Oracle has followed Salesforce by announcing a new UK datacentre, but Oracle's will be dedicated to the G-Cloud.
HP's reputation in tatters as it calls in the Serious Fraud Office to investigate Autonomy accounting allegations.
It is permissible to resell software licenses even if the package has been downloaded directly from the Internet.
And after all that… what we all thought would be one of the biggest knock-down trials in IT history has ended up with Google agreeing to pay the plaintiff the princely sum of, er, no dollars, no cents.
We’re referring to the Java case between Oracle and the search giant that at one time raised genuine fears that developer access to the language and especially its precious open APIs would be curbed.
The on-going contraction in the IT hardware market’s just been made plain by market watchers IDC – which has reported Europe bought just under 12% fewer servers in the first three months of the year than it did a year before.
Though that number is still big - $3.1bn – the first quarter’s drop comes hard on the heels of another decline in the last three months of 2011, it warns.
Quarter-on-quarter performance was even weaker than the annual one, with double-digit declines in both the value and the volume

Good news, bad news for Oracle in its court battle against Google in California.  

How much skin does Oracle have in the Cloud Computing game? That sort of depends on semantic distinctions between Cloud and other delivery models, if you believe its co-president...
Earlier this month Oracle Co-President Mark Hurd was quoted as claiming Oracle’s SaaS revenues to be in the region of $1bn and claiming second place in the SaaS rankings.
Oracle UK seems likely to join and SAP in the second round of the G-Cloud CloudStore - but is its recent Cabinet Office deal dependent on the survival of the Coalition?
The company did not have a direct presence in the first iteration of the CloudStore, although it’s possible for UK public sector buyers to buy the likes of Siebel CRM OnDemand via third parties such as Atos UK.
As the potentially landmark Oracle-Google court case nears the end of its second week, the founder of Sun, the firm at the centre of the dispute, has emphatically backed the plaintiff.
But dramatically, his testimony was later countered by the man who succeeded him at the same company, Jonathan Schwartz.
The global Oracle Big Data Summit this week started to go some way along the road of dispelling some myths about the inevitably over-hyped subject, as well as providing some good pointers to answers that many businesses will be seeking right now.
As keynote speaker Senior Analyst for Information Management at analyst firm Ovum Mike Davis said, one of the most important points is that the new technologies coming along to deal w