Pickles confirms plan to change electronic agenda rules

26 February 2014

The government has confirmed that it is planning to legislate to allow councillors to be sent agendas for council meetings electronically.


Election 2017: How could an industrial strategy affect public services?

23 May 2017

Theresa May’s fledgling post-Brexit industrial strategy seeks to use government purchasing power to boost UK business if the Conservatives remain in power. Colin Marrs looks at historical precedents and future pointers.

Tipping point: Agile procurement is in a precarious position as waterfall looms large

22 May 2017

Government procurement has reached a fork in the road, says FutureGov founder Dominic Campbell. Will it continue on the path to agile, and start buying services based on trust and fairness, or pivot back to waterfall?

Interview: Hackney’s Matthew Cain on changing councils, chatbots and local government Verify

19 May 2017

Hackney’s head of digital Matthew Cain talks to Gill Hitchcock about redesigning parking permits, prototyping a chatbot and exposing staff to external good practice.


In it for the long-run: Why Luton council signed a 10-year ICT deal

7 March 2017

Luton Borough Council chose to renew its IT contract rather than go with a new provider. The council’s technology lead tells Gill Hitchcock how it shifted to an outcomes-based approach – and why a flexible 10-year contract can still be a good deal.

‘The skill set for any CIO is the same’: Socitm president Geoff Connell on moving from borough to county

11 January 2017

Geoff Connell took up his role of CIO at Norfolk County Council in August last year. Rebecca Hill asks him how he found the change from the London Borough of Newham, and finds out what’s on his to-do list.


Land Registry to trial blockchain for property transactions

23 May 2017

Land Registry job advert reveals plans to transform the registration of property deals and ownership.

Social media used as key tool in wake of terrorist attack

23 May 2017

Public services in Manchester used social media platforms throughout the night to keep the public informed about the Manchester bombing.

G-Cloud 9 supplier list revealed

22 May 2017

The new iteration of G-Cloud launches today, with changes intended to make it easier to find relevant services – view the list of 2,847 suppliers making it onto the framework.


Overcoming public sector patch paralysis and risk culture

17 May 2017

The global ransomware attack has been followed by an outcry about the NHS' reliance on legacy systems. Harry Metcalfe and Lee Maguire of dxw say you can't properly diagnose the problem - or understand an organisation's culture - from the outside, but call for technicians to be empowered to act quickly when security risks are identified.

Local election 2017: Changing council colours might not earn digital any go-faster stripes

9 May 2017

Last week’s local elections saw a swing to the Conservatives, with a few successes for Labour in the city mayoral polls. But, if the political landscape has shifted, David Walker says it remains to be seen if local government tech will move beyond business as usual.

‘A symbolic moment has passed’: Prospective city mayors have missed the chance to champion tech

11 April 2017

In three weeks, voters in Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool get to choose new mayors, but you’d be hard pushed to find much mention of tech in their manifestos, says David Walker. He asks if there’s a reason for their seemingly half-hearted approach to IT.