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Written by FourNet & Tango Networks on 7 September 2022 in Sponsored Article
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How can public sector organisations keep track of calls, texts and instant messages in the world of ultra-flexi, hybrid working? Stuart Williams, CTO at FourNet, and Andrew Bale, EVP at Tango Networks, explain

We’ve all heard the customer service recording or agent informing us that calls are being recorded for compliance, training and monitoring purposes. This widely-used practice is so that organisations can enhance their customer experience, improve training, ensure regulatory compliance and prevent disputes. But what about when those communications are taking place via a work-issued mobile?


Hybrid working means more public sector employees than ever are using their mobiles for important work-related communications. So, how can a public sector organisation keep track of all those calls, texts and instant messages in the world of ultra-flexi, hybrid working, where people often work from anywhere to make sure that everything is being kept compliant? How do public sector organisations monitor those calls for regulatory purposes?

The answer is that many don’t yet because their mobile service provider isn’t integrated with other communications channels or recording, and analytics on mobile devices is unavailable from that provider.

Enter ANTENNA Mobile.


ANTENNA Mobile provides business-class mobile communications fit for the hybrid-working era.

The new service, provided by FourNet in partnership with Tango Networks, enables public sector customers to access full call and text recordings plus comprehensive data analytics on usage when the mobile phone is equipped with an ANTENNA SIM or eSIM.

Expanding its services into the mobility solutions market, FourNet and Tango offer customers a unique, one-number, audit and governance-compliant SIM and mobile service.

More than 30 Whitehall departments and government agencies already use the award-winning ANTENNA community cloud, shared communications platform, including the Prime Minister’s Office, the Cabinet Office, HM Treasury, HMCTS, and many more.

The use of ANTENNA Mobile ensures that customer compliance teams have access to SMS messages and call recordings for compliance or training purposes.

Audit trails

Handsets can also be blocked from installing apps like WhatsApp and other encrypted services that might elude audit trails.

The new service means that public sector customers with compliance or governance obligations will be able to access call recordings and analytics across all their devices, whether they are landline, softphone or mobile.

It gives departments and other organisations a true one-number solution to ensure that employees can receive calls wherever they are—at home, working remotely or in the office—with exactly the same auditability regardless of which device is used.

Hybrid working requires business quality communications that work consistently as an extension of the office in any location

The new FourNet Mobile Service also captures billing and performance data, including costliest call details, most frequently dialled numbers, international calls and premium services.

ANTENNA Mobile can also eliminate or restrict access via public sector-issued phones to gambling, adult content, and even social media sites.

Anywhere, anytime compliance

The ANTENNA service, delivered with Tango Networks’ ground-breaking mobile Unified Communications technologies, provides a communications solution that maximises mobility and flexibility while still remaining compliant.

A fully managed service from the ANTENNA team, the Mobile Device Management (MDM), ensures that data is secured on the device and that remote wipe of the data is available where necessary, for instance, if the device is lost or stolen.

MDM can also enforce password complexity, remove access to public App Stores and allow users to deploy approved applications only.

ANTENNA can also deploy a Distributed Antenna System, which ensures mobile service is available in areas of a building where the Mobile Network Operator antenna is not in range.

Managed service

The new service is part of the ANTENNA managed service, powered by FourNet, which means it’s supported by a security-cleared, dedicated team based in Westminster.

ANTENNA Mobile ensures that public sector organisations, particularly those which are subject to FOI and GDPR requests, have an audit trail of everything that takes place from public sector-issued mobile devices.

As we mentioned above, keeping track of public sector-issued phones has never been more important or easier—with ANTENNA Mobile at your service.


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