National Programme for IT

NAO forecasts that the end-of-life benefit of the National Programme for IT in the NHS will slightly outweigh the total cost.
Supplier CSC is reported to have laid off 100 staff at last, completing a process of retrenchment since the company began to plan for a big downturn in its National Programme for IT work on the back of contract renegotiations.
An IT news site is reporting that 100 staff, not all involved in IT (e.g.
An IT news site claims struggling National Programme supplier CSC has let other IT firms advertise vanacies on its own internal job board to try and move staff on.
The company, which had attracted knocks for an initial plan to P45 hundreds of staff as its work with the NHS declines as part of expected big contract changes, but which later agreed to work with unions to place as many staff as it could to
A former iSoft executive is in court according to health informatics website E-Health Insider.
Stephen Graham is accused of misleading investors over a £44.3m contract the former National Programme for IT supplier needed to win or face trouble completing a vital merger with another software firm, Torex.
Graham, former iSoft director of operations of iSoft, denied prosecution charges that he and two other co-accused individu
CSC told US financial regulators on Monday that it still hasn’t closed the loop with its major UK HMG client the Department of Health.
It had to tell Wall St it's still not been able to reach an agreement with the NHS over a proposed LSP (local service provider) deal for the North, Midlands and East of England.
It also said that it’s had to extend negotiations for a final settlement on its troubled National Programme for IT work &n

Troubled NHS informatics supplier CSC has admitted to "intentional" errors, in which its income from NHS contracts was exaggerated according to an article in The Times.

The firm seems to have overstated its income from the UK health service by $24m.

The company admitted that some of its UK finance staff were aware of the exaggeration but had "failed to appropriately correct the errors".

This morning the Northern Irish Minister for Health, Edwin Potts, is standing up to do something no Westminster Health Secretary looks likely to ever manage: announce a unified electronic care record will be available to all health service users in his jurisdiction.
As part of a seven year contract, worth £9m, the ECR will be deployed in 18 acute and community hospitals, all GP practices, community, mental health and social care users across the five regional trusts in Northern Ireland.
Where’s Lansley going to get the money to pay for his new NHS' IT element?
To quote health informatics site E-Health Insider – the fate of remaining National Programme funds and how to pay for the NHS Information Strategy’s vision of easy online access to patient information and heavy use of digital tech
Well, it’s finally here. After at two year delay, the Department of Health’s finally published its Information Strategy, once claimed to be a central plank of its plans to reform the NHS. So what’s in it?
A thread running through the whole plan is the concept and value of “information,” something apparently a resource for clinicians, patients, carers, researchers and local councilors.
Unite members working for CSC will be on the streets tomorrow to protest against the company’s plans for compulsory redundancies on its troubled Lorenzo account with the NHS.
Unite members from CSC’s Chesterfield, Chorley, Leeds and Solihull offices will take part in a lunch-time walkout.
Following several weeks of consultation over a reduction of staff working on the NHS Lorenzo contract, the union says CSC is adamant it wants to issue compulsory redundancy notices despite receiving a number or volunteer requests