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The CloudStore has delivered 30 contracts so far, outgoing G-Cloud lead Chris Chant has told delegates at today's Socitm Spring Conference in London.

If that doesn't seem that many, it's very much evidence of the route of travel for more and more UK public sector ICT procurement, Chant believes.


Outgoing G-Cloud lead Chris Chant has a solution for SMEs who complain there are too many procurement frameworks running in parallel: just sign up for one - the CloudStore.

IT expert and campaigner for reform David Moss wonders how deep the changes people like Chris Chant talk about really are
For the next ten days at least, Chris Chant is an Executive Director in the Cabinet Office, Director of the G-Cloud Programme and a Whitehall ICT leader uniquely emphatic in denouncing the failures of government IT.
Some more interesting security information has come out of the imminent PwC annual 2012 Information Security Breaches study that highlights how quickly Cloud has been accepted in government: 
  • half of the global organisations contacted of ‘national importance’ use Cloud for business critical data
  • only 38% of large organisations ensure that data held by external providers is encrypted
  • 56% of small businesses
Prospective G-Cloud lead Denise McDonagh has let slip a tasty bit of news – Cloud giants Amazon and Salesforce look set to join the G-Cloud from next month.
The news came in the form of a conversation she had as part of an webinar for a local government IT site as picked up on by http://ww
In very surprising news, G-Cloud lead Chris Chant will leave government at the end of the month.
The high-profile advocate of change in government IT - who has been remarkably vocal about the need to reform Whitehall's IT procurement approach - is retiring.
Chant?s distinguished career in the public sector has included, as he told delegates at April's
Procure Secure, a new whitepaper just published by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) is as near as a Bible on the subject as most people are likely to require. Let's show you how.
Just seen this great blog on the G-Cloud site that we think you might find very useful, and indeed would encourage you to respond to with your comments, on the issue of accreditation.
Analyst group Gartner has predicted a major chunk of Cloud – Software as a Service (SaaS) – is set to grow faster and further.
It says 2011’s already healthy $12.3bn has climbed in twelve months by no less than 18% to hit $14.5bn in 2012 – and may be as much as $22.1bn by 2015.
"After more than a decade, adoption of SaaS continues to grow and evolve regionally within the enterprise application markets," said Sharon Mertz, research director at the firm, adding increasing familiarity with the Saa