Hackers hit council websites

Hackers have hijacked two council websites over the Bank Holiday weekend in separate attacks.

From Saturday, Visitors to Falmouth Town Council’s website were greeted by a black screen showing the logo of the Kosovo Liberation Army, along with a YouTube link to the unofficial Kosovan national anthem.

A message was left by an Albanian hacker group which calls itself NofawkX-Al.

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It replaced the normal content with a message for town councillors that read:  “We are tired of all of you who call yourself the leaders of the people. We are tired of the dictatorships, media censorship, torture, forced imprisonment, wars and the instabilities. We are tired of being refugees and prisioners [sic] of their corrupt governments.

“The peoples are tired of your corrupt practices. Your corruption has reached beyond extensive with your stealing of humanity.

“We demand an end to the official corruption. Remember that you can fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

The Kosovo Liberation Army, which fought for independence from Yugoslavia, was officially disbanded in 1999.

In a separate, less political attack, hackers amended the “popular today” section on the website of Dacorum Borough Council.

In a side column, it listed a number of descriptions for councillors, including “b***ends”, “a***wipes”, “c***suckers”, “overpaid c***s” and “complete a***holes”.

The side column had been removed by the council by this morning.

Last month, St Ives Council in Cambridgeshire saw its website hijacked by hackers representing a group calling itself the Western Sahara Cyber Army.

A replacement homepage showed a United Nations logo being changed to read “unfair” by a graffiti artist.

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