Information Commissioner's Office

The Information Commissioner's Office has warned of a lack of understanding and high costs surrounding the proposed EU data reforms in a new independent survey.
Running a BYOD scheme takes a lot of consideration to stay secure - the ICO has released a big document for guidance, but how clear is it? And will it be followed?
The ICO has said organisations need to be more stringent over security with its BYOD schemes - only 3 in 10 employees are given guidance on using devices securely.

Most government websites are likely to miss a deadline for allowing visitors to opt out of receiving cookies in their browsers, it's emerged.

All websites in the UK were given until May 26 to introduce privacy procedures that would allow users to give their consent to being recognised and tracked by cookies.


The ICO’s website has been taken offline by a DDoS attack – apparently, by ‘hacktivists’ who have somehow connected it with the Leveson enquiry. 

Nick Patience of Recommind on reconciling the irreconcilable when it comes to information management disciplines
Remember all that business of email deletion in the Department for Education?

The Information Commissioner’s Office has found the University of York in breach of the Data Protection Act, following a 2009 incident in which 148 personal student record were accessed when it failed to close a test area on its website containing “thousands” of student details.


The CEO of Lancashire Police Authority has signed an undertaking with the Information Commissioner’s Office after it was found in breach of the Data Protection Act.


The Society of IT Management’s (Socitm) publishing arm Socitm Insight has launched a new service to help owners of public sector websites with the recently introduced EU cookie directive.


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has condemned the National Health Service over its data security failings, and called for more to be done to keep patients’ personal information secure in the future.