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Virgin's Robert Parker likes what he's seen so far with Cabinet Office reform. He just wants a bit more, is all...
The government is making huge progress with its ICT strategy. It’s doing more with less - and the savings just keep rolling in.
Sam Wijeyakumar of Cloud contender Entando on the challenges of the UK public sector IT market
The software company I recently joined, Entando, started life in Sardinia and established a solid client base in Italy’s public sector. However, as an emerging, Open Source SME operating in the competitive enterprise portals market, it’s dawning on me that translating this success into the UK public sector is going to take more than a good interpreter.
Our unique legacy as an Italian company is a mixed b
As promised, we’ve now got more details of what the Cabinet Office says it will do to boost SME involvement in government business, including ICT – and indeed, what it says it can point to having done in the year it’s been attempting to crack this one.
The ratio of central government business going to SMEs across central government is on track to double from 6.7% to 13.7% by the end of the financial year, it promises.
What that’s important: The public sector currently spends £230bn on goods and ser
HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has saved £126m from online tax filing - but may not be getting maximum benefit from Web-based tax collection, says the National Audit Office in a new review of the taxman's online activities.
NAO says HMRC cannot demonstrate that the benefits are being maximised in its report on the expansion of online filing of tax returns.
"Significant improvement is needed in its understanding of costs and benefits
Doubts about the ICT behind the Government’s plan to introduce Universal Credit have pushed it to the top of a list of projects at risk of failing, according to a report in The Daily Telegraph.
According to the paper, a team of senior Whitehall officials and industry experts has been detailed to look into how the joint DWP and HMRC project - due to merge 30 welfare benefits into one - is shaping up, a

This week's Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) review of central government IT will doubtless make uncomfortable reading for the large systems integrators. But it is easy to fall into the trap of assuming that the blame lies on the side of the systems integrators. The report itself is more nuanced than that headline suggests.