Pickles confirms plan to change electronic agenda rules

26 February 2014

The government has confirmed that it is planning to legislate to allow councillors to be sent agendas for council meetings electronically.


Group chat an indispensable tool within Whitehall

26 June 2017

Group chat services can make civil servants more efficient by reducing email overload. If government does not embrace them, it will lose out

WannaCry NHS attack - lessons for data recovery strategies

26 June 2017

A fresh look at data protection and backup best practice, particularly when it comes to ransomware.

Robots, connectivity and digital skills: progress on digital in Scotland

23 June 2017

"At the end of the day, the services are all the same, so if you’re doing bins from Shetland to Glasgow to the Borders, we all do similar services"


In it for the long-run: Why Luton council signed a 10-year ICT deal

7 March 2017

Luton Borough Council chose to renew its IT contract rather than go with a new provider. The council’s technology lead tells Gill Hitchcock how it shifted to an outcomes-based approach – and why a flexible 10-year contract can still be a good deal.

‘The skill set for any CIO is the same’: Socitm president Geoff Connell on moving from borough to county

11 January 2017

Geoff Connell took up his role of CIO at Norfolk County Council in August last year. Rebecca Hill asks him how he found the change from the London Borough of Newham, and finds out what’s on his to-do list.


Nokes takes political responsibility for GDS

28 June 2017

Damian Green takes back seat to concentrate on Brexit negotiations.

DVLA sets target for abandoning legacy systems

28 June 2017

The DVLA has announced  plans to move off the majority of its legacy systems within three years.

Review into London Ambulance Service New Year outage reveals ‘significant shortcomings in IT processes’

27 June 2017

Outage in early hours of 2017 saw call-handling and dispatch system fall over


Public facilities should do away with downtime

27 June 2017

Ensuring spaces can be booked by the public and other bodies can bring in revenue and create efficiencies, argues Chris Smith

Is hybrid IT worth the hassle?

26 June 2017

Joe Kim of SolarWinds looks at what government IT pros can expect from hybrid IT, and whether implementing it will provide any benefits

WannaCry NHS attack - busting the myths

21 June 2017

Des Ward, information governance director at Innopsis, reflects on the real story behind the WannaCry cyber-attack.