Pickles confirms plan to change electronic agenda rules

26 February 2014

The government has confirmed that it is planning to legislate to allow councillors to be sent agendas for council meetings electronically.


Team of skydivers in the air

Collaboration: an opportunity for councils to cut the waste

10 May 2016

Rotherham’s ICT manager Richard Copley wants a local-style GDS, but does he think the new Local Digital Coalition is the answer? Gill Hitchcock reports.


Why the digital standard must be on every council’s agenda

5 May 2016

West Berkshire’s digital lead Phil Rumens talks about the task of ensuring the new Local Government Digital Service Standard makes an impact. Gill Hitchcock reports.

Viviane Reding against a red background

Is data protection regulation one more step towards a digital single market?

4 May 2016

MEP and former European commissioner Viviane Reding talks data protection and why economics trumps feminism.


Theresa May MP

May: Fire service must become more accountable

25 May 2016

The government is to bring forward plans to tighten up the inspection of fire and rescue service in England, home secretary Theresa May has said.

HMRC got digital transformation timings 'badly wrong'

25 May 2016

HMRC misjudged its digital strategy by reducing staffing levels before technical improvements were complete, according to a spending watchdog.


Digital innovation needs local leadership, says Socitm

24 May 2016

Senior local leaders need to do more to champion digital innovation in their own authorities, four professional bodies have said.


A picture of cyber security

People and technology must unite to fight against cyber-terrorism

23 May 2016

As IT security evolves, employees must be kept in the loop about how to keep themselves and their organisations secure, says Joel Dolisy, CIO, SolarWinds

Isabel Moritz is events director at APMP UK

Rebidding as an incumbent can be tough

16 May 2016

Isabel Moritz says the chances of success by an incumbent bidder are uncertain for UK public sector tenders.

Jos Creese

Better understanding of risk is critical to cloud deployment

13 May 2016

There is a still a gap between cloud awareness and cloud-readiness of organisations considering implementing cloud solutions, says Jos Creese.