Webinar: The cybersecurity implications of digital transformation

The tenets of digital transformation emphasise speed and agility.

The ethos of working in sprints towards the delivery of minimum viable products is designed to allow organisations to operate at pace, and with much greater flexibility to change course, as required. The efficacy of this approach was illustrated by the pandemic, when technology and data professionals across the public sector were required to create new digital tools, enable the flow of information between organisations, and support the front-line work of their colleagues – all with unprecedented urgency.

But, given the importance of these services – and the sensitivity of the data that powers them – security can never be sacrificed at the altar of speed. Cyber tools and secure working practices must be intrinsic to digitisation and data-sharing initiatives.

In this PublicTechnology webinar discussion, a panel of public sector and industry experts - led by the head of technology delivery for NHS Digital - examine the implications of public sector digital transformation for cybersecurity, and how government, the NHS and local authorities should respond. The discussion covers the impact of agile methods and increased use of online tools, as well as examining how the threat landscape was affected by coronavirus response work and the long-term ramifications of the widespread adoption of new ways of working.

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