Another big jump in council G-Cloud sales

Purchases by local authorities through the G-Cloud framework jumped by almost a third in October over the previous month’s total.

A spreadsheet released by the Government Digital Service shows that purchases in the local government category totalled £2.5m in October, up 31.6% on September. Since the framework launched, cumulative sales in the local government category stand at £23.5m.

During the month, 166 purchases were made in the local government category, which includes local authorities, standalone companies owned by councils as well as housing associations. That figure is up from 135 last month.

During the month, 32 councils made purchases through G-Cloud, along with one standalone company and three housing associations, as well as the London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime and Transport for London.

The largest Ocober purchases by a local authority was two payments of £325,000 for undisclosed services from consultancy Deloitte made by Hampshire County Council

Bristol City Council made the largest number of local authority G-Cloud purchases last month – 35 contracts totalling £766,000.

Across the whole of G-Cloud, cumulative sales reached £393.7m during October, with 48% of total sales by value and 57% by volume awarded to small and medium enterprises.

Central government still makes up 80% of total sales through the framework.

The deadline for suppliers to register for the next iteration of the G-Cloud framework closes later today.

Colin Marrs

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