Proactive defence: Should UK public sector organisations go on the front foot against cyberthreats?

The language typically used to discuss IT security describes a world in which organisations must defend themselves against attack. But perhaps such language perpetuates a balance of power that gives cybercriminals and other bad actors the upper hand against public sector bodies.

Many organisations and their security partners are now advocating a different, and more proactive approach. They are responding to cyber issues not only in the aftermath of a successful attack, but to prevent breaches happening in the first place.

For public sector entities, this ethos will likely include dedication of more resources into promoting cyber awareness and best practice, as well as ongoing monitoring of both the threat landscape and the performance of security infrastructure and, potentially, active threat hunting.

Conducting assessments of risk and resilience are another key aspect of this front-foot approach – and one that is now required of public bodies as part the new ‘Gov Assure’ process outlined in the Government Cyber Security Strategy. These independent external audits of cyber resilience are intended to help ministers “understand cyber risk across government”.

As public sector organisations and government agencies continue to be a frequent target for cyberattacks, could this more proactive stance on cybersecurity be the key to delivering digital services that are secure by design?

This roundtable discussion will bring together security leaders from across the public sector to reflect on their cyber strategies, creating an opportunity to share experiences and challenges, thus shedding light on what can be done to strengthen their cyber resilience.

Please note this round table event is by invitation only. There is a very limited number of places available to selected registrants. Please register your interest in participating in this event. You will then be contacted and invited to attend separately if your application is successful.

Thursday, 3 November, 2022 - 10:00 to 11:00
United Kingdom

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