Pickles confirms plan to change electronic agenda rules

26 February 2014

The government has confirmed that it is planning to legislate to allow councillors to be sent agendas for council meetings electronically.


Martyn Wallace

'Councils have to change': Scottish local government CDO Martyn Wallace has big plans for his new role

25 October 2016

Just a month into his new job as chief digital officer for the 28 Scottish councils that have pooled their digital resources, Martyn Wallace already has big plans for his team.


Lessons from Seoul: How eGovernment can drive citizen engagement

14 October 2016

Scott Moore, business analyst for the Scottish Improvement Service, won a Socitm scholarship to research digital public service trend in Seoul during the summer. Here he looks back on he learnt during his summer investigating the city’s digital transformation.

Chan Cheow Hoe, Singapore GovTech

Cracking the ‘us versus them’ mentality: Singapore’s GovTech CIO on digital services for the masses

7 October 2016

This week saw the official launch of the Singapore’s dedicated government tech agency GovTech. Rebecca Hill spoke to the organisation’s chief information officer Chan Cheow Hoe about the issues facing government digital services and how his team is addressing them.


Person using phone

Socitm reveals services for review in 2017 Better Connected survey

26 October 2016

Soctim, the body that represents public service ICT professionals, has announced which digital services it will review in the next round of its survey of councils’ online performance.


Government to replace Civil Service Jobs site

26 October 2016

The government is looking to create a new recruitment platform for government that will replace Civil Service Jobs, which it says is not meeting user needs.

A stack of papers

Thirty-three southern councils launch digital standard peer group

25 October 2016

LocaGov Digital has announced the creation of the latest regional peer to help councils implement the local digital standard.



Latest healthcare network could transform NHS services - but more comuncation is needed

20 October 2016

Gareth Ricketts, the health sector lead for Updata, says the new health and social care network has the potential to transform NHS services for the future - but first there needs to be more communication of the change.

Notebook notes pen

How charities can learn from the Government Digital Service

23 September 2016

Digital technology offer charities a wealth of options. But Tris Lumley of think-tank New Philanthropy Capital says that they should heed advice from the Government Digital Service and take user-centric approach to transformation.

Neon open sign

Open and shut case: Should digital government be using open standards, open source or low-code?

22 September 2016

Jane Roberts strategy director at Toplevel and asks whether more clarity is needed to stop departments from tying themselves in knots over what kind of ‘open’ to use.