The biggest chunk of the latest £5.5 biilon savings came from reducing the civil service headcount. But ICT undoubtedly played its part and it's fair to say at this stage that Maude's team has done a good job in 'taming' the beast that was the public sector ICT industry - with one exception.
Zebra Technologies' Franck Riout reviews where we are with a common but very important data element in the NHS; the wrist band and its all-important barcode
Patient safety is an ongoing issue for the UK healthcare profession that requires consistent reviews for improvements.
For Dominic Carter of Mastek UK, there are practical steps the NHS can - and must - take to improve its information management practices
The recent NHS Information Strategy is the latest development in the government’s Open Data agenda, which aims to improve the delivery of public services by making information freely available.
Pressure to cut costs in the NHS will have a severe impact on both patient care and the patient experience, senior NHS ICT leaders have told pollsters.
According to an independent survey of 100 senior NHS IT directors commissioned by IT services company 2e2, no less than 87% said they were under pressure to cut costs in order to achieve the government’s aim to save £20bn from the NHS budget by 2014-15.
That translates, of course, into a 4% per year saving across the board but the leaders claim it's their departments which a
You may recall last year's survey by healthcare IT firm BridgeHead Software; the firm's just released the 2012 version of its so-called Healthcare Data Management (HDM) survey which has some interesting findings.
The poll says healthcare IT leaders around the world consider disaster recovery and business continuity their most pressing data management need.
For David Astley of Virgin Media Business, innovative use of communications technology in the healthcare industry needs to be encouraged 
Healthcare is an incredibly emotive area, affecting all of us. At the same time, technology is increasingly allowing healthcare practitioners to maximise their time and maintain the care of patients.
The government says it’s taken the next steps on both its push for a new information-led NHS and its general transparency agenda by publishing online details of no less than 8,000 English GP practices.
The Department of Health says by making such data available, patients will be better empowered to choose the right GP surgery – plus it will help doctors and the NHS to make improvements to the way they do things.
Data on over 8,000 GP practices in England will be used to form a new measure of patient experience for e
As the NHS attempts to save £20bn over the next three years, innovation facilitated on a social platform is essential for improving practices, according to one of its key social media influencers.
Speaking at the Social Business Strategy Summit 2012 in London this week, Nick Gaunt, the Chief Information and Knowledge Officer at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, explained that his interest in social enterprise is focused on understanding how to find expertise
Cryptozone’s Grant Taylor fears the grand vision for the new information-based NHS will falter due to security concerns
I welcome the new Department of Health plans to move patient data online by the middle of the current decade - with social services to follow within a few years. But I also believe the two biggest stumbling blocks are the high levels of security and public confidence that are required for the project