Webinar: Is the public sector getting the most out of AI?


Tune in for this exclusive discussion, in which PublicTechnology and UiPath bring together a panel of experts from the public sector and industry to look at the key issues concerning the use of artificial intelligence technologies.

Topics examined will include the technical, legal, and ethical challenges facing the public sector in deploying AI, as well as examples of existing use cases in central and local government and the NHS, and the benefits that can be gained.

Our experts also look at how the public sector’s use of AI – and related technologies, such as robotics and machine learning – will evolve over the coming months and years.

We also address a fundamental question that, for many, remains unanswered: what exactly is artificial intelligence?

This 20-minute discussion is now available to view and download on demand – and completely free of charge. 

Simply complete the registration form below and you will be directed to the video

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