HMRC explores data options for worldwide company intelligence

Tax department launches request for information process seeking input from suppliers that could potential provide a wide range of data and documents, covering official filings, financial reports and ownership details

HM Revenue and Customs is seeking to engage with potential suppliers that could enable the department to tap into information on companies and markets throughout the world.

The tax agency has published an early engagement notice relating to the potential rollout of a new “Corporate and Other Registered Entity Data Analysis Service”. Such a platform would provide the department with access to information on companies in the UK – but also in other countries around the world.

“HMRC requires access to UK and worldwide company data and ownership information, financials, key document filings, news, industry and M&A databases, with sophisticated search functionality and common identifiers across all databases,” the notice says.

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The department does not yet have definitive plans to proceed with a formal procurement process but, in the expectation that it may do so, wishes to gain insight into the kinds of products and suppliers that are currently available .

“The purpose of this notice is to publicise an upcoming request for information (RFI) in which HMRC aim to explore and gain a deeper understanding of this area of the market for current and future product options, to support the delivery of its key business objectives,” the notice adds. “The RFI event will enable organisations to provide relevant information, through a provided questionnaire, regarding any potential solution they may offer, the indicative costs, and what contractual routes their solution can be accessed through.”

The RFI process will be conducted digitally via the SAP Ariba spend-management software used by the department. Providers interested in taking part are asked to email HMRC official Sarah Phillips by 12 July, after which they receive more details on the tax agency “high-level requirements”. Information submissions must be completed by 20 July.

Appearing at the recent PublicTechnology Live conference, HMRC deputy chief executive Angela MacDonald told attendees that the department is “a data business that does tax”.

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