Private Sector Insight

Smart Citizen Services

7 May 2015

Across the public sector, in government, education, and nonprofit organisations, we are seeing the...

Extending Your IT Infrastructure to the AWS Cloud

7 April 2015

Learn about the key benefits of extending your IT infrastructure to the highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the AWS cloud

Options for Window Server 2003 End of Support

17 March 2015

As Microsoft prepares to end support for Windows Server 2003, Amazon highlights the benefits of Amazon EC2 for Windows

Measuring HR for business success

4 June 2014

For some top execs there is the misconception that Human Resources (HR) is ‘just’ another administrative function – reviews need to be carried out and training needs to be completed just to tick...

Getting the right measure of HR

19 May 2014

In today’s chaotic business world, organisations are continually trying to determine what they need to measure in order to effectively manage their business. There can be a misconception that...

One secret to salvaging awful training? Tell a Story

10 April 2014

Is there anything more boredom inducing (and ineffectual) than PowerPoint training programs filled with endless bullet points? They're dull, impersonal and, chances are, don't make much of an...

Kaspersky’s 2013 Global IT Risks Survey

11 March 2014

Kaspersky’s 2013 Global IT Risks Survey found that new technology - leading to new ways of working - were of most concern to IT managers. Mobility, use of personal devices at work (BYOD) and...