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Posted by Gary Flood PM | on Wed, 16/05/2012 - 14:52  825

Maude faces pressure for decision to veto NHS document

Ministers due to appear before the Justice Select Committee today and may face pressure over the government’s decision this week to veto publication of a sensitive document on NHS risks

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, Attorney General Dominic Grieve and justice minister Lord McNally are all under the spotlight.
The November 2010 Transition Risk Register set out internal assessments of the risks posed by the reforms in the Health and Social Care Act, which became law in March.
The veto decision was attacked by the Information Commissioner.
Critics say the government is trying to water down the Freedom of Information Act to make it easier for the government to conceal things it doesn’t want made public.
An early draft version of the study was leaked to a health commentator earlier this year.