How can the public sector exploit the huge opportunities for automating customer services?

Civil Service World and Freshworks would like to invite you to our roundtable discussion on how the public sector can exploit the potential to automate huge areas of customer services.

Rapid development of artificial intelligence-driven technology, such as chatbots, raises the possibility of government and other parts of the public sector providing higher quality customer services at a fraction of the current cost.

Automated customer services offer the potential to deliver consistent quality and accuracy, speed up access, reduce errors in information provided by the public to critical services, such as passport renewal and tax, and free staff to focus on the most complex cases that require personal support.

Chatbots also provide invaluable data on how customer services can be improved, such as by redesigning forms or providing better information.

The roundtable will consider a range of topics, including:

 - The potential for automating customer engagement in public services and the barriers to adoption
 - From concept to delivery – how government services should approach automation
 - How to use automation to deliver a better service, not just automate the old one
 - How data can provide a virtuous circle of improvement
 - How to sell the idea to the public
 - Critical issues such as security, developing the right skills, integrating with other parts of government.

This discussion will take place on Wednesday 26th June in Westminster, London. The event will run from 12.30 – 14.30, is free to attend and lunch will be provided.

We would like to hear from individuals working within the public sector that would like to participate in this special roundtable discussion. To register your interest, or if you have any queries, please email Diane Rolland on or call 020 7593 5673.

Wednesday, 26 June, 2019 - 12:30 to 14:30
Westmister, London
United Kingdom

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