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Police in ambitious shared services tie-up

A major shared services deal offering police forces a range of services including CCTVC and command and control could be worth up to £3.5bn.
West Midlands Police is leading a partnership with Surrey for the seven year contract major shared services deal - but according to a notice in the Official Journal of the European Union, the contract will be open to other Police authorities in England and Wales.
The chosen supplier will be expected to provide computer equipment, and networks and miscellaneous software development services. The deal is worth between £300m and £3.5bn, with the upper estimate of the deal dependent on the number of Forces that may join the contract.
"The purpose of entering into a strategic partnership with forces is to deliver transformation across policing services. It is anticipated that the strategic partner will also directly manage some services with the Forces," says the notice.
The document adds that the driver behind the deal is a desire to develop a sustainable business model that maintains and improves the delivery of policing services to the public, while making cost savings. "However, for reasons of policing specialism, operational risk and public confidence, some activities will necessarily continue to be delivered by police forces,” it says.
West Mids and Surrey hope to make cost savings through the collaboration, deliver services more efficiently, and move to a more innovative and "cutting edge" approach to policing.
They apparently believe efficiencies are better achieved by taking a wider view of policing, rather than reducing the budgets of functional units.