Private Sector Insight

Millions of Internet Things are “secured” by the same “private” keys

7 December 2015

Security is often last on the list when organisations explore the Internet of Things. Paul Ducklin explains the importance of using the right keys to protect your data in this new world.

How departments are using Knowledge Hub to take advantage of cross-government collaboration opportunities

17 September 2015

With greater pressure on the public purse, a willingness to embrace new ways of working and a clear imperative to pursue the digital agenda, more and more government departments are turning to...

A 21st century NHS: procuring to meet the aims of a National ‘for Health’ Service

17 September 2015

Procuring to meet the aims of a National ‘for Health’ Service could extend and futureproof Bevan’s vision of free healthcare for all, says AECOM

Merging Councils' IT Services – It’s all about the applications

7 September 2015

Merging Councils' IT Services is all about the applications says Richard Ingram, Cloud Solutions Architect at public cloud consultancy SystemsUp, part of the iomart group

The transformational power of the Cloud for mobile user engagement

24 August 2015

Wholesale adoption of full-featured cloud services will make engagement with the public easier and faster, says Systems Up's Richard Ingram

New Sophos research reveals state of IT security in local government organisations

30 July 2015

New survey reveals two thirds of local government organisations adopt a shared services approach to cut IT costs but missing benefits of consolidation

The Public Sector and the Cloud

1 June 2015

A first class and fully accredited data centre infrastructure can ease the nerves around public sector migration to the cloud. Colin Speirs, iomart's public sector bid manager, explores the...

Public, private or hybrid – what flavour of cloud do you need?

1 June 2015

Private sector organisations operate in a commercially competitive world and so the drive for them to adopt cloud technologies is huge. Paul K Jeffrey, technical account director for iomart...

Sky is the Limit: Efficiency in the Cloud

7 May 2015

Across the public sector, in government, education, and nonprofit organisations, we are seeing the...

Smart Citizen Services

7 May 2015

Across the public sector, in government, education, and nonprofit organisations, we are seeing the...

Extending Your IT Infrastructure to the AWS Cloud

7 April 2015

Learn about the key benefits of extending your IT infrastructure to the highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the AWS cloud

Measuring HR for business success

4 June 2014

For some top execs there is the misconception that Human Resources (HR) is ‘just’ another administrative function – reviews need to be carried out and training needs to be completed just to tick...

Getting the right measure of HR

19 May 2014

In today’s chaotic business world, organisations are continually trying to determine what they need to measure in order to effectively manage their business. There can be a misconception that...