Police Digital Service plots £30m IT system to manage forces’ serious crime and anti-terror ops

National framework will offer forces throughout the country access to tech platform to enable the management of live cases including counter-terror operations, kidnapping and fugitive hunts, and response to cyberattacks

The Police Digital Service is seeking to put in place a £30m deal to create and implement an IT system to support forces across the country and national bodies with live investigations and decision-making processes during major serious crime and anti-terror operations.

PDS has commenced a procurement process for a single-supplier framework covering the provision of “dynamic decision and case-management system” to support “proactive police operations” tackling various forms of major crime.

This includes pre-planned major operations – undertaken by local forces, regional groups, national bodies and the police’s “sensitive intelligence network” – and targeted at serious organised crime groups. The system will also support counter-terror response across all policing organisations, as well “fugitive [and] manhunt investigations and associated… [and] kidnap/crime-in-action response investigations”.

Cyber investigations will also be managed via the platform, as will “any planned operation where there is a clear or implied threat to life in which the operation invokes a response under Article 2 of the Human Rights Act 1998, placing an obligation on law enforcement agencies to take reasonable steps to protect a person whose life is in ‘real and immediate danger’”, the contract notice said.

The ultimate aim of the contract is to provide: “A consistent, robust and trusted approach to complete case management, contemporaneous recording of decision-making and operational responses for all UK police forces and nationally coordinated law enforcement structures that are charged with conducting operations where the threat to public and officer safety may be high. This initiative will focus on the end user of intelligence and wider situational awareness that supports effective decision-making.”

The chosen supplier will be expected to provide a comprehensive range of the hardware and software needed to create a case-management platform.

This will include the development and maintenance of applications, as well as off the shelf software. The chosen firm will also be expected to provide forces with remote desktop systems, and an array of system-integration services.

The winning bidder will be appointed to an initial seven-year contract, the first year of which will be dedicated to development, while the second year will see “early-adopting forces” implement the system on a trial basis. The agreement could be extended for up to a further three years, taking its total potential term to 10 years.

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