Pickles confirms plan to change electronic agenda rules

26 February 2014

The government has confirmed that it is planning to legislate to allow councillors to be sent agendas for council meetings electronically.


Tallinn, Estonia

“Our country was like a start-up”: Lessons from Estonia and why true e-government requires trust and buy-in

31 August 2016

As the UK government pushes its digital transformation agenda, PublicTechnology looks at how other countries have forged ahead. According to an Estonian e-governance expert, identification systems are crucial. Rebecca Hill reports.

An empty boardroom

Empowering women: How Socitm wants to boost IT professionals’ confidence

24 August 2016

This autumn, the next cohort of women will start Socitm’s empowering women in IT programme. Rebecca Hill finds out how the society wants to promote female tech role models as part of PublicTechnology's diversity in tech series.

Computer user

Blockchain - don't get carried away by the hype

16 August 2016

Adam Cooper from the Government Digital Service says blockchain technologies are not yet the answer to digital identification solutions.


Redbridge tube in London

Redbridge Council told to improve data protection training and governance

31 August 2016

The Information Commissioner’s Office has said that London Borough of Redbridge Council needs to make considerable improvements to its data protection practices.

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour’s Corbyn pledges to ‘democratise the internet’

30 August 2016

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has launched a manifesto for digital democracy across the UK, mooting online voting and a single, secure identity for people to access public services.

Team pyramid

GDS technology group presses departments to work together

30 August 2016

The government’s Common Technology Services has urged civil servants to join technology communities, promising them greater influence in decision-making, in a move to boost collaboration.


Joe Kim

Healthcare IT: How to manage a mammoth network

25 August 2016

Joe Kim, chief technology officer at IT monitoring and management tools developer SolarWinds, looks at the scale of the problem faced by healthcare organisers handling ever-increasing amounts of data and offers five ways they can tackle it.

Mel Ross SOCITM Spring Conference

Why we should be more afraid of the cultural chasm than the digital skills gap

24 August 2016

The public sector might know what core digital skills it is short of, but its across-the-board capacity to embrace change is the key problem, according to​ Mel Ross of transformation consultancy Adapt2Digital.

Home Office, Marsham Street

Home Office Digital developer: Departmental culture is excellent for women

22 August 2016

As PublicTechnology looks at diversity in public sector technology careers, Home Office developer Barbara Cassini reflects on her experiences as a female developer in both public and private sectors, saying that some offices are just better than others.