The Evolving Office: The impact of the pandemic and EU Exit on future working environments in the public sector

During the pandemic an unprecedented number of public sector workers switched to home-working. Now, as government cautiously begins to ease lockdown measures, a new conversation is emerging around the future of flexible working models. How will 'the new normal' of flexible and home-working affect the working patterns of the future? And how do we manage these transitions effectively and without overspending or sacrificing productivity?

Between January and February Dods conducted research, commissioned by SAP Concur, across central and local government in order to better understand the impact of the pandemic and EU Exit on the future office environment in government. In this webinar, we will discuss results of this research and examine how the way we work as a society has changed.

Our expert panel will discuss:

  • The new era of flexible working and what this means for the public sector
  • The logistics of returning staff to the office
  • How different ways of working are affecting departmental budgets
  • The impact of EU Exit on government digital initiatives
  • Changes that can be made to expense policies to cater for the new normal


Wednesday, 28 April, 2021 - 10:30 to 11:30
United Kingdom

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