  
Tata Consultancy Services Limited     X X
Tazio Online Media Limited     X  
TCM Solutions Ltd       X
Team Solutionz Ltd     X  
TeamLogic Systems Ltd     X  
TeamQuest Corporation     X X
Techgate Plc X      
Technimove       X
Technology Delivered Limited       X
TechnologyOne UK Ltd     X  
TEK Express Ltd.       X
Telefonica UK Limited X X X X
telent Technology Services Ltd     X X
TeleTrackingEU Limited     X X
TeleWare Plc     X  
Templar Executives Ltd.       X
Tenian Limited     X X
Tenshi Consulting Ltd.       X
Tenshi Partners LLP       X
TERMINALFOUR Solutions Ltd.     X  
TerraQuest Solutions Limited     X X
TESM Limited     X X
Test Partners Ltd       X
Test Tune Ltd     X X
Testing Circle Limited       X
Testing Performance Ld     X X
TextThing Limited     X X
Texuna       X
The App Business Limited.       X
The Business Software Centre     X X
The Common Framework Limited       X
The Democratic Society Limited       X
The Dextrous Web Ltd   X X X
The DMW Group Ltd       X
The Gallery Partnership Limited       X
The Server Labs Ltd.     X X
The Software Delivery Company       X
The Stationery Office Limited   X X X
The Strategy and Architecture Group Limited       X
The Technology Forge     X  
The Test People Limited       X
The University of Nottingham       X
Think Associates Ltd.     X X
ThinkingSafe Ltd     X X
Thirsty Horses Solutions     X  
This Is Embrace     X  
Thomson Reuters     X X
ThoughtWorks Limited     X X
TIBCO Software (Ireland) Ltd     X  
Ticketsolve     X  
Ticon UK Limited       X
Tier 1 Asset Management Ltd.       X
Tier-3 Security Ltd       X
TierOne Technologies Inc     X X
Tillr Technology Limited     X X
TKP Consulting Services Limited       X
tlmNEXUS Ltd     X X
TMI Systems Limited     X X
Tonnik Consulting Ltd.       X
Tootechnical Ltd       X
Toplevel Computing Ltd     X X
Topsec Technology Limited     X  
Torque2 Ltd     X X
Total Enterprise Solutions       X
Total Procurement Services Ltd       X
TotalMobile Ltd     X  
Trac Systems Ltd     X  
Tracesmart Ltd T/A LexisNexis     X  
Trackplan Software Limited     X  
Tradax Group Ltd     X  
Transcend360 Ltd       X
Transputec Limited     X X
Triad Group Plc       X
Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Ltd     X  
Tribal Education Limited     X X
Tricerion Limited     X  
Tricostar Software Ltd     X  
Trimble UK Limited     X  
Trimble UK Limited     X  
Trinity Management Advisers Limited       X
Trisoft Ltd     X  
Trudera Ltd     X X
Truepenny People UK Ltd       X
Trust IV Ltd     X  
Trustis Limited     X  
Trustmarque Solutions Limited X X X X
T-Systems Limited X X X  
Tungsten Network Limited     X  
Turn-Key Consultants Ltd       X
Turnstone Services Limited       X
twentysix Limited     X X
TWME8 Limited     X  
Txtlocal Ltd     X  
UK Backup Limited X      
UK Dedicated Servers Limited X      
UKFast.Net Ltd X X   X
Ultima Business Solutions Ltd       X
Ultra Electronics Ltd     X  
UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions Limited     X  
Ultranyx Ltd       X
Unboxed Consulting       X
Unified Software Limited     X  
Unified Solutions Limited     X  
Unilink Software Ltd     X X
Unisys Limited X   X X
United Security Providers UK Ltd       X
Upland Software     X  
User Centric Limited       X
Valiantys     X X
Valtech Ltd       X
Valueworks Limited     X  
Velocity Solutions Europe Ltd.       X
Vemotion Interactive Ltd     X  
Venn Group Limited       X
Vensis Limited     X  
Verelogic Limited       X
Veriace Ltd       X
Veritas Consulting Limited       X
Verizon UK Ltd X X X X
Version 1 Solutions Ltd X X X X
Vertergi Limited     X  
Victoria Solutions Limited     X  
Vidatum Technologies Ltd     X  
Video Arts Limited     X  
Viewdeck Consulting Limited     X X
Virtrium Limited       X
Virtual College Ltd     X  
Virtualstock     X X
Visionhall Information Systems Ltd     X  
Visor Limited     X  
Vital Service North East Limited       X
Vividapps Limited     X  
Vldb Solutions Ltd    X    
VMware International Limited X      
Voicenet Solutions Ltd TA 8×8 Solutions     X  
Vouchcom Limited       X
Vox Generation Limited     X X
VP Bastion Limited     X  
VRSM LTD       X
Vysiion Ltd X X X X
W3Partnership Limited X X   X
Walk Digital     X X
Walker Myrie Limited     X X
Waltec Solutions Ltd     X X
Ward Solutions Limited       X
Wavetree Ltd X      
Wax Digital Limited     X  
Wazoku     X  
We are BPR Limited     X  
We Are London Limited trading as WAE     X  
Web Architecture And Technologies Ltd       X
Webanywhere Limited     X  
Webcredible       X
Webcurl Limited     X X
Weboo Online Limited   X    
Website Development Ltd       X
Wellingtone Limited       X
Wellingtone Recruitment Limited       X
Wem Technology Ltd     X X
Wemanity Ltd       X
West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust       X
West Midlands Fire Service     X  
Westbrook International Ltd.       X
Westgate IT X   X X
Westhill Commercial Limited       X
Whirlybird Consulting Limited       X
Whythawk Limited     X X
Wiggly-Amps Limited     X  
Wired Marketing Ltd     X  
WIrefast Ltd   X    
Woodward Associates (UK) Ltd     X  
Wordwave International Limited     X  
Workflow Science Limited   X X  
Workware Systems Ltd.     X X
Wovex Limited     X X
WSO2 UK Limited   X   X
Wunder Ltd   X   X
Wurumal Limited       X
Wynyard (UK) Ltd     X X
X.COMMunications Limited     X  
Xanalys Ltd     X  
Xcordis Group     X  
Xero (UK) Limited     X  
xMatters     X  
XML Solutions Ltd     X X
XQ Digital Resilience       X
Xscalo Ltd.       X
Xuper Ltd X   X X
Zaizi Limited     X X
zeco energy     X  
Zengenti Limited   X X X
Zennor Consulting       X
Zesty Limited     X  
Zetman Limited     X X
Zipporah Ltd     X  
Zodiac Media Ltd       X
Zoocha Limited       X
zsah Limited X X   X
Zuhlke Engineering Ltd       X
Zylpha Ltd     X  

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