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Posted by Gary Flood PM | on Fri, 04/05/2012 - 11:34  990

Now frustrated IT job seekers have their own game

Well, it may not strike everyone as that funny, but here's a bit of Friday fun for all IT job-seekers; an app that claims to satirise the "traditional approach of IT recruitment agencies".
Step forward The Elemonator, devised by an IT jobs board called EmptyLemon, which lets "frustrated jobseekers to get their own back".
You start off, see, by assuming the role of a young IT professional who is approached by recruiters spouting empty promises - and yoy get to lob lemon "grenades" at the "crooked consultants". There's also some shark-infested custard... you've probably got the point by now, right?
Despite the Elemonator’s lighthearted take on IT recruitment’s pitfalls, it does have a serious message, allegedly: “IT jobseekers often get swamped with calls from recruiters, especially after submitting their CVs to certain jobsites with agencies. So the game is allowing them to get their own back,” explained Andrew Kelly, EmptyLemon’s Head of Development.
Apparently Elemonator has attracted almost instant attention from those who have searched for IT jobs, with the game having climbed to fifth in Meme Counter’s Worldwide Advergames Chart. There you gp, then.