People, Processes, Technology – How can public sector bodies embed cybersecurity throughout their organisation?

Tuesday 1st March 2022

11:00 - 12:00


For public sector organisations, the coronavirus crisis has heightened the cybersecurity threats they have long faced – and created some new and complex challenges all of its own.

The risks presented by ageing legacy systems and technical debt were already well understood, but have become starker in light of the strain placed on resources by responding to the pandemic. Such risks have also been compounded and complicated by the widespread switch to home working. The increased sharing and analysis of sensitive data – particularly in support of Covid response – also creates potential major security dangers.

All the while, organisations’ biggest attack surface remains their people; a large proportion of successful attacks can be attributed to human error, with phishing emails an enduringly effective tool in the arsenal of cybercriminals.

The task faced in securing the likes of government departments, local authorities, schools, and NHS trusts may seem daunting. But programmes like the NCSC’s Cyber Essentials scheme have made it easier to understand where to begin and the most impactful actions to take, and how to perpetuate best practice throughout an organisation: from the chief executive to the front line, and from the datacentre to the desktop.

This webinar discussion, brought to you by PublicTechnology and Avast, will look at how public sector entities can take simple but significant steps to embed security across their operations, and why getting the basics right is the best defence against most attacks.

Discussion points will include:

  • How coronavirus has changed the cybersecurity threat landscape facing the public sector
  • What are the major threats to be aware of
  • What are the key considerations in ensuring your security technology is effective against these threats
  • How can you encourage and ensure best practice among your workforce
  • Using data safely, and the importance of encryption
  • Dealing with issues caused by technical debt
  • Using security as an enabler
  • How threats – and the response to them – will evolve


Tuesday, 1 March, 2022 - 11:00

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