Cambridge City Council unveils cloud-based food safety monitoring system

Written by Rene Millman on 8 April 2016 in News

Cambridge City Council has unveiled a flagship initiative to develop a next generation cloud-based food safety management system.

The system, developed with automated monitoring firm Checkit, is built upon the Food Standards Agency's Safer Food Better Business. It enables all food businesses, whether a single restaurant or a UK-wide chain, hospital or school, to replace their paper-based system with interactive digital checklists and automated cloud-based monitoring, to give improved compliance, control and visibility.

It includes a handheld unit that displays scheduled tasks to staff, guiding them to ensure they comply with business processes and procedures and then automatically recording and date-stamping their actions; handheld probes that allow the checking of temperatures and wireless sensors that can monitor temperature, humidity or door status.

It enables managers to see at a glance which food safety tasks have been completed.

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Frank Harrison, manager of the Commercial Team of Cambridge City Council, said digital are key to automating control over previously manual processes.

"We believe food safety is just the first application for our technology and are already seeing multiple applications in areas as diverse as healthcare and facilities management, where we can assist organisations in increasing efficiency and real-time control," he said.


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