The Shift to Digital Government

For some time now, government has been cultivating a “digital by default” objective to improve services and be more effective with citizens and other stakeholders. But how should it best progress with its digital transformation journey? What are the primary objectives and what actions should be taken to deliver on them?
While there are many aspects to digital transformation, the fundamental element that both establishes the foundations and empowers its progression is that of effective information management. 

This paper by Objective looks at the designs of a powerful information ecosystem that positions your organisation for the digital era and supports future growth, innovation and continuous improvement.

Download now to learn more about:
•         Consolidating information for a ‘single source of the truth’
•         Integrating line of business systems to remove information silos
•         Automating business processes to increase productivity and efficiency
•         Collaborating and securely sharing information with external parties

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